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How Much Do You Think This Is Worth

How much do you think he is worth?

Great looking horse!! I would say 40,000 or maybe more would be about right in normal economical conditions, but it's not normal right now. He has great conformation and is very well trained.

How much do you think my wii is worth?

Assuming everything here works great, and is secondhand,

2 wii motes-70-75$
2 nunchucks 30-35$
wii console can sell for full price-250$
brawl 40-50$
mario strikers charged 35-45$
internet adapter around 20$
3 gamecube controllers 30-45$
total, at lowest, this stuff could sell for about 475$.

How much do you think this stamp is worth?

ive been going over some old stamp collection and i came across this stamp im not expert but it seems that it might be worth something tell me anything you know about it and how much it might be worth and if it is were can i sell it
i took some pictures of it check it out

How much do you think my website is worth?

You can check here: My website is worth... this site gives pretty good estimates. With any website value traffic, domain and page authority, and ad revenue potential matter as well when determining a value

How much do you think an eternal life with God is worth?

OK…how about an answer from a decided and fervent theist? No logical person can say that they know, without doubt, that God either exists or does not exist. I choose to structure my life with the belief that God is a genuine part of actuality, a being integral to the existence of the universe, and that I owe that being my life, my allegiance and my best efforts to live my life well.“Eternal life” however, is a thing that I clearly cannot perceive in any meaningful manner. I simply cannot fathom the conceptual construct, the mind, the person that people know as Victor somehow being an eternal being. Most of the time I’m barely a next Thursday being. I mean, I am a tremendous and chaotic collection of flaws, weaknesses, fears and dreams, only a few of which have ever been or ever will be realized.So, that aspect of my future, or the lack of that aspect is 100 percent up to God. I’ll focus on my life, in living in a way that I believe God would wish me to live, I will struggle, and think, and learn. I will try to understand the nature of God and the obligations that are incumbent upon me because of that nature. I will try to overcome my fears and help others where I can. And, if there is some untapped reservoir of my being that only God is aware of, some additional set of characteristics that make my eternal existence something that should be, then that will be wondrous. In the meantime I’ll do my best till next Thursday, then repeat as many times as possible. Then, the mystery!

How much do you think my psp is worth at a pawn shop?

depends on the games too i would say 130 to 200 $