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How Do I Get Rid Of Conversations Attached To My Emails

How can I email a full WhatsApp conversation?

“STEP 1Open the Whatsapp chat that you want to be E-mailed. It can be a group chat or an individual chat. Now click on the More actions icon at the top right corner of the screen.STEP 2From the menu that gets expanded out, click on the option that says More.STEP 3A new menu opens up which has the options namely Clear chat, Email chat and Add shortcut. If you want to clear the entire chat, you can simply click on Clear chatoption. To mail the conversation, click on the Email chat option as shown in the screenshot.STEP 4You will be asked to select a mailing application that’s already installed in your phone through a popup box namely Send chat via…. Select the mailing application as per your choice.STEP 5Your entire Whatsapp conversation will be packed up in a single text file, all ready to be shipped.STEP 6Specify the recipient mail id as shown in the screenshot given below.STEP 7There you are! Your job is done. The recipeint can open his/her mail to get the chats sent by you.STEP 8Even the media files can be attached and sent, just as simple as that.So that’s it. Now you need not go through the pain of taking screenshots and sending those screenshots to your friend. You can just mail the entire conversation with a single click. Hope you found the article useful.”Content from “How To Send An Entire Whatsapp Conversation To Someone's Mail Id”for more visit “Guys World - For all thing Men”

How do I fix when Gmail puts mails together in one conversation when they do not belong together?

I see this occasionally on my Outlook at work; never on my Gmail. It typically happens when the subjects are the same. For instance, you and I start an email with subject line 'Friday night'. We can go back and forth for a while. The friend 'C' sends you an email subject line 'Friday night'. In Outlook, conversations are threaded by the subject line, so random emails can land together in the same conversation with relative ease. In Gmail, messages are given an ID and replies use that ID with a concatenation ID to maintain thread integrity.  That someone else appears to have landed in your conversation suggests that they were copied, or blind copied on the message string so that their message would have the parent ID and get included in the thread.

I receive e-mails with attachment whose name is "UNKNOWN_PARAMETER_VALUE". How can I read the file?

Thanks for the answer. It's very detail. I appreciate very much.

Actually, the e-mail originated from my wife's friend. She use Yahoo e-mail. She received with no problem; i.e. attachment with originated file
name and extension. But when she forward the e-mail to me, the attachment become UNKNOWN_PARAMETER_VALUE.

How come? Why is this happen? How can I fix my PC so this won't happen?



How do you change your email ID that is linked to your WhatsApp account? Also, if you change it, will you lose all of your conversations?

WhatsApp is linked with your phone number, not your email address. If you want to move your account, you'll need to change your phone number.Your email address are linked only for backup, through iTunes or Google Drive, or for recovering two-step verification passcode.If you need to change the backup email, refer to these instruction:Change your Apple IDHow to change Google ID on an Android Smartphone or TabletThen, open your Whatsapp settings, go to Chat and click Chat backupIf you need to change your 2FA email, open your Whatsapp settings, go to Account and click Two-step Verification and then click Change email address.Nothing will happen if you change your iTunes or Google email address used for backup or 2FA restore option.But your conversation will be lost if:you change your phone numberyou changed your phone to different operating system (even if you have backup enabled)you changed or reset your phone without making backup of your conversation through iTunes or Google Drive

Why can't you forward an email attachment in the new yahoo mail?

Hi Kenneth,

Yahoo Mail does include any attachments in forwarded messages. If viewing a conversation, you'll need to forward the message that originally contained the attachments. Disabling this feature may make it easier to view the individual messages with attachments:

Enable or disable Conversations in Yahoo Mail

Hope that helps!

How do I annotate the original email while in reply?

You can't. that is Yahoo's format and cannot be changed. If you want to remove the text area prior to sending it....see below....They way you worded your question it would be just as easy to compose a new email and send it.

First, if you find the previous text area ABOVE where you are going to type
in the new text you will have to disable Conversations if you do not like it.
Turn on/off Conversations

If you are talking about those MANY MANY addresses and/or previous
messages in the text area you can delete them by dragging your arrow
over them while holding down the left click of your mouse to hilight them
and then clicking on DELETE...

On occasion you can't do it with that method OR that method deletes
the text that case figure out which ones you can delete as
above...the other ones just place the cursor at the end of that area and
hold down the backspace key OR place the cursor at the beginning and
hold down the delete button....good luck
A good option is to Copy and Paste what you want.
Hi lite the portion you want by dragging the arrow over it while holding
down the left click of your mouse...then copy it all by holding down the
CTRL button on your key board and clicking on the "C".. Create a new
email. Go to the the the cursor in the text area.. Use
CTRL...."V" to paste the copied note into the email.

You can also use the copy and paste when you forward or reply to the
message. After hilighting the portion that you want and using CTRL "C". on the delete button which will erase it. Whatever is left over hilite
that and click on DELETE. Your text area should be empty now and the
cursor will be flashing. CTRL "V" will place the text you want back in..
works great.
If you are referring to any email address in the header just click on it to
high light (usually black)
click on DELETE.

Change the table column size in my yahoo email?

My table column size in my yahoo email is wrong. How to fix it?
Using the instructions in
does not solve this problem.
Attached is the screen shot to show that the table has two columns.
The first column is too large and its size cannot be changed.