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How Do You Approach Someone On Facebook That In All Likelihood Has No Memory Of You

How do you approach a guy that you've been flirting with?

He remembers stuff that you told him months ago.

That can be significant--unless he simply has excellent memory.

He may simply be 'flirting on and off' as well, but at this pace, neither of you will ever know.

Invite him to Sunday brunch (not with the whole gang--the two of you), and bring the matter up to center stage. Since you've both obviously seen each other for some time, be blunt. Ask him what he does for fun, what are his favorite things. And if you like what you hear, ask him to join you doing something you like. (If he's dense, it's okay to tell him, 'I'm asking you out.')

And, of course, if you're very pleased with how the date went, tell him you should both do this again.

(I'm suggesting the blunt approach because someone has to get the show going, and it cuts through alot of time in wondering if you're really going to like him (or Not), once you know more about him. Some guys need encouragement. It could be due to shiness, past experiences, etc.)

Good Luck!

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Protip: don't waste your time.As someone who has spent ages stalking people on Facebook and flirting with them, I feel like I may have a thing or two to offer here. If something is possible, and worthwhile to me, I will find a way. I pursued a guy I'd met in person (once) for about two years. It was a mess, and it was hard to let go when I finally did. I realized he didn't deserve the pedestal I built for him - few people do deserve pedestals. I have developed two friendships with guys I've never met other than online. This was through being exposed to their posts. I'd reply to their messages if they ever messaged me, but I'd rather have someone IRL. Someone random recently added me on Facebook and he was interested in the same stuff as me, and in a lot of the same groups as me. Sometimes he goes on binges "liking" my photos and comments. I let him stay because he hasn't tried to hit on me, doesn't bother me, lives in another state, and seems nice enough. He hasn't overstepped his bounds and I like seeing his posts. He's also friends with a person I really respect. Really wanna go for it? Give it a shot. Say, "I came across your profile, I know you don't know me and I know this is creepy, but we seem to have a lot in common. Would you want to go out?" When she says no, move on. But trust me, save yourself a lot of headache, heartache, time, and energy - and find someone who's already curious about you too.

Teens: what is your facebook status?

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I have worked out an extremely efficient process to save myself from embarrassment in such situations. And I have used it multiple times ever since.Last month, we had a Tech Roadshow/Expo at our Chicago location. We had multiple teams visiting us from DC/CA/TX/VA demo-ing the innovative software solutions they had come up with.I stopped over at the Cloud Solutions booth and fell in conversation with an absolutely brilliant lady who seemed be a Grand Master Yoda-level veteran in the technology. I was especially intrigued since she and her team had built an extremely complicated tool modelled on the same principles on which I was trying to build mine. She, on her part, was interested in our take on the problem solution that we were trying to work on.After a really intriguing tech-talk of nearly an hour, she had to leave to catch her flight out of town; but she was interested to continue our conversation. And this is how it went:She : It was really interesting talking to you, Shirsh. I would like to work with you and your team in building your application.Me: Absolutely, and we on our part would appreciate all the help we need..thanks a ton.She: Why don't you give me a call tomorrow once I am back in Dallas? My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.(To my horror, I now realise I had missed her name which she had mentioned at the start of the conversation. And would now have to ask her “Hey, what's your name?” after talking to her for an hour and she most graciously agreeing to help us in our endeavour).But never mind, solution at work.I flip out my phone, type her number, press the “Create new contact” button, select the “Name” field, turn the screen towards her, smile and ask : Hey, how do you spell your first name?She looks slightly puzzled : I just spell it the normal way.I (grin widening but swearing on the inside) : Erm, I understand. But everyone has a unique way of spelling their name and I don't really like to make assumptions, you see.She : Uh, okay. It's R-E-B-E-C-C-A.I (secretly cheering and giving a sigh of relief at the same time) : Thanks ! See, this is why I asked. I knew a girl who spelt her name “R-E-B-E-C-K-A-H.”On hindsight, though I felt I could have handled this way better. I could have just asked for her email address.And the above technique would have been extremely embarrassing if her name was Amy or May !

No.As any massive platform, you can find all kinds of people.However, I do think that those above average will find themselves bored much sooner.From my perspective, Facebook is used mostly as a platform for projecting a successful, happy image of their lives to others, even if that misrepresents their actual lives by a long shot (know of at least 3 cases among people I know very well).I suppose that, to intelligent people, this is as uninteresting as it is sad so boredom and disillusion will come fast.Not that this doesn't happen in real life, but Facebook in this regard acts as a magnifying lens, allowing one to find many cases of a same pattern in a matter of seconds and being able to dig in depth to further confirm the patterns (ability to see a long term record. In real life you may meet someone and forget they said this or that. In FB, no matter how bad your memory is, it's all plastered on their walls )

Social anxiety is different from shyness. Shyness is usually short-term and doesnt disrupt ones life. Social anxiety is persistent and debilitating. It can affect ones ability to:Full source: From Lonely to Social Life in 27 DaysThere is no medical test to check for social anxiety disorder. Your healthcare provider will diagnose social phobia from a description of your symptoms. They can also diagnose social phobia after examining certain behavioral patterns.During your appointment, your healthcare provider will ask you to explain your symptoms. They will also ask you to talk about situations that cause your symptoms. The criteria for social anxiety disorder includes:According to the ADAA, about 36 percent of people with social anxiety dont speak to a healthcare provider until they have had symptoms for at least 10 years.The outlook for social anxiety is good with treatment. Therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication can help many people cope with their anxiety and function in social situations.Writer Anna Lysakowska (aka Anna Everywhere) battled an eating disorder that held her back for years … until her desire to see the world became the…