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Help On Starting On Essay On Anne Boleyn

Anne boleyn essay HELP!!?

1. I think that there were a few people who had a lot of influence on her. Obviously, her husband did. Her father and uncle pushed her with the king. Her and her brother George were said to be close. Another person would probably be Henry's sister Mary who basically taught Anne all that she knew (how to be charming, intelligent, etc. since she grew up in the French court.
2. Well it depends on what you see as an accomplishment. I would say that her biggest one was having Elizabeth because Elizabeth went on to be England's greatest monarch, despite the fact that she was a woman. However, some may not see that as an accomplishment. So then I would have to say convincing Henry to break with church. Yes it caused a lot of problems, but I think that the Pope and Rome had too much power over other countries. But I think it was good because it started a series of events that led to the common people being able to worship God just as much as nobles and royalty.
3. Well again it depends on how you view Anne. If you view her as totally innocent and being pushed into Henry's bed by her family, then I would say not an event but her family made her the person she was. However, if you believe that she was conniving and you hate her, then I would say that probably the broken betrothal between her and Henry Percy. Cardinal Wolsey, after finding out about their secret betrothal, broke them apart and forbid them to speak of it again. He basically told Anne that Percy was too high for her to reach. She would later prove him wrong by winning the king of England himself. But if you're like me and believe that it was a mix between both then I would say there were a lot of events that made her who she was. I don't think that she was totally innocent but I don't think she was entirely at blame either. I think that her early life in France shaped her into who she was. She spoke her mind and didn't let people walk all over her. There were many wrongs done to her and she did many wrongs to other people.

HELP? anne boleyn thesis!!!!!!? please?

Anne Boleyn was technically alive during the Tudor era; not the Elizabethan era. The Elizabethan era didn't begin until Anne's daughter, Elizabeth I, became Queen, which was long after her execution.

I listened to the clip and I don't think it's entirely accurate. Anne Boleyn didn't think 'just with her heart' she was an exceptionally intelligent woman who helped foster the Protestant reformation movement in Europe. The clip then goes on to imply that Queen Elizabeth never married because of what occurred to her mother; this isn't true at all. Elizabeth never married because she didn't want to share power with a spouse.

There is a LOT you can write a paper on regarding the Elizabethan era. Everyone goes the Anne Boleyn route, it's been done to death and she isn't even technically an Elizabethan historical figure.

Since you're a girl who obviously likes fashion I'd recommend writing a paper on the examples of Elizabethan fashion one sees in portraits of Elizabeth I and how she used clothes in her portraits to convey messages to people.

If you really want to write on Anne make certain first that your teacher accepts her as belonging to the Elizabethan time.

Research Question about King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn?

Really, you didn't ask a specific question, so I'll help you with what I can extract from what you said:

If you want the information to be easy to find, look for Henry VIII. He is a most interesting king who did a lot in history. His life is well documented, as well as dramatic and full of twists and turns. His end was not a particularly surprising one; it was only to be expected. So, if you want a stunning ending, I wouldn't go with him.

Anne Boleyn is my favorite person in history, so of course I'll tell you to go with her. Her younger life is not near as interesting as Henry's was, but her older life, when she came to the English court, is dramatic and heart breaking and interesting and jaw dropping. Not to mention her tragic demise and the fact she's always fun to write about.

Really, you could go with any of Henry's six wives and still get a good story.

Research topic on Anne Boleyn?

She's a fascinating queen and there's lots to choose from. You could try researching something along the lines of, "How far did love come into Anne's relationship with Henry, or was she guided more by ambition?" Or, "Describe Anne's contribution to religion".

There are many myths and legends about Anne. "Anne Boleyn's appearance has been twisted by those who wished to denounce her. Contemporary accounts were distorted by the author's (usual) dislike of her. After her death, a monstrous legend was built up. Nicholas Sander's description provides the supreme calumny." (you could use this to discuss how Henry was attracted to her)

There are some good points here you could consider:

(The "Queen Anne" style in interior decoration is more likely to be associated with the Queen Anne who reigned 1702-1714, though it's a little bit of a mish-mash. In England, "Queen Anne" refers to the elegant lines and architecture of the above period.)

Good luck!

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If, by opinion, you mean your thesis, then yes by all means hit it. Hit it hard and make it punchy. This is a technique that journalists have used forever to hook their readers long enough to get them caught up in the story and it’s just as effective here.But then back it up as quickly as you can. Your readers will last, at most, a single paragraph before they begin to dismiss your assertion unless you give them something solid to support your thesis.Once you’ve given them the hook and your first supporting point, then you’re fine to take your time building the larger case. You’ve challenged them and you’ve delivered. For a little while at least, they’ll stay with you and let you have your say.