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How Do Men Want To Be Told Their Girlfriend Or Wife Is Pregnant

How do Men feel about their Pregnant Wife/girlfriend?

My wife was pretty much normal, but with morning sickness. The beautiful part is watching how happy she was at the prospect of having a little addition. Sex went way down, and we could only do it in one position, on side, due to her phobias about hurting the baby, so the sex was extremely bad and boring.

How do I tell my ex- wife about my girlfriend being pregnant?

If your wife is scorned, low self-confidence, already mean or evil spirited and hateful, you have no easy out. If your new lady is more sexy, more beautiful, thinner, and more have no easy way out. The best way to handle a bitter angry woman is through understanding, patience, and COMPLIMENTS. If you ruined things and you know it, just go in with no weapon...empty mag. Tell her how you messed things up, how its your lost and not hers, she was everything any man could ever truly need to be happy.Let her vent and talk.Listen actively without saying a word so that she will know/feel she is getting through to you.Cry about the way the whole thing has went down between you (IF YOU CAN GET SOME TEARS OUT). Then when she sees your feminine emotional sympathetic side.....lead in with disgust for the new (accidental) pregnancy/liability/ responsibility that you don't want or need in your life right now! Be very confused hurt scared and emotional about this new kid coming to town.***Remember this is only to make her disarm and throw down her weapon***After she feels/knows that you are not in complete bliss and awe with your new wife to be and bundle of joy, you can lead in to discussing peaceably the issues concerning child support. So long as you maintain your cool and emotional state of mind...

Girlfriend is pregnant. How do I tell my wife?

Curious you call her your "girlfriend" when her feelings and thoughts on this don't seem to enter into your considerations whatsoever.

Why did this woman, who has been having an affair with a married man (did she know?) for 4 months allow herself to get pregnant? How does she feel about this? What are her intentions? These are big elements totally missing in your story. And who she is is going to effect absolutely everything.

You wife's life will be rocked because you intend to be a father to this child, right? A financially and emotionally and physically supportive father to the child. And.... what, exactly, to the mother? Sort out a few things with this lover before you rush to crush your wife. At least get an outline of a plan.

At this point, if you just jumble it out you will actually be seeking your wife's help to fix your mess. You'll be relying on her to help you sort out your stuff and your feelings and desires and mediate between you and your lover. That is likely to be just a bit more than can reasonably be expected. Quite exhausting I would think. You might have a lifetime to deal with all that so get as much done in the next week as possible. She's your wife, not your Mom.

Like I said, at least an outline of a plan. Or even a further exploration of how you feel about it. It's very important that you and your ex lover know fact from fiction and that you know what HER intentions are. Give your wife a chance to find something concrete to base her reactions on. You need to give her facts, not just confessions and confusion.

Get your ducks in a row here, real quick, and then just get out with it about what is going to happen.

My girlfriend told me that she is pregnant. What should I do?

Is that something you want? That’s the big question. If you want to be a dad, then congrats. But if you were like me who did not want to be a dad at such a young age and your girlfriend does not want an abortion, do what I did.Vanish. Run.. and Join French Foreign Legion. Get a new identity. And bam. You are out.FFL gives men one free pass in life (provided you are otherwise fit to join). Use it, man. Don’t listen to naysayers that “man up” and shit like that.Be selfish. You fucked a pussy. That doesn’t mean you should end your life. Give yourself another chance. Join the FFL. I simply showed up at the gates of Aubagne and yelled “Legionnaire” and they took me under their wings. Aubagne - selection centerMy life is awesome. I still get a lot of pussy but at least now I wear a condom.

My girlfriend told me she's pregnant. How can I tell her to abort it as she seems really excited? I don't want kids.

I’m not going to assume anything about contraception, like whether you both used it or not, whether someone vandalized it or not or whether it failed, because ultimately it doesn’t matter. Pregnancy is a consequence of having sex, and now you’re faced with those consequences.I’m very pro-abortion when it comes to abortion being the alternative to having a child nobody wants to parent, because it’s the kinder and gentler choice than a child having to endure neglect and mistreatment as it goes through life because it’s parents didn’t want it. I am not pro-abortion as a method of birth control though, which it seems that you are.First off, you can’t tell anyone to abort and most of the fools that forced an abortion on an unwilling woman are in prison. Research names like Manishkumar M. Patel and Sikander Imran and you’ll see for yourself. It’s her choice either way whether she wants to carry this pregnancy and parent this baby, but that’s also where you do have a choice.You can opt to be in this baby’s life or not. You will still need to provide financial support but you can decide that you do not want to be socially involved.You need to sit down with this woman and lay it all out for her to see. Let her know that you enjoyed the sex part but you aren’t interested in participating in the consequences of having that sex. Let her know that she and the baby are better off on their own than with a male parent and partner that can’t seem to cope with responsibilities. Make sure she understands that you’re doing everyone a favour by being absent, since “selfish” and “partner” and “parent” aren’t even a little bit synonymous. Discuss the terms of your obligatory financial involvement with her and her baby and discuss whether it’s useful to sew matters up in a courtroom. Then make arrangements for a vasectomy.

My wife got pregnant from another man. I told her I won't divorce her if she aborts it, otherwise I'm out. Am I being unreasonable?

“My wife got pregnant from another man. I told her I won't divorce her if she aborts it, otherwise I'm out. Am I being unreasonable?”Years ago a guy told me that he got a woman pregnant, and she said she was going to have an abortion unless he married her. So he married her in name only. He tried to be a great Dad, but he made no effort to be a husband at all. He didn’t tell her before the marriage that he would ignore her and try to pretend she didn’t exist.Well, she was infuriated that he had not been honest with her, that he had tricked her into keeping the baby by giving her the idea that they would have a marriage, a real marriage. She went through a lot to please him, but he refused to even try to love her.She ended up divorcing him and trying to deny him visitation rights. They fought each other in the courts the entire time this girl was growing up. He said, “It took everything I had to keep fighting.” I said, “No, it took more than everything you had.” He nodded. His health failed in the midst of this terrible battle. He was dying when I met him.What does this have to do with you? You are in essence blackmailing your wife. You are saying you will stay with her if she kills her unborn baby, but are you really willing and able to go on with the marriage? Are you sure about that? How do you think she will feel if she aborts her child, and then you can’t bring yourself to really stay with her and love her?I can understand that you think you can’t handle watching your wife go through a pregnancy and childbirth with someone else’s child, and then raise that child with her as if it were your own. A lot of men could not do that. What I question is whether you can really give her what you are offering in exchange for her child’s life. I think she would be better off to have the child, who would certainly love her, because I am not sure you really would.

How does a man feel when his wife or girlfriend is pregnant with his child?

More happy than words can ever express. My gf and I had been living together for a few years. We had a good life and had even talked about having a baby. However, my gf and I had decided that we did not want to be married - that somehow marriage made our love seem like less, not more. Needless to say that did not please some of our family, including especially her dad, and so we decided it was not a good time.Then I came home one night and found my gf in absolute tears. I was scared to death, thinking something bad had happened. My gf composed herself and showed me the pregnancy test. I was over the moon. I started to cry.We must have made quite a pair. She was crying thinking I would be angry. I was crying because I was wildly happy. I have probably never felt my love for my gf more intensely than I did that day. I held her and told her that she had made me the happiest man alive.We have been together ten years now and have three(!!!!!!) children together - two boys, ages 7 and 6, and a girl, age 4 . (The boys were unplanned, my daughter was planned. This has led me to the theory that when we don’t plan it, we get boys, when we plan it, we get girls. To this day, when I am in the mood, I will tell my gf, “Hey beautiful, want to have a baby boy?” She smiles and rolls her eyes.)You could take the whole universe from me and if you left me with just my gf and my wonderful beautiful children I would be totally happy. I love them with all my heart. My gf gave me the most beautiful gift. I was sacred, I was excited, and from the moment I held that first little one in my arms, and I knew that I would throw myself in front of an oncoming train for him, I know that I am the luckiest man alive.

Is marrying my pregnant girlfriend the "right" thing to do?

Personal experience:My nephew is the product of a 5 month relationship and the 4.5% odds of failed hormonal contraception. My older sister had him when she was 19, her boyfriend was still in college. After the birth of my baby nephew, they tried, they really really tried to stay together for as long as possible, talking about marriage because that was the best. His family even pressured him to do it, but my sister (Being the wonderful woman that she is) completely refused, and told him something I still repeat and repeat to my patients (I work with pregnant women everyday) "Our baby needs happy parents. And if we marry, you know that won't happen"They didn't marry, of course. Right now, my sister has a boyfriend, and the father of my nephew has a girlfriend. My nephew is 9 years old. He has 2 happy, loving, caring parents, he's mature, full of joy and extremely smart, and although we have asked him several times what he thinks of his personal situation at home, he takes it like it is; something completely normal.He has never even showed negative signs that his development was affected in any way because his parents weren't married. Why? because his parents respect and in a way, love each other. They never fight, never disagree on anything, never talk bad about the other, because they are a team, and they recognize that sharing never-ending love for the same person is all they need to make it work. It's 2016. You two have 9 months to prepare, and then a year to adjust. Babies need very little commodities during their first few years of development, but they do need love and partnership. They need 2 committed parents, but to him or her, not forcefully to each other. He won't care if he has the "average" home situation or not. But he will care if the 2 people he loves most in this world are in some way unhappy, and partially because of his/her arrival. I know you mean well, and I know this situation is far from ideal, but trust me, all you need to do to be the best parent, is be there, work hard to give him or her the best of you, and love him or her. That's it. But fine, lets do the following. If your son or daughter was in this situation, and told you that he/she feels exactly how you feel right now about marrying your partner, would you encourage him/her to go through it?

Why do men act like jerks when their girl is pregnant?

Hunny their MEN!!
i asked my fiance this one time when he was drunk he said.

"its just because its always been me!! now my life revolves around someone els, and i cant go do wut i want anymore, i cant go to las vegas when ever i want anymore, i can go hang out /w the boy anymore, i cant sleep in anymore, i can have u when ever i want anymore ([even tho i already have a 20 month son])."

pretty muchly they r just SELFISH, and from personal experence, it will get better for about a month, tops.
and then it gets 100 times worse, ive been threw it, my friends have been threw it, my family has been threw it.

we ([women]) r so wraped up in being super mommy, and cleaning, and cooking, and bonding /w our children, that the men get left out and dont get sex when ever they want anymore because when babys go down for a break WE ([women]) go down for a break!!

im not trying to diss men, some men out there r incredible!! and live there lives for their children ([like my daddy =]]).

but MOST men r self centered, and sex machines.

and MOST women when they have children want to be super mommy, and spend 100% of there time and engery on the baby.

What does it feel like for a man when his girlfriend gets an abortion?

We dated for 5 months, at the 5th month mark she told me she was pregnant and had scheduled an abortion. Growing up in New York, I had accepted the philosophy of being pro-choice and I still am but to an extent. When I realized that there is life developing inside the girl I was romantically involved with, and that we created this was a jaw dropping moment, I felt excited, nervous and stood in wonder. But I was thrown off at the fact she scheduled the termination of this life without telling me, her closest friends, mom and her co-worker and the co-worker's girlfriend had found out before I did.Legally, a man has no say in the matter so the best I could do was convince her to avoid taking that path, this led to numerous arguments. This going back and forth spiraled me into stress, I often forgot to eat and didn't sleep because there was so much to think about. Ultimately she cut me off, went and got the abortion.I recall leaving work early the day of the abortion and crying on the drive home, I thanked my mom for having chosen to bring me into this world, I went into my room and prayed for the soul of my child, I told my child how much I loved him/her. I feel guilty for this outcome, I feel as if I failed both my child and my ex, had I not gotten into constant arguments and instead re-assured her with love and patience that we could have done it, brought this child into the world. I often wonder about what could have been, abortion is a subject that is not comfortable to me but I respect the choice women take as I am nobody to judge them or advice them in their choices.I emerged a better man from this situation, I am more respectful and lenient towards differing points of view, I developed a strong admiration for mothers, especially single mothers. I developed a deep respect for human life and I try to avoid conflict or arguments altogether, it was, after all, my conflictive nature that led me into this situation. That's my story, it wasn't easy for me but this event did change my life and myself drastically. I don't wish for any man or woman to go through the situation I went through.