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How Do I Get Rid Of The Reddy Tones

Can I tone down my red/yellow hair with an ash tone?

Yes, absolutely you can. It will reduce or eliminate the red because the opposite color is green which is the basis for most ash tones (some are blue based) I would recommend you use only 10 volume peroxide as 20 volume lifts color, then deposits the new color and will not be as effective if you just want to tone out the red.You can buy professional products now at most drug stores, or open to the public beauty supplies. IF for some reason you can't find one, go pick out an ash blond shed at the store, mix an equal part of water to the developer, throw 1/2 out, then use as directed. This will give you 10 volume and will not darken the hair.

What colors can I dye my hair to get rid of green?

What product can you use to colour your hair and remove the green.We will need a few details before giving you any advice because we're talking chemicals here.What product did you use to make your hair green? Did you use a hair COLOUR that said “ash” in the title? Or, did you use one of those high pigment fashion colours to intentionally have green hair?You can bleach your hair and remove all the pigmentation but you will have to fill it to make it brown. Filler includes adding the level's you have removed from yellow to orange to red to brown. You could use a red hair colour but I don't know what you have on your hair already so I don't recommend that you do anything until we know what we're working with. I'm a lisenced stylist so I can't give you advice without knowing all of your details. It's not responsible for anyone to do so.You may be best to go get it professionally done to correct the colour issue. You will get the best results that way. Make sure you tell them the name of any product you have used on your hair. When you last coloured it. Was it a different colour and faded out to the green results you have. A qualified colour tech will ask you the information required to help you out. Good luck with it. If you want to answer some of the questions I've asked you, please do. I will do my best to advise you to get the colour you desire. :-)

How do I get rid of Silver Tones in my Hair?

I died my hair blonde and the roots went reddy at the top but the rest of my hair which was already dyed went okay so i added the silver shampoo and it kind of got rid of the red and made te rest of my hair bluey silver and now my hair is red and silver! Its not only in the worst condition so im reluctant to dying it again and wondered if there were any remedies??

Anyone have pictures of dark brown hair with goldy brown highlights?

here is a picture with dark brown hair that has golden brown highlights mixed in with some blond highlights:


it's very pretty. Also, this one has some very natural looking golden brown highlights:

hope this helps! :)

Do I have synesthesia?

Yes, it sounds like you have several types of synesthesia!

Seeing letters and numbers in color is grapheme-color, as you've realized. Associating shapes with colors is not. That fall under the broad category of concept synesthesia - anything triggered by a concept like square-ness instead of a sensory stimulus. Associating months and other units of time with colors or shapes is also a form of concept synesthesia. Seeing sounds in color is, predicatably, called sound-color. This can be based on pitch, timbre, volume, individual notes, and other aspects of sound. Letters and numbers having personalities, genders, ages, etc. is called ordinal linguistic personification (OLP).

It's normal for synesthesia to seem clearer or stronger when you start paying attention to it. You may find that you have even more types than you realize, as you keep focusing on it.

You don't need to see a doctor. Chances are your doctor has never even heard of it. And it's not like a doctor could do anything about your synesthesia - it's not classified as a disease or disorder, and there's no way to get rid of it even if you wanted to. You could prove you have synesthesia through a brain scan, but that would be expensive and pointless (unless it's for research purposes).

You might want to visit a forum like where you can talk to other synesthetes. No one there will think you're crazy.

How do I stop my grey roots going red when I dye my hair mahogany?

The roots of your hair is virgin hair. That means that no chemicals have been put on the hair before. Next, the roots are close to your head where your body temperature is warmer. It makes your hair process faster, and even will be a lighter shade.There are two things you can do. 1. You can get the color you are using in the next darkest level, and only apply the color to the roots. You don't need to put it on your hair that you have already colored. If you keep putting it all over everytime your hair will be dry and damaged. If your color needs refreshed, put it all over for 5 minutes after coloring your new growth. We call this “running it through”. It means after your time on your roots has run out , you apply what color you have left on all the hair but only 5 minutes, no longer.2. You can also apply a light brown to your roots, leave it 15 minutes and then apply the red color that you like. It will keep your new growth from being another color. Don't rinse the light brown, just put your red over top the light brown. Use the correct time required by the company.Good luck to you. Im very happy you are trying to do it right.

How would I turn my dyed red hair back to dark brown?

Red is one of the hardest colors to maintain and also the hardest to get rid of Ash gets rid of red and going with a dark brown you shouldn't run into any problems. Like always, i recommend having your hair done by a licensed professional colorist but if you choose to do it on your own, this is what you'll need…Let me just clarify this for you… you will be able to get rid of the red but eventually some red will still come through so it might take you more than once or twice to get rid of the red. But to start off… mixing these 2 permanent hair color, use 1/2 Natural Dark Brown and 1/2 Dark Ash Brown with a 20 Volume Cream DEVELOPER. Apply root to ends for about 40 minutes. The red should be gone and be sure to use shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair.The reason why I dont recommend using straight ash color is because if it is too much ash, your hair will most likely look drab and unnatural if straight ash isnt needed.Usually a 4 week time frame is the best amount of time to determine whether or not your red hair is going to need another coloring. If you feel too much red has come through the dark brown, Then i would say to go ahead and just straight Dark ash Brown this time. And if you are not looking to cover any grey roots, instead of using a permanent Color this time around, go ahead and use a semi or demi. Apply from root to end, leaving it to process for about 30–40 min. This should do the trick.Good luck