Hi I Work At Sports Direct From The Past Two Months. Suddenly From The Past Two Week I Didnt Get

Hi i work at sports direct from the past two months. Suddenly from the past two week i didnt get any shift so i kept messaging my manager regarding my next shift but she never replied?

It does seem that way, which is a very odd way of going about it.
If you have been sacked, make sure you get a good reason. If its nothing thats your fault, they should be offering redundancy. If the manager doesn't, contact the companies HR department.

Should I be able to get over a hurtful past with my long distance boyfriend?

all your problems are self inflicted , the "hurt" only exists in your mind as you always have the option to walk away or make other decisions , his treatment of you reflects your attitudes which appear to be immature , you don't appear to question why he treated previous relationships better and the only chnged factor is you , long distance relationships never work and normally neither do the instant attraction ones as after a while the real people show through and are often far from the intial impressions

Wife Suddenly Working Late? Gets Furious when I question her about Late Hours?

You are so nice.

To be honest I don't think your wife is cheating on you. Well, it is a possibility, but to me there isn't enough evidence to prove this. If you were to bring all of what you wrote into a court of law, do you think she'll be convicted?

I think that honestly, she is just going out for drinks with her coworkers every Wednesday. Or else, she is doing something you wouldn't approve of, like maybe going to a strip club, or going to a Star Trek convention, who knows.

And if she were cheating, why would she go through YOUR phone? Isn't that supposed to happen the other way around?

This is what I would do:
1. I would first ask yourself just what will you do if she is cheating. Will you take her back, divorce her, or get marriage counseling? I believe that if someone is cheating, that means the marriage is broken. And if the marriage is broken, 2 parties had a cause in it, so 2 should help clean it up.
2. Then, after you've considered what you will do, and how you will handle the situation, I would ask her one night straight up if she is cheating and see what she says.
3. Then, if she denies it, I would believe her, and tell her that you want more intimacy - you want to hang out more and get to know her better. Tell her you are interested in her life, and you love her and you've feel you guys have been disconnected lately. If you are curious you can also ask why she prefers you stay home from her work. Just say you want to understand her, not judge her. Hope it all works out - and remember to think positively!

He texted me again after two weeks?

Give it a couple days, text him and apologize for being angry. Explain to him why.. everyone deserves an explanation.

My guess is that your like him? Otherwise you wouldn't be so sensitive about him taking two weeks to text you back, right?

That is understandable, but you got to realize that he isn't your boyfriend. Guys do that from time to time, even if he may or may not like you.

Give him some room, guys don't like to be smothered.

Like I said though, wait a little while for steam (both his and yours) to blow over. Work it out maturely as possible from there.

There's this girl..........?

She had a fling with my close friend about a year ago , although , they didnt date or do anything . But at the end of last year,her & I started to develop feelings for each other. She's a very cocky girl who is never straight forward with anyone and she has a bad reputation for the way she behaves. During the end of last year , her & I Couldnt get enough of each other. School Started in january and she started acting like she didnt know me,because people were around.things went on like that from then till now , although we have talked a lot during the past two months but things just didnt feel the same. Last sunday, I let her know that i was working with a time frame and insisted she tell me whether she likes me or not , in order to prevent me wasting my time. She told me that she wasnt ready to like anyone at the moment because some guy gave her the wrong impression before i came along.I accepted it immediately and i let her know that i had nothing against her.This past week (Mon-Fri) I was prepared not to talk to her at all. Monday was ok , Tuesday was ok, On wednesday after lunch she tried to talk to me but i put up an attitude so i didnt talk to her , though i could feel the tension creeping back in.on thursday , she came to me when i was alone this morning and we had a conversation in which she said that she didnt like the fact that i wasnt talking to her any more.
On friiday , after school her and i had a conversation which made me completely sure that the tension was back. I have four months left in my school , and she has a year and four months . I am optimistic for a relationship between us but she thinks it can only end up bad , as im leaving for canada in four months. I have never felt so attracted to anyone in my LIFE. What can i do to finally convince her that we are right for each other?

I know it would be too early to feel baby move but....?

Um to the women who are saying it is way too early..well yes it is a bit too early, but only by a couple of weeks and it can also depend on how a person is built. My friend started to feel her son move at 13-14 weeks along and i felt my daughter moving at 14-15 weeks along, so whereas 8 weeks is probably way too early, it is possible by 14 weeks and not only for people who have had a baby before. both of us were first timers.I was also told by my doctor that it could be as early as 13 to 14 weeks, especially for 2nd time moms. Now back to the Asked question....It is quite possible that you could be pregnant. There a number of things it could have been, gas or muscle spasms among other things. As for if it could be a sign, thats possible, haha :) your body may have been trying to tell you something. Listen to it and try a pregnancy test in a few after its been long enough for it to show accurate results. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. And I hope you have luck in conceiving :) Good luck

To the person who thumbs-downed me....why?? I said nothing incorrect and was nice and trying to be helpful...doesn't deserve that....please let me know why if you could so i can understand where i went wrong and maybe try to fix it better in the future.

I had only one interview till date.(14 Nov. 2014)For : Internship at TATA Steel. Here's the transcript, best as I remember.The first round was Group Discussion on the topic : What can be done to make India a preferred destination for manufacturing? Obvio, I cleared it. Interview: After normal May I sit down stuff...Interviewer : "So, Abhishek, right? ""Yes sir.""Tell me about yourself.""Sir, I am Abhishek Tripathi, from Delhi." (with facial expression "you already know enough, don't you?")"Alright. So, tell me what would be your reaction if I told you that you've got an Intern at TATA Steel?""Sir, that depends on the kind of project I get. If I get something I would like to work on, I'll be happy. Else...""Okay, so tell me, what would you like to work on?""Sir, if you have a project list, I could tell you the possible projects suited to my knowledge."Interviewer: "Sorry, I don't have the project list with me now.""If you could please tell the fields? broad areas?""Yes. Extractive metallurgy ... " (and says fields... number of fields.)"All of these have both field work and RnD divisions."Me: "umm.. Sir, there's no specific field which interests me out of these. Actually, I am learning Genetic Algorithms and would like to work on it, if this internship provides me with an opportunity to."with a facial expression of confusion, as if to ask Why Genetic Algorithms?"Sir, the guy you took interview before me, and I are working on something which requires the knowledge of Genetic Algorithms. I would not want to give up during internship.""What is a Genetic Algorithm? "explained. blah blah blah... "Okay, how can this be beneficial for Metallurgy?""Sir, extractive Metallurgy mein Blast furnace optimisation uses this technique.""Sir, please take note that I will work only on genetic algorithms. Nothing else.So, please bear with me, if I say not to recruit me if you don't have a project on this.""Do you have any questions for me?"-- a couple of questions. and answers.Half an hour later : Selected. Moral of the Story: Interview works both ways. Negotiate. ;)