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How Come I Have So Much Trouble Making Friends

I have trouble making friends...?

I am the same way. I have yet to find an answer. I usually meet new friends because I have two very good - old friends that meet new people and I meet then I meet new friends through my two very old friends. I use my best friends as an avenue to meet new people. It is very difficult but you just have to put yourself out there, be yourself and take some risks.

Why do I have so much trouble making friends?

That's really nothing to worry about Dear Anonymous! Since you're new in the college, these things are pretty normal to happen. "These things" are just because of your insecurities, there is no one who hates you or who doesn't like to talk to you. You feel this way because you don't have your old friends there. You mentioned your first month in the college being good, you found new friends, but later they ditched you. No! I want you to imagine if you were already in the college for long time and you have all your good friends with you and then comes a new student. Of course you or this student will talk to you and for you still your old friends matter more, so you "ditch" this student. But that isn't really ditching it means giving more importance to old friends than new ones. If you want to have normal social life in the college, just stay confident and happy all the time and don't think negative and try to talk to more and more students. Also, get to know the friends of friends because you are new here it will be good if many people know you. You should start by chatting with those friends who "ditched" you and the guy who sits next to you and from them get to know more people, believe me you'll notice the difference.It's your responsibility to talk to your new mates because you are new here and not they.Again, just stay happy, smile and stay confident and think positive. Everyone faces some kind of difficulties in their lives and guys like me are there to help :)

I have trouble making friends, should I give up?

I've always had trouble making friends. In high school, I spent the first half of freshman year with no friends. I made few friends slowly, but I have trouble keeping them. But these friends were more like acquaintances. I never go to parties, I don't do any school activities or events, it seems like I'm unwelcomed. By my junior year, I had found a stable group of friends, but they were all younger than me. I'm a senior now, and I still have few friends.

And people always tell me to be more confident, do they expect confidence to appear from thin air? I have a hard time building any confidence, and it gets ruined easily.I don't really have any interests, and I'm a boring, quiet person. There is like nothing fun about me either. And I can't make friends easily as most people could, I just feel that people don't like me. Should I just give up on making more friends?

FTM trouble making friends with guys?

Well, I've been a girlie girl all my life and never really had that much guy friends. Idk, never was attracted to them so I find it hard for both of us to connect. The only time you will see me with a guy is probably my 14 year old cousin. I just came out of my closet a month ago about being a FTM transsexual. I wanna be able to feel comfortable talking to a guy and build a friendship or.. at least somewhere there.. Help?

Is it true virgos have trouble making friends?

Well I believe all of us have a hard time making friends. I don't recall if I know a Virgo female, but I have met a couple of male Virgos. They seem intense on what they need, honest, but yet quiet about the honesty, but I think if you make friends with a Virgo. You be friends for a long time. And if you're Virgo, and you think you have a hard time making friends, that's half the battle. Now you can do something about it if you really want to. Try to remember to smile a little more at people so they smile back, say hello to a complete stranger when you're walking past them.
Whatever it takes, to help you feel more comfortable. So when you see someone you think you might like as a friend, you'll be prepared and more at ease to be able to smile and say hello.
Astrology does not dictate who you are. It helps to understand your weaknesses and your strengths, it is a good tool for life.
But now you know, you're free choice is what this needs. So you either choose to step out of that uncomfortable feeling of making friends, and choose to step outside the box and try something new. Good luck

How should I deal with having trouble making friends?

Just be nice to people. Eventually they will like you also. And it is not a bad idea to exercise. Exercise not only helps you slim down, but more importantly it helps in reducing stress and makes you feel happier in general. Just because you are preparing for JEE doesnt mean you dont have time. Please make time to lead a more balanced life - exercise, socialize all in moderation. Do some volunteer work - you could end up with some great friends there. Dont think friends have to be only in school. In school, if kids are shunning you because of your weight or being nerdy, then dont bother to try to become friends with them - they are not worth it. Are you the only studious student in class ? If there is one more, talk to them about studies and ask for help and share and soon you will have a buddy. If not, find one in any coaching class or online. Anyways in 2 years, it appears you will join a good college and there will be enough nerdy kids there :). And by the way, this is a great time to become friendly with your parents/siblings. Tell them not to worry and remind them that in 2 years you might have to go to hostel. And now is the time to spend more quality time as FRIENDS now :).Good luck....have fun...

Why does a guy has trouble making friends?

I don't know, why do you think this happens?Do you put yourself in social situations or are you isolated? When you approach someone new, are you cheerful and welcoming? Do you begin with casual small talk so that people aren't uncomfortable? Do you show a pleasant interest in the other person or are you pushy & intrusive?Are you judgmental? (By the way, this can include being overly complimentary, that's really uncomfortable too.)There are all sorts of reasons why people don't make friends. Personally, I have trouble getting out of my comfort zone. Some people have difficulty after the introductions. Others do fine with the casual acquaintance thing, but never really open up to emotional closeness.Whatever your problem is, there will be a solution. It won't be easy, and it might not get you where you'd like to be, but there's pretty much always a way to improve somehow.Good luck, and thanks for asking me.

Why do I have trouble making close friends with other guys?

In a way, I see myself in your own description (except for the self-admittedly attractive part). I had the same problem - Had a ton of ‘’girlfriends’ but no guy friends at all. I never saw the correlation between the two, until one day it hit me:I am not saying this is always the case but, it is possible that other guys feel somewhat threatened by you. You sound like the epitome of the perfect man, the guy ‘all girls’ dream of (of course that is not always the case). Listen to your own self description: ‘self-admittedly attractive’, ‘womanizer’, ‘disciplined’ and ‘self-righteous’: “[a] man who won’t have intercourse until marriage”. No wonder why many girls like you and trust you. Now, I do not say that you need to be an a**hole, unattractive guy in order to befriend other guys; however, you might be coming across to them as a kind of ‘cocky- self-righteous-arrogant’ man.Here is my advice: (if you are like me) keep being disciplined but stop vocalizing or trying to show that you are. Do not show off all of your good qualities - certainly keep them but do not use them to make yourself known to others. We, men, are very insecure creatures and sometimes feel threatened by other people’s ‘looks’, ‘ideologies’ or whatever innovative and non-conventional approach to life they have. Many guys are scared to death to talk to another girl, and when they see that it is so easy for you, somewhat resent you for it. It took me 15 years to realize that.So, when you meet other guys, do not make it about you, make it about them: their hobbies, passions, likes and dislikes. Do not show off how easy is for you to connect with girls. The truth is that in our western modern society most men do not hold the same view about ‘chastity’ that you do; however, that does not mean that you cannot be friends with guys who have different opinions and perspectives from yours. Not as long as you respect theirs.

Do other Pisces have trouble making "real" friends?

you're right. i have many acquaintances but the ones that i always (want to) hang out and do stuff with are only 1, my best friend scorpio who i have known for 13 years.. its just hard to find somebody that is as deep and have many things in common .

edit. allie you have your way of making "real" friends i dont blame you. but we have ours too and our definition of "real friend" is way too different from yours. we just dont want to be stabbed from the back and hang out with someone "just because". and we dont want to make friends and then dump them once they get "boring". yikes! in the end what do you have? i know several sagittarius they are good friend of mine and they all admit that they often get back-stabbed by their friends. i feel sorry for that.