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How Do I Start My Life Of

How do I start my life over at age 42?

I am a 42 year old woman, going through a divorce and broke from it. I have no college degree or any real talent. I am having to move out of my home of 16 years. My children are grown and out of the house. I realize this is an opportunity to make my life my own. It's freedom. I should be happy and hopeful. I'm not. I am overwhelmed, lost and, admittedly, scared. I've taken care of a husband, a home and kids since I was 20 years old and now I have no direction or goal. My parents have both passed and I feel like I'm just dangling in the wind. I've Googled and read articles and books on life, talents, inspiration and applied for jobs to I find my direction with no luck. I've prayed. I want to do something fulfilling with the rest of my life, for both myself, my children and the world but feel pressed for time. I'm starting completely over from the ground up with nothing at an age when I should be settled and established but where do I start? Then, I thought, surely someone out there has been through this same scenario. So I'm asking, given my situation, where do I go to find my purpose, my happiness? What do I do? Who has been in this predicament and can tell me what they did to get started and find your place in life?

How do I start my life over at age 24?

Before giving you any advice,let me tell you a man’s story who faced similar situation like you.At age 5 his Father died. At age 16 he quit school. At age 17 he had already lost four jobs. At age 18 he got married. He joined the army and washed out there. At age 20 his wife left him and took their baby. He became a cook in a small cafe and convinced his wife to return home. At age 65 he retired. He felt like a failure & decided to commit suicide. He sat writing his will, but instead, he wrote what he would have accomplished with his life & thought about how good of a cook he was. So he borrowed $87, fried up some chicken using his recipe, went door to door to sell. At the age of 88, he became a billionaire. Wondering who? The man is Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).When people asked Colonel Sanders about the secret of being successful,he replied, “You got to like your work. You have got to like what you are doing, you have got to be doing something worthwhile so you can like it- because it is worthwhile, that it makes a difference.”So rather than thinking about what went wrong,think about what you can do right in the present. Because you can’t change the past. So accept it and move on. Find a work where you find interest. If not,then create a interest. But don’t give up,don’t quit. It’s never late to start fresh whether you are 24 or you are 65.

How do I start my life now?

We all can live and create our lives by being aware,conscious and mindful .Now aware, conscious and mindful of what?We have to become aware, conscious and mindful ofWhat we think ?How we think ?Where does it come from ?Is it for the highest good of humanity ?How we behave with ourselves and others ?What are we learning ?Best way to live your life is by following our purpose in life or not blindly following the crowd.If we are following our purpose in life then all sorts of abundance will automatically flow into our lives,as you will be fully in alignment with universe and its energies.If we are simply running in our lives for money, status, good looks, trophy wife and husband, pleasing other people, living upto unrealistic social expectations,then we are simply adding to the dysfunction that has been going on from ages and ages.If we really want to create and see a change,it can only come from within. It can only start with our individual efforts,By changing ourselves for better. following our calling and living as a positive example for others to follow.Check following sorts before finishLearn the spiritual laws of universe,Question society programming and conditioning.Take stand for what you believe to be true but you must know what is true.Never please other peopleTake care of yourself on a Mental & Physical era.Be open to learn and change for highest goodBe purposefulRelease ego based mind programmingLearn your life lessonsHope it helps.Thanks for reading!!

How do I start my life over at 21?

Start telling yourself each and everyday ….” God has given me a new chance to live and I should respect that and should not waste it “Start your day by saying the above statement to yourself every morning!Go for jog!Reading 45 mins (something positive)(Newspaper not counted)Switch on to healthy eating habitsWatch a 5 min motivational video every morningGive a good morning kiss to your parents , wife , childrenTalk with your best friend on a daily basis ;)Stop criticisng, complaining, ranting about stuffs if they don't work out.Last but not the least - quit your job and do what you love. Remember it is a second chance and you dare not waste it in doing what you don't like!Do upvote if you liked my answer !Best of luck to you :)

Is 18 too late to start over in life?

I'm heading off to college this fall away from town across my entire state. My life has been a living hell ever since I entered this world. Starting with overprotective parents, I always felt like I was never good enough for anything or anybody. That lead to social awkwardness in school, which in turn lead me to being bullied for the rest of my life. I feel everywhere I go, people see me as some machine that gives away free self-confidence at the stake of my happiness. Childhood still feels like yesterday: All of that bullying and emotional abuse, and my parents blaming it on me every time I got sent to the principal's office. Before you know it, I'm in 5th grade and daydreaming about murdering people. Of course, I have never acted out on those impulses for obvious reasons, but I have this dark rage and lust for revenge burning inside of me, and soon, I will be destroyed by it.

I just want to wipe my memory, yet retain all of the knowledge I have now. I feel like it's too late to start my life over. In my heart, I wish to start over and create my own legacy. But my mind has been conditioned to the point where it's telling me that it's not a good idea because the person I am now is "who I am" and just need to accept it and continue living like this...Most people at my age already have their own personal identity fulfilled and some people are even already getting married now...Is 18 years old too late to start over in life? Or should I just accept the person I am now and get used to people looking down upon me?

Is 25 too late to start your life?

Everyone starts again each day. There will be very few cells left of you from today when you are 25. There really is no "you" at all. Take a look at who you are right now. Then, take a look at who you were 4 years ago. Not much the same at all, right? You not only can start over at 25, you will most certainly have to start over when you are 25! And every day before and after then...

How can I start my life from scratch?

If you are asking this I assume you are not in a very good place right now.To be honest, you cannot start your life from scratch. There will be time when life will take you back to those times which you loathe. You just have to learn to let go. Learn from the past and move on. Be strong enough to face everything. That's life. You cannot think about starting everything over or just stop being who you are or stop talking to people etc. You can just start another chapter. The book will and should remain. Past is past for a reason. Learn from it and make your future better.You can try some of the following things to make things better.This one is important. Observe what all you have done in past. No one can move on or start afresh without learning from past. Observe and learn.Stop thinking about what would people say. “People” are not the best judges. You are your best judge. You might have done lot of things or stopped doing in your life just because of the fear of everybody's opinions, stop now.Learn to keep yourself first. Too much narcissism is bad, not even a tiny bit of narcissism is worse. Be a little selfish, it's actually good.Retain a balance between being optimistic and pessimistic. Too much of anything is bad.Do what your heart wants you to do. If you cannot completely be devoted to your passion or hobby (lets be practical too) then pick out some time for it. Keep some time for what your heart feels it belongs to.And above everything, love yourself. Love yourself for the good things you have done and also for the mistakes, because it makes you human!Love yourself the most for gathering up the willpower to change your life for good.Hope it helped.All the best for everything.