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Hey Guys. So In A Couple Days Im Gonna Get My Hair Relaxed

So there is this guy and i need help with what is going on read details?

you seem like your kind of shy and that "bob" really isnt so maybe he thinks that your giving him the impression that its all kind of a worn out joke to you and that when he complaments you you actually feel uncomftorble in a bad way. take a chance and put ypur self out there you only get to be yound and flirt for a short peiord of time live it up

Ideal time to re-bleach my hair?

I used L'oreal Quick Blue with 30 volume developer and left in on for 45 minutes. Most of my hair is orange and I know to use a toner to correct the orange brassiness. My hair is very healthy, so I was wondering if re-bleaching my hair after 24 hours would be okay. I want to get it to the yellow stage, and then use a the violet toner to achieve the look that I want. Would that be okay??

Hey you guys I’m begin to tell you about “7 Signs She’s Flirting With You”. I’m so excited because I’m gonna be helping you guys kind of find out if a girl is flirting with you and guys this is from my heart to yours.Because, girls are complicated and it’s annoying to kind of go up to a girl and get rejected. So I’m gonna let you know, if she’s flirting with you. If you’re interested in knowing the seven sides to knowing. If a girl is flirting with you keep reading and if you end up liking the tips okay let’s get started.Sign Number One: First ApproachesGuys, girls walking up to a guy. I know that it’s annoying it’s kind of a big deal for girl’s. Girl’s don’t typically go up to a guy just spark a conversation. But, girl walks up to you that’s amazing like she’s probably talked to her best friend, her mom’s, co-worker, her principal anyone to get advice whether or not she should make. That first approach so great news and very important.Sign Number Two: TouchingThere are no personal bubbles guys, girls will. If girls are flirting with you, they will do anything they can just to like touch you or like touch your knee, touch your shoulder, touch the inside back part of your mouth. I’m just gonna get them (girl’s). Girls are touchy and if they’re feeling you we will touch you. They will girls like take it easy with the touching like don’t like slap a guy you know, what I mean. Like these guys are some sort of you know okayTo Know More Signs Read Full Article: 7 Signs She’s Flirting With You

Party-Outfit/make-up/hair ideas?!? Please answer?

For the hair, before drying- Rinse with ice cold water to close cuticles and lock in shine

-Run a palm size amount of curling mouse through ends and length & then scrunch.
-Blow dry your hair with your head upside down.
-When hair is dry comb through and the go over the curls (the one made by scrunching) with a 1" barrel curling iron.
-spritz lightly with hairspary and shake head.

Make up
-Mix a moisturizer with a dab of your foundation. Apply to face lightly with a foundation wedge (this will give your face the dewey look)
-lightly dust translucent powder on forehead, nose, and chin to reduce shine
-To bring out blue eyes- Rim eye (top and bottom lash lines) with a deep chocolate brown gel stick liner
-Dust a shimmery gold shadow on your eyelids ( to the crease)
-Dust a thin, translucent line of white shadow underneath each eyebrow and on the inner corners of your eyes.
-Finish eyes with a thick coat of brown/black mascara on top lashes, and a thin coat of mascara on bottom lashes.

-Add a fruity lip gloss with a hint of shimmer to complete the look.

-It really depends on what type of party this is.
-A flowy summer dress that hits at your lower thigh would be cute
-To play down a dress where fun printed or plain black leggings underneath & flip-flops. (if doing this you need to load up on accesories or it could look a little odd)
-To understate the dress (or to fill more comfortable dancing & moving around) Wear your favorite jeans underneath.

Basically an out fit of just a cute shirt and a pair of jeans would work if your hair and make up make you stand out.

hope I helped

Would we make a cute couple? Someone PLEASE! answer!!! Alot of answers plz?

Hey its me again. Sorry, but i thought you left me a confused response so i thought i can try to help again. You said that your friend told him!! I know how scary that can be. For 3 years i tried to shut everyone up but he knew for about 2 years...So a very good piece of advice, if he knows, don't do what i did. Don't walk around tricking yourself into thinking that maybe he never found out. It won't work. He knows. The end. No rewinding time. So, i suggest you guys hang out together. Idk if you two have ever hanged out one on one but try to. If not say some friends (2) are coming too. But then say when you get to the place (park,movie, whatever you think will work) just say they couldn't come. Then you are left alone with him! So make the best of it. Have a good time then at the end-ish part of the day, talk to him about it. Of course in a romantic spot or maybe just walking on the street. Just do it where you two are semi close to each other. Then Say "hey i um...know that my friend told you i like you. It's true. I was wondering if you like me back...Do you?" Then the conversation takes its own course. At the end of the day you can possibly have the guy you want!
I'm telling you though, don't play the "maybe he doesn't know" trick on yourself. It WILL backfire. Trust me. =]

I got this a ton when I was starting out professionally. I used to wear a pony tail nearly to my waist, most often braided.  In college, I will never forget CompSci 101. The teacher told everyone in class to stand up, then, he said "If you have ever used a computer, stay standing, else, sit down." A few people sat down. Then he said "If you are comfortable using a computer, stay standing."  More people sat down. Next he said "if you own a computer, stay standing." Most of the class was now sitting. Finally he said "If you built your own computer, stay standing." Three of us were still standing, all with long hair in pony tails and glasses. Long hair was an identity thing for me for a long time. It seemed to be an in thing with the professors and a lot of the professionals. That changed over time though, and as I got closer to business and further from writing code I heard a lot more "Get a hair cut."  These days, I keep things short, and lightly spiked forward. I tell my barber to use clippers with a #3 guide for the sides and back, then feather the top in at a reasonable length. It took me a while to be comfortable that short.... I started with a look that was longer, but in the end have found this to strike the right balance for me.  Do I miss the long hair? Yeah, occasionally I do. It's a pain to grow out and goes through all sorts of awkward phases while it's growing out... I don't think I'd be willing to go through that mess again. In general though, I get more compliments on my appearance with short hair, and it's way easier to take care of.

This could be for one of two reasons:You didn't remove all the dye in your previous wash. This has lead to the dye drying up and becoming hard and stiff, giving your hair the same feel. If this is the case, it should fix itself after a second wash - just make sure to wash thoroughly, shampooing twice if possible.Your hair has been damaged by the dye. Unfortunately, this won't go away after one wash. You'll need to treat your hair until it regains its health. Some ways you can achieve this:Healthy diet/sleep routine - gives your body the nutrients it needs to grow healthier hair and produce oils that make existing hair healthier/smoother. This includes drinking lots of water, which is vital for pretty much everything our body does, hair growth included.Stop playing with it - the more you play with your hair, the dirtier it will get from the oils on your fingers, which will require you to wash it more often, which will end up in drier hair. It's a never ending cycle, so it's best to just not start it by leaving it alone. Braiding is good for keeping it out of the way, but don't braid it too tight or it may cause breakage.Coconut oil - you've probably heard this one, but that's because it works. You can use it before you dye your hair to reduce the damage caused by the dye, and it also helps the colour to hold on better. Otherwise, using it around once a week the day before you shower (leaving it on overnight) keeps your hair super soft, smooth, and promotes healthy growth.Good luck with your hair!

I think Im becoming bulimic? PLEASE read!?

Hey, guys so i'm very sad, i gained half of the weight back =[ but now, i'm binging and throwing up! it's all because of nicole richie and lindsay lohan these are my idols im not even joking! i love the way, they look so skinny, and fabulous! but now, i became fatter. -_- well not very, fat like curvy! =[ and i hate it, i threw up all my food, today, and i worked out on the bicycle for 2 hours =[ i went to see myself, in the mirror.. && i cried. i only feel beautiful when i lose weight, :\ i'm going to live with my dad, for a couple of days, and he doesn't know, i have an eating disorder, so i'll pretend, like i'm eating for a month, but i'll eat nothing but lettuce, I WILL DO ANYTHING to become thin!! :'| & before bedtime, my mom thinks im washing my teeth, and face ect. but i'm not!! i turn the water on & i throw up.. :'| i lost my friends, because i gained weight they don't even look at me, anymore..