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How Do I Stop My Sister

How can I stop fighting with my sister?

I used to fight a lot with my sister sometimes on stupid stuff and sometimes on serious issues.This went on for two or three years. We tried to talk about it sometimes and mostly that turned out disadvantageous cause we couldn't agree much. But then things started to get fine when I started compromising and understanding her. I discussed with her that how these fights are disturbing the whole family and our lives too. I was older but I would have done the same even if I was younger than her. After a while she compromised too and even though our fights didn't completely end(cause if there is a complete full stop then you won't be siblings) we agreed on a lot of stuff and​ became great friends.But we had this rule and still do: whatever happens should resolve between us only. We will not let anyone know about it and not let our moods affect others and not ask anyone's help regarding it. We will discuss it and sort it out among ourselves only.(others meaning all family members as well)I'm​ an expert in sisterly matters so if you wanna ask anything I'm open. Ask in the comments.

How do i stop my sister from hogging the t.v?

She's 14 and she is obssesed with films and t.v. She is still watching things like Surf with the penguins. We have the wii and ps3 connected to the same t.v which means i cant go on game consoles because of her rubbish films. We do have another t.v in my bedroom so i ask her to watch t.v in there but she get stressy. I wont be allowed to take the wii or ps3 into my room either. Have you got any tips for me to get her away from the t.v?

How can I get my sister to stop swearing?

Proabably, the reason she swears to you is because many sisters (or siblings of the same gender) have many disputes between them and most of the times the one hates most the other (in your case your sister). Also, usually the problems are simple things that can be easily solved but the siblings or one of them never show(s) mature to actually solve it.

Your sister have had probably some bad companies with some friends that probably say bad words, too. Usually that's the main reason a kid or teen starts to say bad words. She's also in her teenage years and that's a period where people are like crazy. You are as well, but you're probably more responsible, never had the same kind of friends and also more mature than her.

The only way of making her stop is to ignore her. It will drive her crazy. If you start to ignore her, she will probably become worse but eventually she will be tired and give up. When that happens, you should talk to her with your parents present and explain that talking like that is not a solution. I'm sure your parents will help.

Good luck :)

How do I stop my sister from taking my stuff?

I m sharing a room with both my sisters. I m 20, and they are still in middle school, and the older of them doesn t know what personal space is. She always takes my stuff, always. It s been going on for years, but I m getting fed up with it, I m suffering so much from it, I m getting into a craze every time I catch her.

I ve told her millions of times to stop taking my stuff. I ve told her gently. I yelled. I told my parents. Nothing helps. She doesn t give a ****. If she needs something, she opens my closet and takes my stuff. She takes my bras, my socks, my favourite clothes and ruins them or dumps them somewhere around the house. She uses my shoes. My coat. Omg, it s so annoying. I can t stand it. I don t know what to do. The only thing I can think of is locking all my stuff, but it s not really possible. I wish I could have my own room or my own flat, but it won t happen any time soon. All I want is for her to respect me, to at least ask for permission. I don t know what to do!

How do I stop my sister from watching porn?

Girls start getting estrogen at 9 or even younger, so she's more advanced sexually than she might look. It's pretty common for some girls to start masturbating at that age.

There isn't much you can do. If you try to forbid her from looking it'll just make her want to see it that much more. You could have a talk with her to explain that what she sees in porn isn't an accurate reflection of human sexuality, and tell her how to be safe on the Internet.