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How Do Yo Say This In German

How do you say yes in German?

When you are in the learning phase of understanding and learning a new language there will be some common phrases that you should know. Here is the list of terms that you need to know:ja (yes)nein (no)danke. (Thank you.)Bitte schön. (You’re welcome.)richtig (correct)Nein, danke. (No, thank you.)Verzeihen Sie. (Forgive me.)ich (I)er (he)sie (she)es (it)Hallo!Hello!Guten Morgen! =Good Morning!Guten Tag! =Good day!Guten Abend!= Good Evening!Ich heiße…= My name is…Wie heißen Sie? = What is your name?Wie geht’s? = How are you?Mir geht’s gut =I’m doing well.Mir geht’s nicht gut. = I’m not doing well.So above all are some greetings that one can learn a must. You can simply find the translation of such terms using Online translators or dictionaries. I have found a blog "How To Learn The Basics Of Any Language In Four Steps" that can be useful for an individual If he is planning to learn a new language.

How do we say boat in German?

As others have pointed out, boat in German is das Boot.However, do not pronounce it like the English word boot (to rhyme with shoot). I always cringe when people are trying to show off about how culturally educated they are and how they love German cinema, especially the film “Das Boot”, Boot pronounced like the English word with the same spelling. It makes me want to give them a kick with a boot.It’s said more like boht, the o spoken in a similar way to the o in oar.Here’s a German saying it as it’s easier than trying to explain how it should sound:German word for boat is das Boot

How do you say "study" in German?

The translation of “to study” is “studieren” if you are talking about a college student, or someone who studies for a test.The noun “study” kann translate to “die Studie”, it is the noun decribing the result researches are conducting, when they study a subject.If study means the room you study in, it is translated to “(das) Arbeitszimmer”.I study mathematics.. = Ich studiere Mathematik.A professor published a study about something. = Ein Professor veröffentlicht eine Studie über etwas.I´m going to my study to study. = Ich gehe in mein Arbeitszimmer zum studieren.

How do you say 'dick' in german?

haha! your mother was saying "Pullermann" (Pee-man) like "ich muss Pullern" ( i have to pee)

but "Pullermann" is the word u use when u say it to a child!

there are thosends of words used for Dick/Penis in germany the most common is "schwanz" (tail), "Ding"(thing) and "Pimmel"

here are others:
# Sinep
# Banane
# Beidl
# Spatzi
# Lulu
# Schniedel
# Schniedelwutz
# Johannes
# Wiener
# Phallus
# Schwanzus longus
# Sepp
# Little John
# kleiner Freund
# Schlangel
# Prügel
# Glied
# Ständer
# Handtuchhalter
# Morgenlatte
# Rohr
# Cock
# Kobbe
# Männlichkeit
# Zauberstab
# Würstel
# Liane
# Gurke
# Lümmel
# Pimmel
# kleiner Mann
# Würmchen
# Anaconda
# Schniepel
# Einäugiger Hosenaal
# wertvollstes Stück
# Weichteile
# Joystick
# bestes Stück
# Prinzessin Sophia
# Flöte
# Dödel
# Stengel
# Schwengel
# Rute
# Reibeisen
# Riemen
# Bolzen
# Bengel
# Amors Marmor
# Adams Speer
# Hirn des Mannes
# Kolben
# Keule
# Zapfen
# drittes Bein
# elfter Finger
# Pippimann
# Gemächt
# Cazzo
# Freudenpfriem
# Fleischmeißel
# Willi
# Lustzapfen
# Samenspender
# Pipihahn
# Schießeisen
# Wonnestab
# Mammutbaumstamm
# Langer Lulatsch
# Takeo

My personal favorite is "Fleischgewehr" (Flesh- rifle)

How do I say alright in german?

Well, there’s more than one possibility. I think the easiest way is just to say “okay” which is an English word that is also used in German and which means more or less the same as “alright” as far as I know. German expressions for “alright” would be for example “alles klar” or “in Ordnung”. To learn the pronounciation of these two use Google Translator.

How to say the years 1963, 2003, 2004 and 2010 in german?

1963 - Neunzehnhundertdreiundsechszig
2003 - Zweitausenddrei
2004 - Zweitausendvier
2010 - Zweitausendzehn

How do you say " good game " in german?

"Gutes Spiel" if it is really a game you're playing. If you refer it to something else that was done right than you also can say "gut gemacht" which would be something like "well done".

How you you say and write your Hot In german??

You're hot?

Du bist heiss. lol. that's VERY literal. And that's.... it's... wrong. Only an online translator would give you that answer.

Usually, they just say, "Du bist sehr sexy" (you're very sexy), or "Du bist sexy" (You're sexy).

"Du bist sehr sexy" - you say it like this...:

Du = Doo
Bist = bist (the i sounds kinda like the i in the word "IN")
Sehr = z-ehr. I guess you kinda say it like z-air.
Sexy = Sexy (with a german accent! lol)

How do you say "friends" in German?

There are already two answers, so I will add a remark: Note that in Germany “Freunde” (friends) refers to the much more close inner circle of who you would consider “friends” in the USA. In other words: to be considered a “Freund” in Germany means much more conversance than being considered a “friend” in the USA. If this is not the case, better don’t use the word and use something different like “Bekannter/Bekannte”.

How do I say the name 'Emily' in german? Or is it still the same?

There is "Emelie" and "Emilie" (other pronounciation!). In Italy or Spain: "Emilia".
But you don't translate names! Even if you got the German citizenship, for instance, they wouldn't change your name, and "Emelie" is rare, even Germans name their children - if they do - "Emily".