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How Do I Politely But Firmly Tell My Mother That I Can

How do you politely tell someone to fuck off?

To quote Shakespeare"I do desire we may be better strangers."Like Sherlock"My good fellow, I believe we are done here."Super Honest"I will let you know when you matter"Sardonic Humor"Anyhow, I hope your day is as pleasant as you are."Like A Sir“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Leave now before I taunt you for a second time.”Navigation "Just go be you somewhere other than here"Like Her Majesty"Please remove yourself from my presence"My Approach"I no longer wish to speak to you"

How do you politely tell your mother to clean her house?

If you have to tell the answerers not to complain, that is a bad sign. Seriously if people are going to get on you about something telling that not to with caps isn't going to prevent it.

Just tell her you worry about your baby crawling around on the floor unless it is freshly vacuumed, and ask her if she can do it before you come over on blank day at blank O'clock. If she says "no" then don't go over that day. You can't make your mom clean, you can only ask her to, and then not bring the baby over if she refuses.

I personally wouldn't clean my house unless you specifically asked me to. I would take the cleaning my floors thing as a "hmmm apparently she likes to clean my floors... la de da de da." I'd just be direct about it. You would have to be to get through to me.

How do I politely tell someone to stop advising and correcting me about every little thing?

She is my mother-in-law and lives with me and my husband. She and I share household responsibilities like cooking etc. She has a set way of doing things and constantly instructs me to do things differently while I am in the process of doing the task. Some examples: "Don't place this bowl in the diswasher like this, place it like that because...(insert reason)", or "use this container to store the leftovers, that one is not suitable because..". I don't find her methods to be beneficial over mine; we just have different habits and priorities. I prefer efficiency and ease, she prefers perfection.

I have tried silence, ignoring her instructions at times, and avoiding being in the kitchen at the same time (not always possible). She knows I don't enjoy her remarks, but thinks it is for my benefit and continues anyway. So, how should I address this. Silence is not working and I realize I need to speak up. I am a person of few words and do not want to argue or snap at her, or complain to my husband. How do I do this nicely and peacefully? She is generally nice to me but can get loud and aggressive when faced with negative feedback of a personal nature.

Thank you for your answers!

My moms room smells really bad! help?

The source of your mother's room odor is NOT because she chooses to masturbate a lot. By the way, how do you know? Does she actually make noises when she orgasms? If so, this is totally unacceptable. Sex is private and especially a parent letting a child hear this? OMG!!!! You need to let her know gently but FIRMLY that this embarrasses you totally and for her to keep it quiet, please.

There is NO way her 'fluids' can make a room smell that badly. She sounds like a poor housekeeper. She needs to clean the room thoroughly, from floor to ceiling, clean out the closet(s) and then wash all the bedding in hot water several times; then she needs to deodorize with a commercial-grade deodorizer (they're on line everywhere). Open the window(s), even tho it's summer, every day for about one hour. Only then will it begin to smell like it should, which is good and CLEAN, not sexually funky.

Remember, tell her politely but FIRMLY that her 'noises' are totally unacceptable (even tho you're maybe an adult) and tell her to clean the room the way I told you. Guaranteed better smell, and hopefully she will not embarrass you with her 'noises' again.

What to do about a pesty mother in law?

My mother in law is an okay person but she is the type that drives a lot of ppl batty,, including me. She is the type that goes on and on about things and interferes. Right now I am 6 months pregnant and I have a 17 month old child. I am home with my daughter and will be home with my son for at least another 2 years. My mother in law hates that I stay home because she feels day care will better stimulate my daughter and that she needs the interaction with her peers. I take her to mommy and me groups and such to assist in this area but she feels children are best raised by the daycares. I am the type that sees the pros and cons of both the stay at home and daycare arrangement. I am actually fed up with staying home because I feel harrassed each day to do the modern thing and leave childcare to daycare. I actually miss working too especially since being here in the home is constantly being undervalued. My problem is I want to go back but I think it is best for my newborn that I

Mother-in-law asking for jewelry back?

Ever since I've gotten pregnant, my MIL has been driving me nuts. First, she wanted me to change my baby shower date, although she never volunteered to help organizing it, or contributed in any shape or form (long story!!!). Then, she was demanding us to name our baby some name she likes, and there have been other small incidents which I won't mention.

The other day, she asked me why I never wear the jewelry she gave me as a wedding gift, and I tried to explain to her that I don't normally wear jewelry unless I'm going somewhere. And the jewelry she gave me is all yellow gold which I don't normally wear, but I still liked the gift because it was a wedding gift from my in-laws. Then, she has the audacity to ask me to give it back to her "since I never wear it".

I, politely attempted to explain to her that once you give somebody a gift, you don't ask for it back, because it belongs to them now. Then, she says she wants to borrow it. Which is complete b.s. because she always complains about how much jewelry she has, and doesn't know what to do with it. I had bought her jewelry as well for her birthdays, and she's never worn it, but I've never said anything, because it's not my business what she does with her gift. I think she wants to give the jewelry to somebody else, because she doesn't like me anymore (for some reason).

I told my husband about it, and he was very upset. He said he'll talk to her. We both have tried to talk to her several times about her lack of common sense, and sudden outburst of craziness but it's not working. She has been stressing me out a lot ever since I've gotten pregnant.
Help, what do I do???

P.S: No stupid answers, or spam please.

My mother is obsessed with my money?

Thank you to those with REAL advice. I do live at home, until the end of summer when I am moving out. I balance my checkbook weekly, I do not need a reminder to do so. I work full time for a defense contractor so I do make enough money to support myself and I am responsible, thank you. This is an on going cycle with her, every so often she thinks she needs to take charge of my money because she's the "finincial advisor" in the family.