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How Can I Factory Unlock Sprint Iphone 5s

Is verizon iphone 6 factory unlocked?

Verizon iPhone 6 are unlocked by default but many have reported them locked. So it would be better to get the phone factory unlocked from Apple. If you need unlocked iPhone 6 at reasonable price cheaper than the retail, mail me.

Free Unlock iPhone 5 Sprint?

There are lots of places from where you can unlock your iPhone or any of its versions but for me worked pretty well without compromising any security concern in my iPhone 5c.

On various tech forums people used to use this incredible se rvice in peanut pri ce. Hope my expe rience will help you. Also its all legal and the unlocking with be through your itunes.

I have been with Sprint before and Verizon too and generally speaking Sprint has always been a stickler about not unlocking their iphones for use with other local carriers but will for international use only. Verizon the same. The only one that will let you are T-mobile and AT&T. Now saying that you can do what the other guy said and take a chance on the websites with scammers or go to an Apple store and get an already unlocked phone from there. They usually sell unlocked phones a month or two after they are released although now I think they sell them at the same time due to the fact that T-mobile has no contract and AT&T just announced no contract either. Or go to att or tmobile and get one there. But for sure Sprint will never unlock your phone at 100% because they dont want you going somewhere else. Besides new phones that you get at an Apple store are now able to work on either gsm or cdma.

You need to understand that you will only be able to use it using the same technology CDMA and not GSM. You can find a whole bunch of people selling you a code to unlock however the best way is doing it directly with Sprint, if this phone was in good standing you might be able to get the code with them. If is not possible through Sprint because you don't know where the phone came originally front (bought at a store) then you can try this at eBay.SPRINT FACTORY UNLOCK CODE SERVICE IPHONE 6+ | 6 | 5S | 5C - CLEAN IMEI

Sprint iphone unlock question?

Ok, so a sprint iphone 5 was handed down to me and I had requested that it be unlocked, he comes back to me a week later saying that it was unlocked and that I should be able to use it, when I went to tmobile and put a sim card in it, it said that the sim was not compatible, but the 4g service had shown up on it, so after weeks of wondering "why didn't it work" I had called the person who had gave me the iphone to verify that it was a carrier unlock that they requested, and he said yes that's what the people told him, so I wondered, why didn't it work then? So after a lot of thinking I had opened the iphone settings, and it said that the carrier is tmobile

So that being said, should my iphone work on tmobile?? And if not, why is it saying that the carrier is tmobile when it rejected the SIM card

There arent any. Apple keeps 100% control. You have to ask Sprint to unlock it, they connect to an Apple server, login, and unlock it. In addition to 3 years at Sprint I was with Apple for 2 years as a SR iPhone tech.

To unlock Apple iPhone to switch any network you need to do a factory unlockHere is the process to get the iPhone factory unlockFind online services that will unlock your Phone, As there are many online service provider avail who will generate an unlock code. Although all them aren't always reputable,So you need to check this before using the service. I've tried unlockninja which promises to 100% refund if the unlocking is not successful.What we need to provide to the unlock service provider for iPhone factory unlockBrand Name:-Name of the phone brand like Samsung, apple, zteModel No or Name:- give the model no of the phone. like iPhone 5,5s,6,6s,7 etc.Country :- Country from The Phone PurchasedNetwork:- Network on which The Phone Is Locked:-E-mail ID:- Put a mail that is active currently. After the success payment you will get the mail with login detail to update the IMEIUpdate IMEI No:-This is the most part of to generate the unlock code.Either dial *#06# on your phone, or check the sticker under the the battery of your handset. The IMEI is a 15 digit number that is unique for each handsetYour order in now complete to get the factory unlock for iPhone. You will get the unlocked mail in least possible timeHere is the process to follow after getting the unlocked confirmation from apple-Install the last version of iTunes on your computer.-Make sure your iPhone is updated with the lastest version of iOS.-Switch ON your iPhone with a SIM Card from a non-compatible network.-Connect your iPhone to your computer using the Original USB Cable.-Launch iTunes and wait until iTunes detect your iPhone.-Now disconnect your iPhone 6sand reconnect it after 10 seconds.-Your iPhone is now Unlocked!Note:-In the unlikely event that your iPhone is not unlocked, please restore your device following the official guideline from Apple as below-Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings

No offense to Mr Asker, he is partially correct as far as loss of job for unlocking phones but appears to be unfamiliar with iPhones. First we need to clarify something. A factory unlock is not something you have done. A factory unlock is a phone you purchase usually from Apple directly at full retail price. Between 650 and 950 dollars, and usually has a different serial number sequence. As far as getting them unlocked legally by Sprint, I just gave the process the other day in an answer on here.I will add that in addituon to the other answered question, nobody at Sprint can just bypass. It is done through an automated system, which determines status. If it is a mistake a ticket has to be opened and it takes a week or so on average.In general at Sprint , employees cannot manually override wverything like people think they can, and which can be done at other companies. Reps are generally glorified button pushers. They have very little power or authority. Though some will go to bat for you.Sprint employee/lead 3 yearsApple ios sr tech 2 years.

Boost Mobile iPhone should work on Sprint without unlocking since Sprint is Boost Mobile’s host network on CDMA technology.On the other hand, unlocking your Sprint iPhone will only unlock its GSM technology so that it could be used on other GSM networks. CDMA cannot be unlocked.If you unlock a Boost Mobile iPhone, you will be able to use it on MetroPCS since MetroPCS runs on GSM technology.iPhone 4s & 5 will not work on MetroPCS or any other GSM network within the USA after unlocking. They will only work on GSM networks oversees.