Hey Guys I Need To Lose 13 Lbs In Two Weeks. Any Advice

How can I reduce belly fat within two weeks?

I totally agree with Vivek’s answer.Let me add few points from my end.Stop playing the mind music and chatter of people telling you “Lose Weight” The process of losing weight is the process of self-realisation that health and fitness is a journey of happiness and you want to take the first Step. No one out there can make you take the first step.People like me can inspire you to start your journey but the motivation to take first step comes from within.Start slow and make sustainable changes. Saying no sugar from tomorrow is a good goal and the best if you can stick to it.But, If it is difficult to stick with, reduce your sugar in take to half in first week and then reduce it further in subsequent week to get to no sugar destination.Sugar is not only in chocolates,sweets and evidently sweet items. If you remove all sugar containing items from supermarket, You will see only 20 % products remaining . It is present in almost all the processed food.Get yourself into no sugar, less salt and no refined flour food habits.These will fix 90% of your bad dietary habits.Increase your water intake to 4 to 5 litre. Plan it that way.Drink atleast 2 glasses of water when you wake up.Don’t underestimate the green vegetables.They are the ones which provide you key nutrition. Include salad in your food like cucumber,carrot,tomato,cabbage,broccoli,avocado.Take raw fruit rather than juices.Keep your fibre intake adequate.Take isabgol to reach to your fibre target.Include atleast two teaspoon of flaxseed in your diet.Decrease the intake of simple carbohydrates .Fill yourself more with sprouted moong tadka, sprouted chana tadka.Keep protein intake to adequate.Prepare your dal with veggies like bottle gourd,cucumber,green peas.Include eggs,cottage cheese and soya chunks in your diet.Add good fats like avocado,walnut in your diet.Ghee in moderation won’t harm you.Include HIIT workouts in your routine.Lift heavy atleast two days a week.Plan your workouts,Make it exciting with the help of good music,variety of workouts.All the steps listed above are written after trying them on myself.Here are the results.

I need to lose weight for cheerleading help!?

Hi guys:) so i'm seventeen and i've been a flyer on my team for a few years. i want to do a competition team but theres a weight limit for flyers. im 130 and 5'0 and i have to lose at least 17 lbs. typically for cheerleading i do low carb diets and they work fine. but now i'm in lacrosse until the competition team starts and its so much running and i need the energy of carbs. can someone give me advice on what to eat to lose the weight without losing too much muscle, a diet that lets me still have energy? thankyouu so muchh if you can helpp

Im 13 and weigh 210 lbs, and I need tips on how to get about 50 lbs by the end of the school year.?

Its easy to lose weight by dehydrating yourself. I would suggest you try losing inches vs. losing weight. But to answer your question, go jogging every morning or do areobics. My best recommendation is to do wushu.

I'm a wushu practitioner of the Sulan Wushu Academy, and just from going to practice twice a week and self-practicing at home on weekdays, I'm in very good shape. I'm heavy, but I'm also kind of skinny and muscular at the same time.

I'm 13 and weigh 180 pounds I NEED HELP!?

The average weight for someone your size and age is about 120- lbs. You most defiantly need to make a change in your eating and physical working habits in order to stay clear of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, elephant disease. You MUST work out. I know, it's sometimes boring...but u have to. Eat 5 meals a day...yes....i said 5....not order to boost your metabolism, eating more (healthy) food can help you to lose weight. NEVER skip breakfast....EVER! Breakfast truly IS the most important meal of the day, because it's what boosts your metabolism. If you eat first thing in the morning, your body is full of nutrients and the energy it needs to function correctly. If you eat in the morning it makes your body work harder to burn calories so that, throughout the day, your body burns more calories, cuz it is using the energy from the breakfast food to out rule the rest of the food. No junk food. Now, don't don't only allow you...but I suggest you eat fast food once a month. This will allow you to realize that you've earned it. At the last day of every month, treat yourself to a night out, a fast food meal, a whole night of T.V. This will allow you to set goals, it'll let you work for that 'xtra fast food day'. Otherwise, never eat fast food. Also, play a game. Have a contest with your friends or family. See who can work out the most over a month's time and who loses the most amount of their average weight, but remember that someone who is lighter than you may lose weight slower than you and if they weigh 120 lbs and then 100 lbs at the end, it's only cuz they were lighter than you to begin with. You must stay FAR away from cheese....cheese is ok in moderation, actually it's needed for proteins. A great snack is wheat thins with a cup of yogurt and granola....also fruits ans veggies....drink 12 cups of water every day...12 water will HAVE to pee a lot and it may hurt the first me...but u will NEVER get headaches, your skin will NEVER break out and you will be more energized. Limit T.V. time to 2 hrs. a day. Buy P90X tapes...they're 3 times a week 1/4 of a mile to start and then work your way to 4/1 mile....4's God's power mixed with faith and math...i've studied this for years....don't take diet books just eat pop....ever......celery is the best for u.....u burn 10x more calories by chewing it than u do by actually eating it....good luck...!

How can a 13 year old boy lose weight?

Okay, for a person looking to maintain their weight, they'll be getting in about 1800 calories per day. No more than that.

Now, youre body's automatic response to losing weight is to pack it on more. You have to lose weight in small doses, not more than two pounds a week. there are 3500 calories in a pound, so, if you reduce your diet to 1300 calories per day, youll be losing one pound per week. You should also work on getting in shape, so try to burn another 500 calories per day playing sports or something. This will make you lose two pounds per week.

Stay away from butter, salt and cream cheese. These are all fats, they are more trouble than theyre worth. For breakfast, I only eat a fruit. If you still feel hungry after this, then go with one portion of corn flakes or one piece of toast with jam on it. You should be getting two portions of meat per day, so you dont need ham in the morning. Try bring in your own lunch instead of fatty school lunches. A peanut butter sandwich is probably the way to go, since I heard that coldcuts arent good for you. They caus ecancer or something. Drink water at lunch. Juice is good for the vitamins it gives, but if you have enough fruits, you wont need it. Drop the desert. Have a fruit, like an apple or pear, at lunch too. At supper, eat whatever is served for you, but instead of drinking juice, go with water. Dont have more than one glass of juice per day. Make sure you eat your fruits after supper too. If, at any point, you get hungry, eat an apple, or grapes, or carrots, or celery. Fruits and veggies will help you. I would also recommend taking vitamins, just to make sure youre still healthy.

Remember, not more than two pounds per week. And, at your age, you probly shouldnt lose more than ten pounds.
Good luck! :):)