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How Did Mojang Make Money

Mojang is now owned by Microsoft.If you're talking about the owner Notch well he went and bought a mansion and outbid Jay Z and Beyonce for it. He has also started up another game dev company but has no plans at the moment to make any games. He is waiting for that lightbulb moment again.I also read that he is quite bored and slightly regrets moving away from Minecraft with the money but his passion for minecraft changed quickly to being solely business orientated and he didn't like that.So at the moment the owner has Bought a really really expensive mansion in Beverly hills (I Believe)Quite boredStarted another game dev company read for his next ventureMinecraft have now started going into VR which looks super cool. We hope notch gets back into gaming somehow. It would be cool to see a minecraft pinball machine!

How does yahoo! make money?

I agree with everyone with advertisting, however yahoo has many services which they charge for also.

For example, their web space, premium account. Internet service. Hosting services, Domain services. Storage Services.

Yahoo shops, where others sell their goods, yahoo gets a piece of.

There many ways Yahoo makes money.

But one way yahoo does NOT MAKE money, beyond popular belief, is porn bots in the room.

These are NOT yahoo bots. These are bots of people who own the porn sites and want you to go there. Yahoo makes NOTHING off those porn sites.

Does it cost money to register a mojang account?

The Mojang account is free but it costs money to get the full versions of the games like Minecraft.

However, if you just want minecraft, you can easily get hold of the full version from pirates.

Just google MinecraftSP AnjoCaido and get the free launcher for the full version (up to 1.5.2).

How can I make money online?

I'm 17, and I would really like to make some money, I have tried and tried a billion times to find a job and either nowhere has one or they're like we'll give you call, and they never call. Also when I did eventually get myself a job as a waitress I did 3 shifts, got paid, and then got fired, because they said that I was too shy, and I am a quiet person, but they could have at least given me a chance, or told me that I needed to talk more, but obviously they were too lazy, and really didn't care about the fact that it was my first ever job and I have 0% confidence. (okay sorry, rant over!)

Anyway, I spend a lot of time online doing nothing, and I feel it would be good if I could get something out of the time I spend on here, so I was wondering if there are any ways of making money online (without being conned or getting a virus)

Also I have sold some stuff on ebay, but I don't have much stuff to sell .. so yeah ..

any ideas or websites would be great! :)

They didn't, C418 created it.

Do I just not make enough money?

in the journey that your discern wont assist you get a actual job attempt asking them to pay you for doing chores around that residing house. properly, the wonderful factor you're able to do to get 500 money (or besides the incontrovertible fact that lots you elect) you should first get your mom and dad to establish a reductions economic business enterprise account. as quickly as you have this set up you are able to placed your income it and (in case you get an account with a severe hobby) you will start to make money. (the economic business enterprise provides you with a definite volume of money reckoning on how lots is on your account, no longer lots although) then a week while your mom and dad supply you the ten money placed it interior the economic business enterprise account. that should take approximately 50 weeks., or approximately 2 months.... after that, you will have your "fly value ticket"

Well, for starters, they didn't have a point to do so.According to this website it would take a player 820 hours to walk from centre-spawn to the Far Lands. That's about 34 days; over a month, of non-stop walking.840 hours, of tedious walking, in Minecraft. Can you see why no one ever did it? Apart from the guy from the website, whom I applaud, since it is for charity - you can donate to the charity, Child’s Play, here, likely no one would ever even attempt it. Especially when you could just type /tp into the console.Furthermore, as you have outlined in the question, Minecraft cannot function at the distance the Far Lands are at. Beyond a certain limit of chunks, the game cannot handle the amount of data that is required. Which, as (once more) you have outlined, leads to lagging, glitches and general issues with the game’s usability. And this happens millions of blocks before you even get to the Far Lands. Now, I'm not saying that Mojang couldn't have fixed this. Hell, they probably could have. But then we return to point one, and no one would go there.I'm sure you're probably thinking - ‘Why not just bring the Far Lands closer?’ and there are several reasons why this is a good idea. Here are the reasons why it's not:Minecraft is a very large game. The infinite worlds idea is excellent, and shrinking the huge map with the limitation of the Far Lands, which for the most part are unusable, would be an awful idea.Let's be frank. You wake up in the morning, and you see, this?I doubt you'll be thinking ‘well ain't that nice!’They are called the ‘Far Lands’. Want to hazard a guess at what that means?In regards to Minecraft Story Mode - a lot of things were in that game. Go ahead, open a Minecraft client and do all of them.Go on…I'm waiting…You can't. The game is BASED off Minecraft, it is not it. The Far Lands were likely introduced as just a little extra for players who knew what they were.Lastly, the Far Lands would likely have got boring. The intense variation inside of them wasn't really that. It was more of the same. I'm not saying that the World Border was the right way to go (I often wonder about a sea, that if you crossed would deposit you on the other side) but keeping the Far Lands was definitely not the way to go.Cheers.

Basically, the perlin noise map that Minecraft uses makes it so that there isn't drastic differences in terrain. With the exception of mountain biomes and ravines.Actually, the other day, I happened across a video on YouTube explaining how perlin noise is used in world creation. The YouTuber makes it really easy to understand. She also has other videos explaining things like lighting in games and game AI. Here's a link to her perlin noise video: linkIf you want a more in depth look at the process, there's another YouTuber that has a series on how to create procedural world generation using a perlin noise map. It is targeted toward programmers, but I think he makes it easy to understand. Here's a link to the playlist: linkThe content provided by both YouTubers is applicable to a Minecraft-esque world.

“Why did Mojang remove the ‘super secret settings’ in Minecraft?”Super Secret Settings had to do with shaders in Minecraft. They were introduced somewhere in the 1.7 branch, and removed in 1.9 for an “internal rewrite”.However, installing your own shaders is still supported on any video chipset that supports OpenGL 2.1 and above; GLSL (OpenGL’s shading language) is not present in OpenGL 2.0 and below, if memory serves.