How Do I Know If A Website Is Safe To Buy An Item From

Is it safe to buy items off the Brandy Melville website?

Okay, so someone I know is planning to buy clothes off the Brandy Melville website. From what I have heard, the online site had major issues with the whole online experience with lost items or long waiting periods for the actual item. So the question is, is Brandy Melville still having those kinds of issues, or have they changed their ways to make a more pleasent experience for their customer?

Is the website Salesmamb2b safe? Or is it a scam?

If you have to question it, first impressions are normally correct.
Secondly if you see something in there that is fairly cheap and you want to give it a try, try one item only to test the site. Paypal only. No credit cards unless it's a prepaid card with little more money on it than you would need for this transaction.

Is it safe to buy online items from Wal-Mart?

Yes, because you can return things you buy online to any Wal-Mart store if need be. May I also suggest using the Site-to-Store option if it is available to you in order to get free shipping.

Is the Wish app safe to buy from?

I have bought a lot of things from Wish. At first it was just some small, inexpensive items to get a feel for the company and their service. They are just as advertised. One thing I have noticed (not that I know a lot about the company itself) it appears from the products, these are made in China and drop shipped to the U.S. (I think that is the proper term.) It takes a while to get some items but I’ve noticed that most of the items I ordered arrived before the expected delivery date. Also I had only one item I was not happy with. I wrote to customer service and they told me they would replace it or refund my money. They also said I did not have to return the item. Just keep it as a gift. Well, of course, it is not much of a gift if unusable but I did appreciate the gesture and not having the hassle of re-boxing and shipping it back to them. Every item had small print instructions that were hard to read and the English was horrible. (many typos and spelling, grammar errors). It was obvious it had been printed in China and someone with ESL tried translating it but was not very good at it. That is about my only real complaint. One item I ordered (a telescope) had instructions in Chinese only. I was able to figure out how to use it from the diagrams but a couple of functions are still confusing. I’m happy with it though. I can see mountains and craters on the Moon, Mars is quite visible as well as Saturn and its rings. My point is, if you are looking for good deals on inexpensive items, this is a good place to shop. But like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Good place for USB mini cables for charging electronic devices like cell phones, TF memory cards for cameras, phones, etc. Least expensive good quality HDMI cables I have found anywhere. Got a great car cam from them too. I am pleased with the cam accessories I got for my phone which are sturdy and well made. LED lighting strips work fine as do the solar powered LED light strings (mini Xmas tree lights).

I want to buy an item from

1. YES it is. It truly depends on the website. if it has https at the credit card information part then that is usually a signal that it is safe. always shop at trusted known websites if you're not sure such as real stores that have a physical store like walmart, target, etc.

2. sometimes you do, sometimes you dont. i find that sometimes its in my mailbox without signing and others i need to be there to sign it.

3. see 2.

4. lol see 1. :]

Is aliexpress , Alibaba website reliable or safe for online shopping?

Thank you for sharing this very valuable feedback about AliExpress, and I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a very positive experience making purchases on the site.

The sellers on the site are primarily from China, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong. They are usually small businesses that can fulfill orders directly to consumers. Shipping times will vary depending on destination and shipping method.

For those of you who may be looking for additional information about AliExpress, you are welcome to visit the AlExpress New Buyer Guide which can answer some of your questions through this link:

If you would like to open a dispute or make an official complaint against one of the sellers on the site, you can also do so by going to the Help Centre:

Thanks again for your feedback; I'll be sure to share it with the AliExpress team.


- Pamela
International Corporate Affairs
Alibaba Group
(Hong Kong)