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How Can I Convince My Parents To Let Me Wear What I Want

How do I convince my parents to let me wear Hijab?

I'm muslim, born Muslim, always have whole family is too, of course. The thing is, I've been wanting Hijab for a couple years now. I made it known last summer, and it didn't go well at all. My parents are happy that I want to do this and everything, but they won't let me, because they are paranoid of people here. (being the US). I know thinking about it is good, but it doesn't replace actually doing it. I'd never have the courage to go behind my parent's back. They would make me take it off--it's not that they're bad Muslims, they just can't deal with it. My mom fears that my dad will get bad things at work if I wear it, and she says she would never go out with me. I feel it is not fair, shouldn't you be getting support from your family? I shouldn't feel like they're holding me back...yet I have absolutely no Hijabs/scarves, no hijab stores around, all my family is far away. I've talked to my parents numerous times, assertively, and nicely. Told them it's required, that I pray 5 times a day! They want me to perfect everything and they say hijab is a "small" thing compared to other things. I think not. I don't know what to do, I'm 14 and I have to start! I'm ready for this, I know the effects of it, but I can deal with it! How do I convince them WITHOUT going behind their backs? Thanks!


How to convince my parents to let me wear whatever I want...?

try to compromise with your parents. i know what you mean with strict parents though, my mom used to be the same way. try asking your parents if you can just wear what you want to school, when you go out, or when you do things that are more of casual events. And maybe to compromise with you're parents tell them that when you go somewhere with them you'll wear something they approve.

i know this isn't exactly getting you to wear what you want to whenever you want, but it's a start. hope it works! good luck.

How can I convince my Muslim parent to let me wear what I want?

Ask them on what basis they are making the decision.If Islamic Law is the only basis, you can technically go outside with your hair dyed red and pulled into a crazy hairdo. It can be long - all the way to the shoulder (Sunnah by the way - in the tradition of Jesus no less). This is accompanied by lime-green disco pants (neatly rolled up above the ankle) and a Slayer shirt covered by a black motorbiker’s jacket. Underwear is optional.Alternatively, dress in all-black. Cover your head with a Compton cap and wear big dark shades. With a bit of luck and a permanently cheesed-off expression, you can look like Actually Ice Cube - especially if you have the longish hair I mentioned earlier. Oh, and he’s Muslim too. So is Ren. (Warning: don’t pose with weapons. Ice Cube gets away with it because he’s a family friendly entertainment icon; you may simply end up in the clink.)You could also go for the Ozzy look. Wear only tights, and apply mascara (another Sunnah!). Add the long hair mentioned above and a crazed expression, run around splashing yourself buckets of water on yourself every now and then, but stay away from bats. They’re haram.If you find this distasteful, you could try the elderly Ozzy look, with small shades and an unintelligible mumble under your breath every now and then when expected to speak.Joking apart, Islamic Law doesn’t really place too much restriction on dress. There are a few guidelines in place, but there is a great deal of freedom of choice within these guidelines. All these looks will definitely get on your parents’ nerves but technically they are all OK under Sharia rules.You could point this out (I’m assuming you’re male here. Females have a different set of guidelines owing to differences in body structure, so topless-Ozzy is certainly off the cards.)If they are making rules basis their own ideals, or a combination of Islamic and cultural values, respect these rules. The rules are for your own good, and are crafted only out of love and concern for you. I know this sounds cliche, but they have a great deal of experience and may have reasons for compelling you to wear a certain type of dress.Dress does affect one’s social perception. You could one day end up being saved just because you dressed neatly that day. However distasteful they may be, stick to the rules!

How do I convince my parents to let me dress how I want?

Good parents love their kids. No matter what. We may not like the decisions they make,but we still love them. Since you/your parents are religious maybe take a look at the parable of the prodigal son. That's a good parent (my opinion).  It all comes down to what is important. Is you dressing a certain way so important to your parents that they would kick you out? And, if so, are you willing to live with that?I'm not saying I agree, but I will say that when my daughter is old enough to make clothing choices (19 is old enough) I will continue to buy her clothes, but I will probably not shell out the money for name brands and I certainly will not buy her clothes that are provocative (and no, skinny jeans are not provocative). BUT if she buys them, or grandma takes her shopping and she buys something I disagree with I doubt I will stop her from wearing it.You are an extension of your parents. As such, they want you to act and dress a certain way. You will gradually get away from this as you form your own identity. It's just part of growing up.Another important question to ask yourself is why do you want to dress this way. Is it because boys like it, your friends do it, or because you want to dress lthat way? And, is dressing that way so important that you are willing to fracture the relationship with your parents?The decision is yours to make, but I would talk more with your parents about your choice so you fully understand the consequences before just making the decision.

How do I convince my parents to let me wear fishnet? I am 12 and am wearing them as a fashion statement (goth). What should I do?

My daughter is your age & is asking me the same thing. I’m an open minded mom & I like her to express herself through clothing, art communication etc. But in this case I had to say no to wearing them because I actually fear for her safety in public from grown men as those tights are known for a long time as a sexy form of clothing. Also I don’t want anyone of her age group to think that she is trying to be sexy and wanting that kind of attention because I know her & that’s not her case. She just likes the fashion. Not sure when this was ask but if anyone else see’s this just know that your parents are just caring about you, we don’t like having to say no.

How can I convince my parents to allow me to wear anything I want?

I will answer this based on how society is, not how things should be.I don't know if you are male or female, nor how old you are. But how you dress, how you present yourself, does affect how people perceive you. If you appear tidy and decently groomed, you look like you respect yourself. If you wear rumpled, dirty clothes, you convey the idea that you don't give a crap. In many cultires, if a female wears revealing clothing she appeats to invite stares, even unwanted attention. If a male wears sagging pants, hoodies with the hood up (unless it's wintry), sideways baseball caps, etc he will be perceived as a thug. I’m not saying I agree with it, it's just reality.And if you are in a culture in which hijab or such is expected, then you will have to respect that as long as you live with your parents.What exactly is it you wish to wear that your parents disagree with? Perhaps more info can help us answer.

How do I convince my Muslim parents to let me wear shorts?

I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in a Sharia Muslim country, but I’ve lived in a few, so let me explain to you the way this tends to work.You have your walking-to-the-mailbox clothes, your leaving-your-house clothes, and your arriving-at-your-destination clothes.Walking to the mailbox requires no strategy. It’s whatever you happen to be wearing.Leaving your house, you wear loose and conservative garments, preferably made from a wrinkle free and collapsible material that can be easily concealed in a modestly sized handbag.Your arriving-at-your-destination clothes are worn underneath your leaving-your-house clothes. As such, they cannot have a lot of volume, but otherwise all bets are off. Hot pants, crop tops, whatever tickles your fancy. They just need to be concealable. Bonus points if your “arriving at destination” clothes look plausibly enough like conservative underwear. That way you can wash them in the regular family laundry, dress super risque for your friends, and nobody’s the wiser. Black spandex booty shorts and a camisole come to mind.So basically what happens is you leave the house dressed approximately like Aunt Jemima minus the apron. When you get where you’re going, you strip to your (fashionable) skivvies and put the Aunt Jemima costume in your purse.You can see this strategy in action, in the opening scene of Syriana. People might have differing views of the feasibility of the movie plot writ large, but lemme tell you that first scene is spot on. Sadly I couldn’t find the Syriana girl doing this very thing on YouTube, but I assure you it’s in there, and maybe you can find it on Netflix or something.Now some people might say it’s dishonest to pull the wool on your parents like this, and perhaps it is, but I also think that people should be able to wear whatever the hell they want, and there is an element in both Muslim governance, as well as parent-child relations of “if they didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.”And now I’m going to drink a cup of hemlock for corrupting the youth!

How to convince your mom to let you wear what you want?

If you have your own money you could buy your own clothing or at least some accessories to spice up the outfits you do already have. If you have to depend on her then you should try to convince her to let you pick out your own clothing.

Tell her that you're growing up and she can't be there to dress you forever, tell her to trust you to make your own decisions. How will you be able to function and make your own decisions as an adult if she won't let you pick your own clothing now. She can't always be there for you. Be polite and calm and explain to her that you are your own person and you have your own interests and you would like to get clothing that reflects this. Reassure her that you are not going to dress provocatively and you're not going to buy expensive stuff.

If all else fails then you're going to have to deal with it and wear what she provides you with, maybe when it's time for high school she will be more lenient.

How do I convince my STRICT, MUSLIM parents to let me wear makeup?

Im almost 15 and my muslim parents wont let wear makeup until I'm married. (If you are thinking they dont mean that. YES, im not allowed to leave the house until im married. Even for college, i have to go to a close school). I need help all i want to wear is kohl/eyeliner and line my lashes and cover up some of my acne when a breakout happens. I need some kind of way to show there is a benefit other than self-confidence and self-esteem because as arab parents they dont really care or know about those things since the middle east doesnt really care or talk about that at all. I need some help maybe a qoute from the Quan or some kind of benefit from wearing kohl or makeup like sunnah or something. I swear with eyeliner i line my lashes with the skinniest line and i dont even look dramatically different, i just feel like they enhance my dark brown eyes and i feel good wearing it. I dont want attention from guys or anything, Im a high honors advanced class student. I care about my future and dont want some stupid relationship with some guy that wont last. I just need help so please try to help me.