How Can I Make New Friends At A New High School

How to make new friends in HIGH SCHOOL?

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How do I make friends in high school?

I'm 16 years old and never had friends in my life. I'm really shy and quiet and I'm scare to talk to people. I feel so lonely everyday and everybody doesn't know I exist. I don't know how to get out of my shell. What can I do to be more outgoing and confident? I always get nervous when I talk to people.

I can't make new friends in high-school. What should I do?

You know what, I was the same way.Quick story time!Flashback to my freshman year…I had no friends freshman year. My only “friend” I had in 8th grade had found a new best friend and replaced me. I was all alone.I'm a friendly person, but for some reason, nobody liked me. Everyone was too busy with their own problems to even think of my existence. It's kind of pathetic how invisible I was to everyone.So- then there's a new kid. His name is Nick. He went to a private school nearby and was the only one from his private school to come to my public school.I see him in choir, but don't think much of him. Then, everyone in my choir introduces themselves and talks about what they did all summer…“Uh, hi. My name is Nick. I basically wasted my life watching anime all summer.”Oh! I watch a little anime too! That's cool.So after class, I walk up to him and introduce myself. I ask about what animes he watches and if he has any recommendations.He was friendly, but nothing more.Turns out the only other person he knew at school was my only other friend at school. So, he sat near me at lunch because he didn't know where else to sit.We became friends… and eventually, best friends.Fast forward to junior year…Me and nick have been best friends since freshman year. I don't have much more friends than him however.Anyways, the reason I tried to befriend him was because…He was new, and didn't know any judgements said about me.However, not everyone is as lucky as me. I know not everyone can make friends as quickly as I can (I'm not very shy).But what I recommend you do, is pick someone.Pick someone who you like, and tolerate.Talk to them (maybe stalk their Facebook page a little and find something you have in common).You can also try to strike conversation with people who sit near you in classes.And hey, not everyone in your school is rude and immature. TRUST ME. Everyone at your school has the potential to be a good person… That doesn't mean you're compatible as friends, but it does mean you can get along.Try and find someone you click with, as a friend. Don't be afraid to be outgoing, everyone's too busy thinking about their own problems, then to think how weird you are.

How can i make friends in Highschool?

I started High school on Wednesday and i live in NYC. Everybody seemed to know each other from middle school, which is weird considering here you and your friends don't really go to the same school. Anyways, we had Thursday and Friday off a Jewish holiday and i go back Monday. How can i make friends when i go back next week? Also, should i request people on Facebook that are in my advisory or classes or wait for them to request me? (Like 4 people added me already.) Thanks in advance.

How do I make friends at my new school?

This happened to me alot. Because my father is in Army, we have to change our stations every 3–4 year, new schools, new teachers, new friends. I always felt like being in zoo, so many staring eyes.Well what I did on my first day, follows:Sit at front-most seats (2–3 days)It will make you visible to everyone in class.Participate actively in discussionsWhen you join a new class, not only you but everyone is hesitant but curious to know. Ask teacher questions (related to topic) or answer them when asked.Caution! Don't become over effecient.Observe everyone and analyze themPay attention to class mates when they speak, one can learn alot by speech. From there you will know everyone. Each class has same set of nerds, machos, spoiled, strugglers e.t.c. Get to know their norms like: if they shake hand when they meet or simple “hi” is enough.Try to talk, about schedule, weather e.t.cOur favourite subject used to be mimicking our teachers or sports-period or Imran Khan.Show your presenceDuring free-period sit behind groups, understand the nature of group and positions of its people. During recess sit alone but in a place where you are accessible.Become teachers petIt is upto you. If you win teacher’s attention, then no bully can harm you. You can offer teacher to pick his/her bundle of books, participate when teachers ask, bring up good ideas. (No need to become a nerd)Extra-curricular activitiesThese activities are really helpful when you want to increase periphery of friends. It will give you fame but in good manner. Participate in debates, quizzez, sports, music-galas, or even morning assemblies.Remember friends you make here won't be your besties, you have few besties (usually childhood besties). Though your interest might overlap, but interest changes overtime. Respect everyone and in turn you will be respected.Don't get manipulated, understand everyone’s motive.First 1–2 weeks would be a little awkward, stay confident, reflexive, articulate, humorous and you will fit in.Best of luckSource: Google

How do you make new friends on the first day of high school?

Do not abandon your friends from middle school. You will look like a stuck-up jerk. As time passes, you may become closer to some, and more distant from others, but let that come as a result of growth and change.The easiest way to make new friends is to be friendly. In most cases, high schools have more than one feeder schools, so there will be people you have never met before in your classes. Be friendly, but not pushy. Learn who the new people are in your class. Learn their names. Being called by name is a powerful validation for people in a new environment. You will be seen as friendly and approachable if you quickly learn and use your new classmates’ names.Get involved in extra-curricular activities. Sports, band, school newspapers and yearbooks all are looking for new students to replace last year’s seniors. If you are already involved in a sport or activity, it will be a great gateway to new friends.Don’t pass gossip. Listen, but do not repeat. Let people see that you aren’t that ubiquitous high-school jerk, the bad-mouther who is quick to pass on every bit of dirt.Unless your parents are rich, or you are a gifted athlete, don’t aim to be the top dog. A common high school trajectory for those people resembles a rocket—it goes up very quickly with a lot of flash, makes a big noise, then comes down just as fast.Use your time and opportunities. High school is your last chance for a free education; from the time of your graduation on, you will have to pay for everything in both money and time. Use this last opportunity well.Above all, be yourself.

I can't make friends in high school... Help?

That happened to me, and I'm in collage (I'm eighteen). Turns out that I'm extremely shy (somewhat socially awkward, also). I just focused on my classes. Yes, it was depressing; eating alone, walking by groups of friends who laugh and enjoy. I eventually grew hateful towards my collage. There was one person who spoke to me during the classes, because he's met me before...but we were only that, classmates. I took the free time alone to my advantage, I sat down with my laptop and began writing novels and stories (I want to become a writer someday). One day after lunch, i was sitting next to a trash can (I know, depressing) and a girl, older than me, walked up to me to ask me where the library I told her. Turns out that she was in my English class, and I never noticed her. We became friends since then, along with my classmate who've seen me before. Even though she's not my BEST friend, i don't eat alone now, lol. What I wanted to say with all this lecture is, that you will meet someone who will become your friend...soon. It may take some time, but you can fulfil many things in your spare time, meanwhile. Don't rush things...or people. Good luck! :D

How to make friends on the first day of high school?

Be yourself. And give yourself time to find the right friends. My first semester of HS sucked because I wound up in classes with the same kind of people I knew in middle school. I had maybe one friend.

But I decided I deserved better than that, and second semester I started to find people who were more fun and were more in tune with me. Then it takes time. You meet their friends, and more people, and slowly you build those relationships and by about sophomore year I had a good group to hang out with.

Guys are pretty easy to get to know actually even if you're shy. Guys like to show off, like to tell stories, like people who listen to them, and like people who stand by them. You don't have to BE like them (and you shouldn't be if you don't want to be), you just kind of have to listen to them and put up with them and appreciate them for who they are.

You just kind of have to give it time for guys to trust you and open up to you. And if they know youre a little bit adventurous and easy to get along with you should have no probs making friends.

Its a great thing to have good friends and it'll make high school a lot more fun and easier to get through. So good for you dude for breaking out of your shell. I went through the same thing and it led to a lot of good things.

How do I make friends as a high school sophomore?

The easiest way to make new friends is NOT TO TRY to make new friends. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but trying to make new friends is kind of like trying to find a boyfriend. Makes you come across as desperate and not friendly…So find an activity that you enjoy doing. It is ok to sign up for a few different things and through those you will get to know people. As you get to know them better you can get to know them outside of that activity and then they are your friend. Things like movies and shopping and grabbing a bite to eat after school/activity or attending a sporting event (if you are not already involved) are all ways to get to know people better.Remember, friends are just people who you know that you have more in common with than the rest of the people you know. How do you know where they are hiding out there? You don’t so you just have to be involved in things so you can get to know people as acquaintances and those can blossom into friendships.And just one final thought from an old guy who has seen a lot in his days…social media? It is everything BUT social when you are in your teens for most kids. Stay out of the gossip crowd. They will not be friends worth having.Good luck Jessica :-)