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How Do I Reset The Completed Draft And Then Return Players To Teams. I Am Changing A Postion To

Do madden have codes for playststion 2?


If the NBA were to "restart" and have a fantasy draft with every player in the league in it?

I would try to take a younger player, sign him long term and develop him. His contract would be cheaper than a veteran.

Or if I had trade offers, I would select the best talent available and trade him for quality players and more draft picks if I knew I could still find good talent with lower picks.

For example, if I had the #1 overall pick, I would select Carmelo Anthony and trade him to the Knicks for Felton, Galinari, Chandler, Mozgov, a 1st Round draft pick, and two 2nd Round draft picks. With my 3 new draft picks, I would select players like Al Horford, Monta Ellis and Al Jefferson if they were still on the board.

How would you respond in an interview, when asked for the password of your email ID?

Interviewer : What is your email I'd?Me : xyz@gmail.comInterviewer : What is your password?Me: It is very simple sir, but I want you to guess my password, I will give some hints, is that alright?Interviewer : Sure, let's begin.Me : I'm sure you have read my resume, you must have read my hobbies then?Interviewer: Yeah, you're hobbies are writing and maybe watching Chinese cartoons or anime something.Me : Writing + anime = my password.Interviewer : So is it a writing lover watching anime.Me : You're first guess failed sir, you are almost there, so this time I will give you something different.Interviewer: Go ahead.Me: Something that is evil yet not evil, what is it?Interviewer: Antihero maybe.Me : Maybe, what is something that you learn in school for the first time?Interviewer: Alphabets and numbers.Me: What number is before the first number.Interviewer: Zero, is your password zero.Me: It can't be possible, a password needs 8 numbers.Interviewer: Anymore hints.Me: Zero , who is a prince, an exiled prince?Interviewer: Exiledzero is the password right!Me: Almost there sir.Interviewer: So what is it?Me: Who is zero?Interviewer: I get it now the answer is no one.Me: It is the wrong answer sir.Interviewer: I give up now, I can't answer your question, When you said your email Id, I wanted to ask you that how can we trust you, you may do the same to our company but I don't think you would do that.Me : How did you know that sir.Interviewer: You demonstrated that when I asked about your password, you will keep them busy until they are tired. I’m certain that you will be recruited.Me: It's my pleasure sir!!Hope you liked it.

Do soldiers get scared when they fight in a war? Please tell me the truth?

Please i dont want to hear no bravado, patriotic nonsense or bull.

Just the truth please. Do soldiers get scared when they go into battle?

when all them bullets and flak and bombs are flying around them everywhere?

I mean i dont have no experience of war, i only played this new Call of Duty game from the comfort of my room, i could restart whenever, pause the game and sip some coffee etc...

But in real life you dont get a chance to restart a level do you?

I mean only one bullet out of no where or a hidden bomb can end your life or worse still maim you forever? (have you seen the men coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan? Young boys 18, 19 yrs old crippled forever, legs blown away, disfigured)

Dont soldiers get scared? How do they do it? Also how do soldiers have the stomach to get up and close to a man and knife or rifle butt him? Does that really happen in war?

Playing this game I mean i would NEVER GO TO A WAR, because i think i would just get way too scared. If the enemy came i would just ride out the storm or flee.

The Vietcong i hear used to put POW's in Pig sludge and in case raped men, tortured and humiliated them. The same with the Taliban and Saddams army they would severely beat the soldiers and insert things inside them (EVIL S.O.B's)

So how do soldiers train and become a monster capable of bayoneting and impaling an enemy at the end of their rifle without flinching or getting scared?

How do you edit players on Madden 13?

I can't be missing it. On Madden 12, you went to the Player Mngmnt menu and did it there. I want to change a players position. I can't understand why they would take something like this off the game. :/