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How Does Hello Kitty Represent The Devil

Is Hello Kitty ”evil”?

Ahh your cousin heard the legend about how Hello Kitty is the devil
It's actually unknown...
The story behind the rumor is this:
Basically a long time ago, this woman had a 14-year old daughter who was dying of Mouth Cancer. The woman was losing her faith in God, Buddhism, etc., so she only had one last option to help her. She turned to the Devil. She promised the Devil that if he made her daughter better, she would make him famous to the world. That's how Hello Kitty was born.

Did you ever question why Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth? She doesn't have a mouth because the woman pretty much made it represent her daughter. Hello Kitty has no mouth because of the whole Mouth Cancer thing. Another rumor why she doesn't have a mouth is because she keeps secrets... I personally don't know much about that

Another observation: Kitty in Chinese means Devil. So technically her name is ''Hello Devil''.

Some rumors say that the girl died either way because the mother was tricked by the devil.
Another rumor says that the mother and her daughter mysteriously disappeared.
And the last rumor was that the daughter never died but she could never speak again...

When I heard this story, it ruined my childhood. I grew up with Hello Kitty... Now I threw out everything I own of Hello Kitty...

Does hello kitty represent the devil?

my friend told me about it.
i don't believe her because she doesn't have proof.
she just told me that she heard it from someone she knew.
i like hello kitty so no matter the answer i am still going to like her regardless.

What is your concept of devil or Satan, real or symbolic?

Hi…What is most important is how God describes him in the Bible. It is there we receive the absolute truth about who Satan is. His aim is to cause destruction in your life and to ensure that you ultimately are sent to Hell when you die by keeping you (if possible) from receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.Who is Satan? Who is the devil?Satan’s Ten Strategies Against YouRegards…

Is Hello Kitty a sign of the devil?

Yes, yes it is.It's a very well known fact on the Dark Web that Hello Kitty was created as an avatar of Baphomet to infiltrate our youth.When you see the image of Hello Kitty with the bow in her hair, it's the blood representation of demonic wings. And when you see Hello Kitty with the flower in her hair, the five petals represent the angles of the pentagram.Her polite demeanor and manners are a clandestine tactic used to make our children feel at ease and disarm adults as they prepare for the future uprising.Bono, of the band U2 has come out in the public with recordings of Hello Kitty played backwards and altered to the 666 Megahertz frequency and you can clearly hear a deep, demonic voice speaking about Oreo Cookies and the Beatles.If you look at the childish script of the Hello Kitty logo and hold it to a mirror and squint your eyes, you'll see it clearly spells out YttikolleH, commonly known as the wife of Baphomet.Hello Kitty is most definitely satanic. Avoid at all costs, lest your soul be lost to the dark world forever.

Is a pentogram the sign of satan? is it evil?

It's spelled pentagram. No it is not the sign of satan or evil. The pentagram is used as protection against evil. It's 5 points represent the 5 elements: Earth, Wind, Air, Fire and Spirit.

When, why, and how did the pentagram become to be seen as a satanic symbol?

I’m not an expert on the matter, so I could be completely wrong, and I welcome correction, but here is my understanding of it:In the 1960’s, Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible and founded the Church of Satan. LaVey was actually an atheist, believing in neither God nor any devil figure, but he appropriated the Christian concept of Satan as a symbol of what he stood for. In doing this, he also appropriated various symbols and practices from other traditions, especially pagan/occultic/mystical traditions. One of these was the pentagram - specifically, the inverted five-pronged star within a circle. This pentagram had been used as a religious symbol for many centuries by numerous religious groups - including Christians, who used it widely in the decoration of houses of worship in the Middle Ages. However, the use of the pentagram by the Church of Satan became so widely recognized that many people came to think that the symbol had always been associated with Satan.Theistic Satanism or Luciferianism predated LaVey and has basically been around for as long as Christianity has been around. These people believe in the devil as a real being whom they worship. They may now use the pentagram as a symbol of their belief, having borrowed it from LaVey and his followers, but it is a relatively new thing for them too.

QUICK ANSWER. I Found pants with an upside down cross and a regular cross.?

Correction: upside down crosses are not Pagan.

A lot of Pagan religions have used crosses, such as the equal arm cross (4 directions/4 elements) or the Roman cross that they used to represent death & battle, that they used to crucify people.

But Pagans don't use upside-down crosses; nor do we believe in any "Satan" or "devil", which is a Christian belief.

Upside down crosses came from Catholicism-- St. Peter was crucified on an upside-down cross.

It did not become associated with anti-Christianity or Satanism until pop culture in/around the 1960s, mainly perpetuated by horror movies, the Church of Satan which got started in the 60s, and Christian hysteria/rumor.