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High School Geometry Questions Plz Help

Geometry questions plz help?

1. the answer is 75 ft.
show ur work this way:
multiply 6 and 100. that equals 600. now take 600 and divide it by 8. 75 is your answer.
2. the answer is 13 miles.
show ur work this way by using the Pythagoras' Theorem:
take the square root of 169 and you get 13.

*^ means to the power.

Visual geometry 1 honors questions, highschool?

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASSSSSE ! this is counts as a test grade i REAAAAAAAlly need help! Also, if you do ansdwer this please tell me and show me whatever work you amy have done.

1.) What is he ray bisector of ABC
2.) what is GH
3.) what is the value of y?
4.) what is m5.) what is m6.) if m

High School Algebra/Geometry Question. Please Help! :D?

Recall that the measures (in degrees) of all the angles will add up to 360 degrees.

Visualize yourself driving, making left turns only, and then ending up back where you started facing the same direction you were facing when you started. You will have rotated a total of 360 degrees, right?

.25x + .25x + x + x = 360

.5x + 2x = 360

2.5x = 360

x = 144
.25x = 36

One pair of angles are 144 degrees, the other pair are 36 degrees.

High School Geometry Question?

For a project, a square piece of cloth is folded in half and sewed together to form a rectangle that has a perimeter of 36 centimeters. What was the area in square centimeters of the piece of cloth before it was folded?

Please give detailed, full and step-by-step explanation of your answer.
Thanks and have a great summer weekend.

Please help! Algebra/geometry question!?!?

In your diagram for this question, S needs to be between R and T. Then:

8y + 4 + 4y + 8 = 15y - 9

12y + 12 = 15y - 9

-3y = -21

y = 7

Maths investigation (high school). Geometric patterns...Help please?

I'm not sure what you mean by the term "investigation". Is that just another name for test or quiz? From the problems your teacher gave as hints, your "investigation" will likely be about logarithms, so learn them well.

As for the second problem, each square you draw has a side that is 1/√2 times as small as the sqaure it is inside of. So you begin to see a pattern:

Square 0 perimeter: 4 * 1
Square 1 perimeter: 4 * 1/√2
Square 2 perimeter: 4 * 1/√2 * 1/√2
. . .
. . .
Square n perimeter: 4 * (1/√2)^n

You can express the sum of these perimeters as an infinite geometric series that converges:

4 * ∑ from n to ∞ of (1/√2)^n

Apply the formula for an infinite geometric series to simplify this (google "infinite geometric series" to find the formula):

4*1/(1-(1/√2)) ≈ 13.66

Help on highschool Geometry please: (?

Does anyone know how to find the area of a trapezoid?

The given info is that the bottom of the trapezoid is 15 ft, the angle is 8 ft, and the degree of that angle is 60 degrees. (by angle, i mean like, the "hypoteneuse" of the trapezoid if you were to cut a straight line down where it slants to make a right triangle.) Can anyone help me? I'm so stuck :(

p.542 10-2 prob. 10

College Geometry Question?

Well, what makes an equivalence relation? We need it to be
1) reflexive
2) symmetric
3) transitive

(1) means "x is parallel to x for all lines x." Usually we don't call a line parallel to itself, but I don't think that's what we're after here.

(2) means "if x is parallel to y, then y is parallel to x." This certainly seems reasonable.

(3) means "if x is parallel to y and y is parallel to z, then x is parallel to z." This is where you would be most likely to find something that goes wrong.

Geometry help please i have virtual high school im a senior and i have no teachers i need help?

A right triangle has a hypotenuse of 13 cm and one leg that measures 12 cm. What is the length of the other leg? =5cm

triangle abc is a right triangle if side AC=5 AND SIDE BC=6 WHAT IS THE MEASURE OF SIDE AB= 3

3.A right triangle has a leg measuring 52 m and a hypotenuse measuring 63 m. Find the length of the other leg.

cant answer that one.
4. A right triangle has legs with lengths of 25cm and 37cm.find the length of the hypotenuse rounded to the nearest whole number
cant answer that one.