How Can I Make My Dog Like The Sea

Can you train a dog not to swim out to sea?

Can you train a dog not to fart?  No.Given a dog who likes to swim and who has no boundaries, you then face a management condition, not a training condition.  A long leash is the answer.If you can't be near your dog to administer a correction against a behavior that can kill, don't ever let the dog get in the position to be killed.  I lost a dog to a 6-point buck once under equivalent circumstances.  (Everyone who hunts knows people who have lost dogs to deer.) (Kicked in the head.)It would be great if I could let my dogs go free, true.  But I have decided that my anxiety and guilt is greater than their desire to have freedom in dangerous places, and I therefore keep my dogs on leash, even when 99% of the time, it's OK to let them run.

Can Dogs get sea sick?

Yes dogs can become sea sick, it is the motion, just like they get car sick, due to the motion.

So, call your vet, get him some med to stop nausea, and take it with you.

Do not just pickup medicine over the counter, make sure our vet recommends it, Dramamine sometimes does not even settle well on a dogs tummy. Just call your vet first, if he says is okay then buy it. He should say is okay, but human medicines are not to be used unless Vet approves them, for the safety of your dog please.

And, be sure you have enough life vest for you, your dog and everyone on the boat, Please be safe and have a wonderful vacation.

My Min Schnauzer loves boats and never has gotten sea sick, and we were on my brother yacht off of Galveston for 4 days, he loved it, no sea sickness at all.

But, not every dog can handle it.

By all means, take your baby on vacation with you, but make sure you keep an eye on him, as he could fall overboard and he would be gone, unless you catch him right away.

Good luck and have gun.

Is your dog afraid of the sea ?

I have a chocolate lab and she's afraid of all water. and whenever my dad drags her into the water she'll swim for 2 seconds and then make my dad hold her up. XD


What can I do if my dog ate sand?

It’s going to depend on how much they ate. My last dog would swallow a lot of sand while fetching at the beach as she tended to pounce and cover it with sand. (We shifted away from her ball to larger toys she didn’t eat so much sand.) The only effect was that she would poop large amounts of sand.If your dog is eating, pooping and it’s stomach isn’t really hard to the touch then I wouldn’t worry. It’s possible to eat so much they clog their digestive system, but if they are eating and pooping that didn’t happen.

My dog ate a small sea shell?

Sea shells are made of calcium so your dog should be alright unless there are sharp pieces. Do not induce vomiting in this case, as sharp points my hurt your dog again. if your dogs poop looks bloody, or dark and sticky and tarry, and the odor gets really bad, bring him to the vet. Also bring him to the vet if he vomits a lot, seems uncomfortable, or is in obvious pain.

Dog scared of beach water

Don't push it and be patient. Sit in the water and hold him, letting the waves touch his feet. Be calm and reassuring, let him learn that the water is not a negative thing. If possible, put him on leash and have somebody hold him while you play in the water. Make it seem as fun as possible. If he is pulling on the leash to get to you, drop the leash and meet him in a few inches of water, praise him thoroughly, then take him out and repeat the exercise until he develops the drive to want to go in the water by himself. It took me a few months of work, but I finally have a water dog myself that will jump into the lake and swim around on his own.