High School Lacrosse Or Track

Should I do lacrosse or track in high school?

I have been doing lacrosse for five years and want to continue to do lacrosse but all the other people who do lacrosse in my school are part of a group with no interest in talking to me. On the other hand, many of my close friends are doing track. I have done track for one year. My third option would be to not do a sport at all so I can become involved in some clubs at my school and have more time for studying. Any advice as to which choice I should take? Thanks in advance.

Should I play Lacrosse or track in high school?!?

For freshman year we are given the choices lacrosse or track for the fall. I don't know which one to do because I have never really played lacrosse before but it seems fun. Also, I ran track last year and am going to this year. Track wasn't that fun but I don't know if I could catch on to lacrosse.. Plus would all the equipment be expensive??

Should I do lacrosse or track?

I am a freshman in high school and did cross country and winter track earlier. I am a pretty good runner and made varsity for track, and want to do really well next cross country season. I have played lacrosse for four years and play center. I am very good with stick handling and with be a great player with my additional speed and endurance from cross country. In addition, my best friend is playing lacrosse and some of my other close friends. I don t know if I want to take a break from running and be the star freshman lacrosse player or continue with track and work on training and speed for next cross country season. I had decided that I was going to do track since I want to do really well during cross country, I enjoy running, and my personal trainer thought I should. Now, I ve been overthinking that decision and realized that I would have more fun playing lacrosse and might regret not having the best time possible in high school. Any suggestions?

Should I DO Lacrosse or Track?

both sports are in the spring and I have to decide which I want to do. It would be my first year playing both sports. However I am a very fast sprinter/mid distance runner and i have also played lacrosse for a few years when I was little.

Lacrosse seems kind of fun because its more of a team sport, but there is a tonnn of off season practices and clinics to learn the plays. Also the game play of lacrosse is not very appealing to me. But I would have more pride saying I play lacrosse than saying i run track.

Track I have a feeling I would be good at, but the practices sound kind of boring just continually sprinting or running. However I do like to run because I am big on fitness. Also the track meets are apparently very exciting and I would be outside in the sun (not in a bunch of lacrosse gear and helmets)

Does anyone have any opinions or reasons that would help me choose?

What is high school track like?

this is my sophomore year of hs and ive never done track before but i really want to do it this spring! i played tennis and lacrosse last year, but this year im switching from lacrosse to track.

could anyone whos done highschool track sort of tell me what its like? i dont know if i should do it because i dont know anything about track and im afraid ill embarrass myself /: like what are the practices/meets like? do the girls practice with the boys im assuming? or are there separate teams? how do you decide what event to do? do you pick it or do the coaches pick it for you? do you have to be really really fast? i was one of the fastest people on my lacrosse team but i know that the people on track are a lot faster /:

thank you for your help! i appreciate it so much! also if it helps, i was interested in sprints or hurdles, but ive never done track before as you can see! any tips would be loved :) like what i could do to prepare beforehand!

How long is an average high school lacrosse game?

Girl: Two 25 minute halves
Boys: Four 15 minute quarters.

People get goals by taking the ball down the field and using their lacrosse stick to propel the ball past the goalkeeper into the net.


hey i play lacrosse, and you should definetly play it. Boys lacrosse is a bit more agressive than girls, but its basically the same thing. If you decide to play, run over to a store and buy soe lacrosse sticks so that you and your friend can practice playing pass and stuff. It really helps your coordination with the lacrosse stick. I ran cross country and did winter for a bit and lacrosse is really fun because its very different and a good break from running.

Did you run track in high school? Why or why not?

Only as a punishment. The track coach was a science teacher in the school and if you “mis-behaved” one of the punishments was running for two miles while lugging 20 pounds of school books around the outdoor track.Only did that once…..Whereas our two sons ran track to get in shape for Spring soccer. U16 and U19 soccer was Spring Sundays only and many of the players did other sports. Those that did not do Lacrosse or Baseball ran pre-season track to get into playing shape for soccer and then after the first meet they either stayed with the team or dropped off.

Is lacrosse an easy sport to pick up as a high school freshmen?

you should. if you have hand-eye coordination and can run a lot, then you could make it. just get your stick and gear now, and start practicing asap. the more you practice, the better you are. also, get some tips from other laxers and yahoo answers or something, because bad habits in lacrosse are brutal. and do the lacrosse camps, and pay attention to everything they say. throw the ball against a wall in your spare time or throw with a friend. get in shape for the season. and watch "the ultimate lax bro" on youtube. :P

I want to play lacrosse for my high school but I know nothing about the sport. Should I still go to tryouts?

Browski, it's fall right now. I advise you to buy a stick, get it restrung (factory stringing is crap trust me) find a brick wall or buy a bounce back and practice passing and catching, both hands. find out if your school has a fall ball team, that might help you decide what position you want to play. If you play any sports please comment below. Football players are half crazy attackmen or defenders. Hockey players can play a mean LSM. If you wrestle, you might want to try out for defense. Cross county or track? No problem! 2 way middie is excellent for you. Do you like physical contact, play defensive middie. How about scoring goals? I think offensive middie is best for you. Your stick work might not be so good for attack right now, but maybe in 6 months you will be good th both hands, so that's not a good position for you right away. If you have any questions, let me know!