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How Long Before Third Interview At Home Depot

Homedepot interview question?

It appears after reading many reviews from people who interviewed at Home Depot that they were informed same day that they got the job contingent upon a background and drug test. They were given the drug test form and set up for an drug test appointment immediately. After everything was completed they received a phone call from HD to go to the orientation at the store.

However you are not out the running meaning the particular store or manager who interviewed you probably has several applicants interviewing this week and will make a decision early next week. I would in the meantime however continuing searching and applying for other jobs, since there are never any guarantees. Then contact the interview person at Home Depot on Monday and in a polite and friendly tone just state you are inquiring about the open position you interviewed on April ?? and are still interested. Good Luck!

TIP: There is a free website called where if you put the company name you can view comments/interview questions from people who interviewed at the company, employee reviews pros and cons of the job etc. If you put your interview experience you get unlimited access to all information.

Does Home Depot make you an offer at the third interview?

Tell them you're gay and you will be hired on the spot.

Should have told them that at the first interview.

What should I wear for my final home depot interview?

Home Depot sort of does 4 interviews. The first is online, the second is by phone, and the third and fourth are in-store. I had my third interview last week and I had bought some "business casual" clothes for that, which I regretted since my interviewer was in a t-shirt and blue jeans. After the interview, she said that they would do reference checks and that if I get the job I will be called in for one last interview with the store manager. So now that I have the fourth interview scheduled, I'm under the impression that I already have the job and I just need to meet the manager and talk over the job requirements and whatnot. So I'm not sure what kind of attire would be appropriate for this. Should I show up all fancy like I did before? Is it safe to wear casual(but still nice) clothes? I don't want to buy more dressy clothes if I don't have to.

The position is Lot Associate, by the way, so it's not like I need anything formal for the job itself.

2nd interview at The Home Depot?

Congratulations! Here's some advice I've gotten from placement managers at agencies I've been referred by:

*Arrive early, about 15 minutes. No more no less.

*Have a clean copy of your resume and offer it to the manager. They may decline but being prepared makes a good impression.

*Wear appropriate attire.

*Address the manager as Mr. or Ms. Use their first name only if they say it's ok.

*Expect to be asked more detailed questions about your goals and about what you envision your role in the company as.

*Read up on the company and open your interview with some relevant discussion about what you've read. Make sure it's something positive like a new store opening or new product line being introduced. This will show you've done your homework before the interview.

*If asked about specific people in your last position (like if your boss or the company was well known) don't make any specific remarks positive or negative. This is a "hook" to see if you can handle discussion of the job in a professional way. Even if your past employer had difficulties and you were laid off don't get into specifics. Just say yes, there were job eliminations but...and then emphasize what you've been doing to stay current in your skills.

*There's no way to know what the chances of being hired are, but at the end of the interview thank the manager and politely say you look forward to hearing from them. Give it up to 5 days and then call and follow-up.

*Send a hand written, short note, thanking the manager for the interview and reiterate how you'd be ideal for the job.

Why Home Depot background check is taking so long?

I imagine they use some third party to do their background checks. I have been in a situation where it took a long time to get a background check back because there was some ID theft issue I had a while back so they were getting some conflicting info, I ended up not getting the job because the third party company couldn't verify I was who I said I was. I am still trying to get some of that stuff cleared up.

Also why would they waste your time and their time to have you come in just to jerk you around for a month if you didn't get the job. At the end of the day if you didn't get the job originally it is just easier for them to call you and say "You didn't get the job". I would try to get the name of the company they are using and call and find out why it is taking so long.

No offer after third interview?

I had a phone interview and two in person interviews at a place I really like. They all went well, had me fill out an app for background check and references, and gave me a tour of the office at the end of the third interview (including showing me the break room and showing me where to make coffee, etc.)

VP even said I had more skills than the other candidates, and that if I didn't end up thinking this position was right for me, he would like to talk to me about potentially filling a more senior position. I sent thank you emails to everyone I met, and included a thing to the VP about being very interested in the other job he mentioned. No response from him regarding that.

Third interview was Thursday, sent thank yous on Friday, but nothing from them yet. I asked when they were looking to hire, and was told the organization can take a while to hire, but they needed someone soon.

No discussion of salary or anything, but does it sound like I may have gotten the job? When should I follow up to ask about the status? I know it's only Tuesday, but it seems that if they were interested, I'd know by now. Or could they still be pulling the offer together? They did mention that they just received a large grant for the position, and that they might potentially be hiring two people, so I'm not sure if that's the hold up.

I really want this job, and I'm starting to get my hopes up, even though I know I shouldn't.

What kind of drug test does Home Depot administer, and at what point during the interview process?

I have an interview tomorrow morning, I'm taking a urine detox kit, (i smoked pot yesterday). I'm drinking tons of water and urinating almost clearly. Hopefully it's a urine test and not an oral swab or hair follicle.

How many companies should you expect to interview before you get a job on average?

I used to work as an Administrative deputy general director in an autocomponent production facility (japanese company), I was responsible for all recruitment of management staff (I did not interview line workers, but I interviewed all personnel from shift leader and higher).I can definitely confirm that we interviewed at least 5 candidates for every job. But at the same time, I’m rather sure some of those candidates kept going to intervews, maybe dozens of them, while some were grabbed right away - it may have been their first or second interview.From my own experience, good candidates with adequate salary demands and looking for positions adequate to their capabilities (and age factors in here) pass 2–3 interviews before getting an offer. Often a couple offers at the same time. Candidates with poor record, hyperinflated salary expectations and looking for a job beyond their capability are left behind.Also, in a large company, the process is often very protracted - your CV gets submitted to a PiC by a recruitment agency, it gets reviewed by HR, submitted to a manager for approval -> a list of candidates is approved -> Recruitment agency is notified of the desired candidates and starts contacting them -> you get the interview -> the HR or administrative specialist writes and interview report (and he needs to write a dozen at the same time after a series of interviews) -> the line manager(s) write notes or feedback on the interview -> all of that gets compiled and submitted to the top management with recommendations -> for a management position sometimes a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the candidates. Then (sometimes a month later) the candidate is approved and HR compiles a job offer. Personally I have received job offers three-four months after the interview.

What are the interview questions for a business analyst?

Round 1: Aptitude Test -30 Min-30 QuePen and paper test was conducted. Level of questions was good. Only accuracy mattered as I was able to solve 12-13 questions. Out of 220 candidates, 45 cleared the round.Round 2: Group Discussion-15 MinRound 3: Puzzle interview-20 MinQuestion 1: There are 100 people standing in a circle, the first person has a gun he starts shooting the person next to him and hands over the gun to the 3rd person and so on. Who will be the last person surviving?Question 2: There are 20 blue balls and 13 red balls in a container. I pick up randomly 2 balls from the container if the color of the balls is same then I replace them with a blue ball and if otherwise then I replace them with a red ball. In this way, I continue what will be the color of the last ball?Question 3: How many Facebook users are there in the world?Question 4: Few questions to check mental calculation ability like 12% of 360, 11% of 56 etc.My Experience:I knew the answer for first question, told him the same. He then asked me to tell the approach. I was constantly talking to the interviewer while solving the questions so that he can understand what is going on in my head.Round 4: Puzzle Interview-35 MinQuestion 1: Cheryl’s birthday puzzle.Question 2: Two eggs hundred floors problem.Question 3: What is ‘vlookup’ in excel? Difference between vlookup and hlookup.My Experience:I could solve the puzzles only with their help, both interviewers gave a lot of hints. My project training was based on regression analysis so I used it as an example to explain questions of Excel. If they offer you to ask questions, do ask some questions. I asked them Where do they see themselves as an organisation after 5 years and also asked them why was the test conducted offline.Round 5: HR Interview-30 MinQuestions: Tell me about your family, What is good in Chhattisgarh, Where can I visit in Raipur and Bhilai, what do you not like about Raipur, every co-curricular activity from resume was interrogated. ETCMy Experience:I answered most of the questions with a story.My Preparation:A day before watched puzzles from24 Standard Interview Puzzles - 3 Daughters Agesand revised the project on regression analysis.