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How Many Different Ways Can Eight Members Of A Family Pose For A Photograph If They Stand In A

How many different ways could they line up for the picture?

Ana, Bill, and Charles are getting ready to pose for a photograph. How many different ways could they line up for the picture so that Ana and Bill are standing next to each other?

In how many ways can a photographer at a wedding arrange 6 people in a row from a group of 10 people?

This is really a mathematical question, not a photography question. You have the choice of Permutation - Wikipedia and Combination - Wikipedia. A combination just counts the people, while a permutation also includes the sequence in which they stand. Clearly combinations are easier. The formula is n!/(k!*(n-k)!). ! is the Factorial - Wikipedia function, the number multiplied by all smaller numbers. Let's take the individual cases:1. Bride must be in the picture. That means 5 others out of 9. So if you have 9 people and you want to choose 5, the number is 9!/(5!*(9-5)!), or 362880 / (120 * 24), or 126. This is often written 9C52. Both bride and groom must be in the picture. In this case you need 4 others out of 8, so the combination formula is 8C4, or 70.3. Either bride or the groom must be in the picture, but not both. That means 5 other people out of 8, or 8C5, 56.I’ll leave the permutations as an exercise for the reader. My (cheap) scientific pocket calculator has convenient functions on the keyboard. If you have a scientific calculator, yours might too.

How many different ways can five people line up for a photograph?Dont answer randomly... use statistics.?

5 factorial... which is 1*2*3*4*5=120
basically, only the first person can move to the other 4 positions (so one person can be in 5 positions...). The next can only be in 4 (since the first has already occupied his own position in the FIRST arrangement), The third person can only be in 3 new positions after the first two peole were in HIS position etc...

How can I improve the family photographs I take?

Improving as a photographer is not just about taking photos. It's about learning how to improve them. It sounds obvious, however, in my career I have seen many photographers continual take the same sort of photos, with the same sort of mistakes, without realizing how to change their photography to make it look the way they really want.Learning what makes another photographer’s photo stand out is THE EASIEST way to make your own photos stand out. Looking at photographer’s works that you vibe with, and then breaking down what makes the photo appealing is a very quick way to start getting quick results.The first thing to do to improve your family photography is to identify why you are not happy with the photographs. This is actually the hardest part. Identify at least 5 things that you would like changed. Be specific with what you want to be changed, is its exposure, composition, lighting, shadows, colors or just the expression of your subject? Be very critical and specific as the more critical you are of your own work, the easier it is to improve.Now go to YouTube and write, “how to improve (problem)”. Youtube has an amazing amount of photographers that have experienced every sort of problem. They all have come up with amazing solutions and guides to help photographers learn.Here are the You-tubers to learn from (Free) that I really liked in order of learning potential:Tony and Chelsea ( street ( Tucker ( Ortiz ( Slanted Lens ( Rudnyk ( Eat Together ( is the website that helped me learn the basic camera settings! (composition) (color theory)If you want to learn more ways to improve your photography read this guide on other ways to improve photographs. 4 Quick Steps to Improve your Photography Game focusing on simple tips to quickly become a professional.

A family of 6 is to be seated in a row. In how many ways can this be done, if the father and mother are not to sit together?

Let's find the number of arrangements with mother and father together, say N & then subtract it from total number of arrangements.Total arrangements = 6! = 720.Now, as mother & father are together, let's treat mother and father as a single person. Now, there're 5 persons.Number of arrangements in this way = 5! = 120.But mother and father can change their places in 2! = 2 ways.N = 120 × 2 = 240.Ans. = 720-240 = 480.

Bride UnHappy with photos?

You cannot please everyone, no matter if you are the best photographer on earth. The fact that you are telling people that you are not a professional means that you already take a dim view on your own work, which might predicate this person's response.

Now you really need to do a self-assessment of your photos. I have found that many people that might think they are great photographers really don't see what is good or bad in their photos - in other words, they cannot be objective. When taking photos of people, you have to engage them, to get the little kids interested, to interact with them enough that they stay on focus.

But be that as it may, and assuming you have self-assessed your photos and found they were outstanding, you can approach this in several ways.

You can ignore the person, and let them sue you.

You can pro-rate the photos they dislike.

In the future, you need to modify your contract so this does not happen again, or give them a low-resolution CD and let them pick out the ones they want before giving them the high-resolution images. That way you protect yourself as they cannot copy the photos (i.e. stealing them) before you get an agreement and settle on a price, etc. This used to be called a "proof" in the old days.

I know a lot of amateur photographers do exactly what you do - give the client a CD full of photos. But 2000 photos are way too many, and they will eventually complain about something. So in the future, pick out the best 100 max. and create a low-res CD of those photos.

Then for the pricing structure, charge a sitting fee - perhaps 40 or 50% of what you want to make. Price the reception photos separately - that is, a second sitting fee (after all receptions take more of your time than the wedding).

Then sell them a high-res photo with all rights if you want to, on an individual basis. Perhaps $50 per photo for less than 5 photos, $20 each photo for the first 10, $10 for 20, etc. whatever you decide.

If three couples are to be arranged in 6 seats then how many ways, they can be arranged such that husband and wife sit together?

This is a mathematical question. There is a concept called Permutations and combinations, using this we can solve these kind of problems/puzzles.So the problem here is 3 couples in 6 seats. Though you have 6 seats, the 3 couples can not be separated from their spouse while seating, so you have to assume 3 things need to be arranged, they can be arranged in 3! = 3*2*1 = 6 ways.Edit: The answer is 3!*2!*2!*2! = 48 as the couples can interchange their places. Credit goes to Sudeshna Sen!!Thanks.

ORGANIZED COUNTING : How many three plays would a student have?


Choosing a group of any 3 out of 8 is a combination, 8nCr3 = 56. So there are 56 ways to do this.

To pose 6 people in a row without the tallest and shortest beside each other could be:

Tall-not short- any of 4 middle- any of 3- any of 2-last one
1 x 4 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 96 ways with tall on left end.

There would also be 96 ways to stand if the tall man was on the right end.

If the tall man was in any of the 4 middle spots, they could be filled like this:


__-__-any of 4 middle -TALL-any of other 3 middle sized-__
This so far is
__-__- 4 -1- 3-__

The other spots can be filled as any of 3, then of 2 and last 1
_3_-_2_- 4 -1- 3-_1_

3 x 2 x 4 x 1 x 3 x 1 = 72 ways when the tallest is any of the 4 middle spots. This means all together there are 4 x 72 or 288 ways to arrange them when he's in a middle spot.

In total there are 96 + 96 + 288 or 480 ways to arrange them.

I hope that helps!! :-)

In how many ways can 5 people arrange themselves in a row for picture taking?

There are 5 people to fill the first place, 4 remaining to fill the second, 3 remaining to fill the third, 2 remaining to the fourth place and only 1 remaining to fill the fifth. That means there are 5 factorial (5!) ways. 5! = 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120.