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How Can I Increase My Sense Of Humor

My bf has no sense of humor?

A man's creativity is partially fueled on testosterone. Low testosterone = low creativity = low sense of humor = low intelligence.

Ways to boost testosterone:
1) Stop jerking off/having sex. (6-7 days for maximum effect) This one will actually take you far. It tricks your body into thinking that you can't get any, and your balls naturally produce more testosterone to increase your ability to pursue women. It gives you confidence, intelligence, and creativity. Men who abstain from ejaculation for 7 days show a 150% increase in testosterone levels. Muhammad Ali used to abstain from sex for two months before every fight. Two months is a little excessive in my opinion though.
2) Start working out
3) Less long distance running. Short bursts only.
4) Eat red meat, eggs, fish
5) Omega 3 suppliments
6) Get more sleep (5-8 hours, no more, no less)
7) Stop drinking soy based products, smoking, drinking alcohol, and doing hard drugs

EDIT: Also, get rid of the ultra sugary drinks (soda) and very fatty foods.

What can I do to improve my sense of humor because I can't crack jokes?

Dear Alekya,TRY Harder..!!That is the only advice I can give you.If you see (on Youtube) all the comedians out there, they don’t crack totally new jokes every time they are speaking in an event. They just modify it and present in a new way.Watch those whom you like and try to copy them in front of mirror, your close friends or family who don’t care what you are doing half the time. This won’t effect them much but you will get the idea of what you should be doing further.Gradually, it will make you confident and you can try those in front of strangers also.Remember, the more you practice, the perfect you become.Original question- What can I do to improve my sense of humor because I can't crack jokes?

What are the ways to increase my sense of humour?

Hello Buddh,A day without laughter is a day wasted- Charlie ChaplinSo I would like to tell you something, it may help you increase your Sense of Humor. Many people says that it is a in born quality, but I don’t think so it is unless you assume it.To increase your sense of humor,Be a good listener- If you are listening things, you can find something funny anytime.Be a good observer- Observe things near by you, people nearby you, situation nearby you. It will give a lot of material for your humor.Timing of your punch- It is very important dude, when you are telling a joke or your humor, timing should be perfect.Many times there is situation which is unusual, or a person who is irritating, and there will be many other people like you who will be getting irritated by those things, this is time when you should have to crack your joke.Dialogues- Initially you should always have a solid dialogue or punch line for many situation ready in advance and whenever situation comes, you should hit it. Once you will advance, you will get dialogues instantaneously.Smile- When you are saying any punch in a group, you should also smile or say it with laughter. It shows that you are confident about yourself and your joke.Last but not the least, do not make fun of anyone’s personality,race,religion,family. You should make sure your words should not hurt anyone’s feeling.Best of luck!! :)

How do I increase my sense of humour and intelligence?

Thanks for A2A.Watch live stand-up comedy. Watch Youtube videos on funny stuff. Follow funny people on social media.Slowly your sense of humor will start improving. You will get perspective on topics. You’ll have your own ideas. Don’t hesitate to try them out in Open Mics, Video sketches, Writing funny posts, etc.And remember:Take it easy, life mein be busy :-)

Is it possible to develop my sense of humor?

First of all, it is actually not possible to consciously 'get' sense of humor, because you don't always get time to think of a nice joke or a witty response, it is almost always spontaneous. The only thing you can do about this is you can 'better' yourself. Here are a few things you can do to improve yourself.Develop a strong point of view: When it comes to comedy, it is very important to have clear and strong point of views of your own. Never make fun of things which you don't know about. Don't get confused. Be clear about what you love and what you hate. Find things which you don't like, and be dare enough to make fun of them.Don't give stereotypes : Always find something funny on your own, don't just repeat the good old 'Elephant-Ant' types.Learn to criticize: Criticism is the base of comedy and humor, never ever fear to criticize things in a funnier way. People love it when somebody has a different, confident yet funny take over topics. But remember, words once spoken cant be taken back, so you have to be a little bit careful while joking about sensitive things. ( Like Sexuality, Politics, Religion, Racism, etc.)Follow A LOT of stand up comedians: Stand up comedians are the best sources to gather information for your database. Comedians generally speak about the current affairs and also present their point of view on it, it will be very helpful for you to form a much clear opinion. In stand up comedy, comedians work hard to figure out the similarities between humans and their stupidities and make fun of them. So if you follow them, you will get ready made material to use. This is utterly important.Read, read, read: Never miss a chance to read. Let it be books, newspapers, magazines or Facebook, Quora, Wikipedia. Every single word will help you sometime.Chill: Never go mad, or arrogant. Present your opinion in a lighter and funnier way, avoid the anger.Use less physical comedy: Making faces or giving weird physical expressions doesn't work most of the times. For that you need to be a expert  and you need to have a compatible physical appearance to make people laugh. Like, George Carlin. So, better avoid them.Well, after all this, I suggest you the following video of Carlin to get started. George Carlin - Airport Security And a few other comedians:Louis C.K. Russell Peters Bill Maher Best of luck!

Which Vitamin Deficiency causes Loss of Sense of Humour?!? Or Is it lack of specific Mineral in the body?

Learned people say that Life is all about Science...that Biology is really Chemistry only when you get down to brass tacks!

Old Indian (Hindu) Wisdom also says that Man is made of 'Panch Tatva' ie Five Elements.

So is it possible to solve all emotional problems with chemical reinforcement?!?

Please feel free to speak your mind....all thoughts and opinions will be appreciated :))


What are some shows that will improve my sense of humor?

Sense of humour is the ability to appreciate humour, you don't need to watch any show for this just be open minded and don't get offended over petty jokes.Assuming your question was about shows that are funny, I genuinely find the following shows funny and I guess will help you in a wayFriendsRick and MortyLuciferThe OfficeModern FamilyIf you want to become funnier just try to be funny, you will be lame in the beginning (like we always are) but you will get better with time , SHAME and friends you will lose because of your lame jokes. Most of the time the things we say are not funny, but it’s the way we say it, this is known as comic timing and mastering this will make you hilarious.

What are ways to develop an intelligent sense of humor?

Are you the same person? :)Well, you become intelligent by being curious and by capturing information. Best way to capture information is to Read. Reading, especially, long literature helps in a lot of different ways.A good logic also helps. It helps in validating, capturing, storing, analyzing information.

Why doesn't anyone have a sense of humor anymore? people are too serious and get offended too easily?

right on
the problem is someone is always offended by any joke you Tell
example why wasn't Jesus born in Ireland /
answer they couldn't find three Wise men
this will upset the Irish and the Christians
I'm still trying to find one that will offend every one