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How Do I Let People Know Im Mentally Ill If Im Undiagnosed

How to deal with mentally ill(?) people?

If its your bathroom in your OWN home she needs to respect your rules for your home. If she dont like it let her throw a tantrum... shell get over it... shes just upset.. she may have a chemical embalance though.. But you may need a miracle getting her to a doctor to be treated though. best of luck.

How do you suggest to someone with an undiagnosed mental illness that they need to get help?

It honestly depends on what kind of relationship you have with the person and if they are open to the idea of counseling or not. Some people have a really negative view of counseling from the media, others, etc. Now its important that you act compassionately. My best guess would be to invite them over, I don’t know about doing this in a public place, it depends on your relationship but things may get emotional or heated. Once you’ve invited them over for coffee or something, just express your concern. “(name), something seems to be troubling you, or it seems like you are really struggling with something. Do you want to talk about it? I’m concerned for you and want to make sure everything is really okay.” If they decide to open up and your concerns are correct try suggesting getting help. “Have you ever thought of counseling? It might help to have someone to talk to that knows about manage and overcome things like this.”However, this won’t always work for people. Some get defensive and others just aren’t ready to work on what they are struggling with. Others might be angry at you. So the most you can do is express that you care enough to want to know and help them seek help. That even though you want to help them you are not a professional (I’m assuming, IDK). If you’ve had counseling or seen someone, maybe tell them a bit of your story and how it helped you. Now if you think/know this individual is going to harm themselves or someone else, you may have to either call the police or take them to the hospital. However, if something does happen and they do hurt themselves its also not your fault, its not something you have control over. Hope this helps a little bit!

Is it possible that 100% of people have undiagnosed mental illnesses and some just fly under the radar or are less detrimental to living a “normal” lifestyle?

Without first explicitly determining whatever “normal” means, everything remains possible. In my opinion, the endless obsession of chasing normality itself may well lead to several behavioral disorders.Consider this quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky. Read it several times… and then try and keep your head from exploding as you realize the implications.Shower upon him every earthly blessing, drown him in a sea of happiness, so that nothing but bubbles of bliss can be seen on the surface; give him economic prosperity, such that he should have nothing else to do but sleep, eat cakes and busy himself with the continuation of his species, and even then out of sheer ingratitude, sheer spite, man would play you some nasty trick. He would even risk his cakes and would deliberately desire the most fatal rubbish, the most uneconomical absurdity, simply to introduce into all this positive good sense his fatal fantastic element. It is just his fantastic dreams, his vulgar folly that he will desire to retain, simply in order to prove to himself--as though that were so necessary-- that men still are men and not the keys of a piano, which the laws of nature threaten to control so completely that soon one will be able to desire nothing but by the calendar. And that is not all: even if man really were nothing but a piano-key, even if this were proved to him by natural science and mathematics, even then he would not become reasonable, but would purposely do something perverse out of simple ingratitude, simply to gain his point. And if he does not find means he will contrive destruction and chaos, will contrive sufferings of all sorts, only to gain his point! He will launch a curse upon the world, and as only man can curse (it is his privilege, the primary distinction between him and other animals), may be by his curse alone he will attain his object--that is, convince himself that he is a man and not a piano-key! If you say that all this, too, can be calculated and tabulated--chaos and darkness and curses, so that the mere possibility of calculating it all beforehand would stop it all, and reason would reassert itself, then man would purposely go mad in order to be rid of reason and gain his point! I believe in it, I answer for it, for the whole work of man really seems to consist in nothing but proving to himself every minute that he is a man and not a piano-key!

I recently learned the majority of people have an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed mental disorder. Why do you think this is?

This, IMO, is a direct consequence of the continuing hold over western society that “creationism” has. White many people affirm evolution as truth, all of us go through a system of education predicated on the “creationistic” assumption that we are “created” when we are not and that we are either male or female and that our sexual orientations are a choice when they are not and millions of babies are born with gender assignment exceptions. In many states what bathroom one can use regardless of how one looks and identifies is dictated by state law which essentially comes from creationist foundations.Human beings are not outside of nature studying it from above but are inside animal nature. We come into existence as a product of a genetic compositing process from two gen sources which are randomly united in sexual intercourse. A lot can go less than ideal and there are not only genetic issues but what are call “epigenetic” (other factors which impact gestation like hormonal conditions in the mother which impact gender assignment etc). In truth, it is normal to be uniquely unusual and normality itself it a human artifice.It is a dysfunction which is built into the institution of education to hold a subjective normality artifice over the heads of young humans and stigmatize them in a myriad of ways which have foundations in beliefs of what a male and female child should be at a given age. The truth is always different than the belief. This is why it is called “mental illness” instead of an issue of mental wellness”. Our society is in denial that all of us have brain chemistries which can fall below optimum efficiencies where we made need help to recover. Why is alcohol use so prevalent throughout history? It is because human feelings differ in intensity because we are animal beings rather than saintly created creatures and people want to sedate themselves to be social. Today there are better ways to self-medicate. I do it with SSRI medication from a doctor which helps me choose the proportions of my feelings rather than have them swamp me the way they used to. I don’t feel the need to grab a drink or a sedative to be friendly with strangers. The entrenchment of creationism will continue to hang on until someone delivers a sustainable new human development modality which observes the truth about our origins and natures as closely to fact as we can know.

I fear I have undiagnosed mental disorders?

I'm 15 and when I was 2 I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. But lately I've come under the symptoms of very high Cyclothymia (a form of bipolar disorder) and moderate Dysthymia (mild chronic depression - as in being in a bad mood constantly).
What should I do? My parents don't know, and I can't really afford to let them know as they're already under some pressure.
Any help?

Do i have undiagnosed ADHD?

Believe what you want about ADD and/or ADHD. Honestly, I think that stuff is a bunch of bologna! Seriously........EVERYONE has those "symptoms", especially at that age (teenage years). You are not old enough to experience this, but honestly........ADD/ADHD never existed when I was in school. Ask your parents if they knew anyone that had ADD/ADHD when they were in school. Think about it, don't you think it's kinda odd that this just came out of nowhere??? If you're going to be the kind of person by saying "Well, we didn't know about it before, and didn't reseach as we do now." That's a bunch of crap. You're a child want to things, not sit all day. I can keep going on about this topic...if you want to talk to me about it some more, message me on yahoo messenger sometime.

Think about what you said....Restless Leg Syndrome...HA HA you seriously think you can't move your legs when you sit? Do you have to be a statue and not move AT ALL TIMES???? Also, did you read what the person typed out....her kids have it and are on medication. What is this world coming have to be on meds for everything??? THINK PEOPLE!

How is it that my doctor diagnosed me with mental illness when I knew of others with similar experiences considered normal? Is it because it doesn't bother those people? My mom is undiagnosed, very similar to me.

Firstly, I’ll say that I’m concerned about it being a doctor that diagnosed your mental health problem. Most doctors don’t/can’t do this; a psychologist (or similar) needs to make this decision. Some doctors may run a simple inventory to determine a level of risk, but this is primarily used to decide on whether a referral is necessary.I’m going to continue with the assumption that ‘doctor’ implies someone capable of making a diagnosis; not your local GP.It’s difficult to say with any certainty why your doctor has diagnosed you. However, it’s possible that the way you respond to your situation is more detrimental to you than it is for other people.Most mental health disorders are diagnosed by meeting certain criteria. One of these is how great an impact ‘it’ has on you performing activities that you would otherwise wish to engage in. If there’s a significant impact there, it’s more likely that you’ll be diagnosed where other people may not be.There’s also the chance that you’re seeing different doctors who have different perspectives and more/less details about your situations. Age, gender, lifestyle, habits, diet, genetics (family history) etc can also influence whether you receive a diagnosis.

Are SJWs mentally ill?

The more and more I see of them, the more and more I get the feeling that they've gone their entire lives with undiagnosed cases of social and mental disorders. Honestly, they act almost EXACTLY like batshit crazy right-wing religious zealots, screaming, crying, throwing tantrums when cornered on their bullshit, etc. They even tend to have that same spaced-out "thousand yard stare" look about them, like there's little to no neurological activity occurring in their brains at all.

Are they just sick? Like actually sick, in a real, clinical sense.

How do you deal with someone with undiagnosed delusional schizophrenia?

Just imagine the suffering this person is experiencing.  When it's your friend or a family member, you are placed in a very difficult position.I used to work with in a community agency that provided support to about 60 men and women with (mostly) schizophrenia.  In a professional role it is arguably easier to set boundaries and respond to conspiracy theories in a respectful but blunt manner.Chances are this person will cross you off his friendship list sooner or later for something that you did or didn't do. So maybe you could try being really open, honest and respectful and give him some direct feedback about his behaviour while emphasizing your concern for him.Realistically, he will deny everything you say but there may be a part of his being that does know that something is wrong. If he has some insight, then he may concede that something in his perception of reality is amiss.There are probably different perspectives about how to deal with him but I contend that there is no one way. Most mental health professionals are dealing with people who have been diagnosed whereas your friend has yet to enter the psychiatric system (for better and worse). So you are left unsupported attempting to work out how to maintain a connection with someone who is in great personal distress.All I can offer is: do not tolerate bad behaviour, don't engage with conspiracy theories and be honest with him about how you feel in relation to him.All the best and look after yourself.