Hillary Hill Or Hilla

Hilary Burton(Peyton One Tree Hill) anorexic?

no she is not anorixic its the show
maybe she lost some weight she is just playing her character!

On Hillary Clinton's ad at yahoo answers it says give 'em hill?

DOes that mean Hillary CLinton will bringthe world hell or the USA orperhaps is the Ant-CHrist. I mean hell is eternal damnation and I find it offensive that a woman who quote decks here oppenents I.E. pummels them to the ground would threaten the world with hell.

That is the clearest causaul look at hillary as the Anti-CHrist. She stayed with her decitiful husband for politcial gains and is clearly more interested in power than family. Can you say Sith I thought you could so why are we even considering voting for some one who after 9-11 something here husband basically allowed vote for the woman who leered at the President because she wanted power and 3300 dead people meant jack crap to her.

Hillary seems to be the best canidate for the ANti-Christ position based on her track record,

Waht do you think?

This is a strange question, I voted for both at different times. Given where I was in 2008, working in TN, I wasn’t able to attend the MN caucus, so I didn’t vote for either. I voted for Obama in 2 general elections and voted for Hillary in one.Why?I left the GOP when Reagan ran. The GOP has turned its back on the needs of the Northern urban states (I lived in NJ from birth until 2004). The GOP has turned its back on the needs of industrial workers (as have the Democrats since Clinton). The GOP is against the environmental movement, even if the environmental movement was an outgrowth of the Northern GOP (slum dwellers don’t go to National Parks).The modern GOP thinks that the only interests that are important are those of business and profit. The Democratic party since Bill Clinton has adopted some of those ideas, but they are at least interested in responsible government, unlike the modern GOP.

Why is Hillary Clinton's nickname Hill-dog?

Because she values herself as much as she does all the dogs in the world, and she values one dog more than 983,402,938,723,097,532,284,357,948,670 human lives, so it's a pretty great nickname from her point of veiw, since she's a self-absorbed jerk.

Oh yeah, and she's an idiot.

Where did the last name hill come from?

For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axkwc

Indeed, when they were first giving out names, people used to be named for many things, including geographical features, types of buildings, body parts, etc. ∠°)

Hillary Clinton....how low can she sink...?!!?

Hillary has a run a horrible campaign. She started the process assuming she would be the nominee. When America did not give her the "birth right" she thought she was owed, she had no plan B.
She then ran a campaign that had no message, but just used the media's stories about Obama to make her case - racist, elitist, "crazy preacher", whatever justifies Sean Hannity's ideas.
Unlike Hillary supporters I would vote for her over McCain, because I don't take personal preferences over what is best for the country.


Up-Hill or down-Hill?

this would nicely be a type of ambiguous be conscious video games that have consistently questioned me...Going uphill consistently sounds like a war; yet then, you're going UP and that's many times a stable ingredient. on the different hand, going downhill is the fulfilling 'holiday'; yet being in a downhill slide is an rather undesirable concept. So, your little unhappy face tells me you're thinking that down hill is the destructive one...i could would desire to declare perfect now my existence is greater downhill than uphill perfect now, yet i'm alive. If I save waking up with a pulse, this is yet another possibility to attempt to get existence perfect!

Well, there is Killery. One local talk radio person uses PeeStinckyFartCabbage Hillary after an unflattering description of her hygiene by one aide.Personally, I like Hitlery. Because it has always been clear that she wants to be a dictator.I can’t be the only person that thinks that, if you tossed a glass of holy water on her, she’d go up like the Wicked Witch Of The West.

Iams or Hills?

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