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Help Why Did My Computer Screen Go Black Then Return To Normal

How do I get my computer screen back to normal?

What you want to do is right click on the blank part of the taskbar , in between the tabs and the timestamp, and click “Settings”, scroll down and you will see a option “Taskbar Location On Screen”, and click that and choose bottom.

Why does my computer screen turn green? How can I fix it?

If it’s hardware, several possibilities spring to mind:loose wire in the VGA cableloose/bent pin in the VGA connectorweak red or blue emitter gun (applicable to Trinitron tubes and the like)loss of the sync signal (on the green-gun wire)I’d start diagnosis by wiggling the cable at various points.

Why does my laptop screen randomly turn black?

I have a Dell inspiron 1720, a little over a year old. Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes the screen turns completely black. When this happens, sometimes it will turn black for a few seconds or so and then go back to normal, and then turn black again. Sometimes after it flickers back and forth several times, it will be normal for a while, and then it starts flickering again. Other times, though, after it turns black, it doesn't change back, and I have to shut down. When it turns black, it seems like the computer is still running--it will make the same sound you hear when you unplug something without safely removing it. Music will still play, too. The funny thing is that my computer will go days or even weeks without doing this at all, and then the screen will turn black a lot for a few days/weeks. Finally, I noticed that frequently when I boot up, the screen remains black (i.e. doesn't show the dell logo or windows logo) until it gets to the login screen. I dont know if this is related or not...

So does anyone know why this happens?

Thanks so much!

Why does my computer screen keep blinking?

You may have a short in your video card, or more likely your video card driver is temporarily failing then recovering (this can be common in Vista)