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Help Needed On Marks Gospel . Two Questions

I need help with some bible questions?!?

1: Matthew calls himself Levi in his Gospel
true or false

2: Luke kept a record of the names of important officials who lived at the same time Jesus was on the earth
true or false

3: Luke wrote more about the birth of Christ than any other New Testament writer
true or false

4: The Gospel of Matthew has fewer Old Testament quotations than has the Gospel of Mark
true or false

5: The book of Mark was written after the destruction of Jerusalem.
true or false

Question about the Gospel of Mark?

It was likely added because otherwise the gospel ends so abruptly, with an empty tomb and frightened women. What the note is saying is that the oldest manuscripts do not have those verses. Whether they were "lost" or "added" can't be absolutely determined. Later manuscripts have longer endings, but DIFFERENT longer endings, suggesting that nervous scribes did try to fill in what appeared to be an unsatisfying ending.

There are at least three appended "endings" identified among surviving manuscripts, the "short ending", the "long ending", and the "Freer Logion"

Help With New Testament Questions?

1)In your own words, explain how Luke's writing shows the interests of a physician. Provide at least two examples. (Whatever Answers I Get I'm rewording Into My Own)

2)Describe how the Holy Spirit used Luke to gather information for his Gospel and Acts.

I'd really appreciate some help I've done all my other ones I'm just stuck on these two :)

How did the uneducated apostles of Jesus write Gospels in Greek?

Whoever wrote the gospels — not the apostles — they were far from uneducated.Harold Bloom wrote in Jesus and Yahweh: the Names Divine, “Whoever composed Mark is a genius still too original for us to absorb.” I believe Bloom’s comments to be far from hyperbole. The author of Mark did not just know Koine Greek, he excelled at Greek rhetoric at the highest level.The author of Luke’s Gospel need not have been a physician, but he was more than competent in Greek writing and rhetoric. He understood and used the rhetorical conventions of Greek historians and had a good knowledge of the Greek classics.The author of Matthew’s Gospel may have been less well educated in rhetorical techniques, but was familiar with midrash storytelling and had an excellent knowledge of the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures).The author of John’s Gospel was also a polished writer. Those who still believe that the book really was written by John the apostle have to explain this by saying that it was written by a well educated man, after taking notes from the apostle, which is not the same as being written by John but at least close enough for people who want John to be the author.The gospels were not written by the apostles and were not even written by uneducated men. They took great skill in the writing, demonstrating the authors to have been well educated and not just men who had learnt to speak and perhaps write some Greek.

What are two scenes from Shawshank Redemption than can relate to a biblical scene in the Gospel Mark?

Andy says to the Warden : Watch ye therefore, for ye know not when the master of the house cometh. (Mark 13:35)

And obviously, the guards go looking for Andy in his cell, expecting to find hm dead, only to find it empty.

What are teachings and messages in the gospel of mark?

Mark is the Gospel of action. There is a little Greek word that occurs very often and is usually translated into English by the word "immediately". It is the Gospel of the works of Jesus more than any other. it was probably directed towards the typical Roman mindset, and keep in mind that most of the members of the Romans Empire were slaves. It emphasizes Jesus as God's Servant, and is typified by the an oxen; (John by an eagle; Luke by a man and Matthew by a lion.)