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How Much Is A Signed Autograph Auction Guitar Sign By Josh Thompson

How much will an autographed guitar signed by 20 guitarist cost in the future.?

Impossible to say. I would think it would be more valuble if it was just one signature from a truly great guitarist (Jimmy Paige or Carlos Santana) that he actually used. I get the impression none of them played this particular guitar and some of them are at best mediocre guitarists. John mayer? Sting? Jon Bon Jovi? Whether the value of the guitar outpaces inflation is anybody's guess. If I was the one getting the signatures, I would have had only used great guitarists, and I would have had each of them sign a model just like the one they use.

In short, I don't know. I don't think it will ever be worth a fortune, but it just might outpace inflation by a small bit.

How much is an autographed lynard skynard guitar worth signed by all original members before the plane crash?

take it to vegas where pawn stars is or michigan where hard core pawn is, I'd imagine like 10 grand if its legit

How much is my autographed guitar worth?

call an appraiser who specializes in latino merchandise before you sell.

How much money can i make by selling an autographed guitar on ebay?

I am sure you could get a lot for it. You can check auctions that have already completed by going to Advanced Search and putting in the keywords. That would give you an idea. Also, place a reserve price to prevent it for going too low. Set the reserve at the lowest price you would be willing to sell it for. So if it does not get bid up that high, you are not obligated to sell it.

How much is an autographed Joe Walsh Fender guitar worth? It is autographed on the body not the pick guard.?

Not as much as you might think :)
White Fender Aria Pro II STG Series guitar signed by The Eagles - Glen Frey, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Timothy Schmidt and Don Felder - for a charity event in 1998. Certificate of authenticity included. Case included.

Sold Date: 11/02/2007
Sales Type: Auction
Offered By: Proxibid, Inc.
Item Location: Lake Barrington, IL, United States
Prices Currency: USD
Worth: To:
Sales Price: $690.00

How should I estimate the value of an autographed guitar?

Brand new this guitar can be purchased for about $130 and used you can get them from anywhere between 75–100 bucks. Your guitar would be considered used but it would likely be in great condition so you should be able to get at least $100. As for the signature I suspect the market for it would be more limited than say Keith Richards. When I do a quick search on what Third Day autographs are selling for and the range seems to be somewhere in the $30 to $60 dollar range. This means I would value the guitar at a range of $150 to $200 however you will need to find someone willing to pay that and that will be the hard part. If this guitar were to have been used on stage for a concert or in the studio on one of the bands better known tracks that could maybe squeeze a few more dollars out of the buyer but you would need to have some sort of documentation to prove this.After a quick Google search, I have found a couple of similar guitars listed online. One was from 2008 and the owner was asking $650 and another was from March of 2015 where the proceeds of the sale were going to charity. The owner of this guitar has valued it at $799. Sadly both of these valuations are wishful thinking. Ironically, the guitar being sold for charity might get closer to its valuation simply because sales such as these don’t follow the same rules of valuation. There is a real danger using the internet to value items because in most cases we never know if the item was sold and if it did sell what price the item was sold for.You are free to ask whatever price you like and any advice I gave here is just one mans opinion.

Trying to sell autographed guitar?


To get the best price, you may want to have the autograph authenicated by one of the companies in that business, such as PSA. Also, I suggest you hang on to anything from that concert, such as your ticket stub. Those might come in handy to authenticate the autograph.

As for a price, I was surprised at the number of autographs currently offered on eBay. Here are some sample auctions you might watch to see how they go.

Drum head


Acoustic guitar

Electric guitar

Electric gutiar

There are been no autographed electric guitars sold recently. Two listed at $399 did not sell.


How much is a paul mccartney autograph guitar worth?

Well it is worth the Bass value or the Autograph value, which ever is worth more. Since the bass neither was played by or owned by Paul it will not add much to the value of either of them, the best you could hope for is the Bass plus Autograph value. People put insane values on this combination but the truth of the matter is unless you actually got a hold of a bass that was owned or played by Paul, which is very unlikely, they don't add much to one another. It also would come down to where he signed it. The pick guard is the most common thing signed, this is mainly due to the fact that it is easily removed from a Hofner and much easier to carrier around, the body is much less common for the same reason. People demand thousands over the value of the bass and the autograph, and they don't sell for a reason, they aren't worth that much.

To put it bluntly, his autograph goes for between $200 and $2000 depending on what is autographed, if the item carries any value that item will add to the amount you can get for it. So say you have interest in this autograph and it is right around $1000, which is not unreasonable, and the Hofner you have is the most common one out there right now, a $350-$500 Chinese made right handed viola bass, these can be gotten at almost any Guitar Center the best you can hope for is probably $1500, if it is left handed you might be able to squeeze $1800-$2000 out of it. Now if you are talking about the modern German made 500/1 61-64 models you are looking at a significant increase in value, but only due to the guitar being worth more, new these things go for between $3000 and $4000, they retail for $4500 if I remember right, but easy enough to get for less. So you are looking about $4000 there about for an autographed one, maybe a bit more if it is a lefty, $5000. If it is on the body and not the pick guard you might get a couple hundred more for it, again because this is much rarer. I'm not even going to go into the pricing of an autograph on an instrument owned and/or played by McCartney, because I doubt you have one of these instruments, but I can tell you the few of these that have been auctioned off are the reason why people think they can get $10k+ for this sort of memorabilia.

How much would a guitar signed by Steve Phillips be worth?

I have guitars signed by the entire band of The Animals, one by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, one by Jimmy Page, one by Joe Pass, one by Marshall Crenshaw, and a couple more by others.Although there are some that will pay a pretty good sum for guitars that have authenticated autographs the market is really for the guitars that the folks actually played. You can buy autographed guitars in Las Vegas with almost any artist you can think of that played there but all the versions I saw were cheap, junky guitars so you aren't buying the guitar, you are really just buying the signature.Since Steve signed your personal guitar it is doubtful that it has a value any greater than the guitar on it's own EXCEPT to a collector of Dire Straits esoterica. And both of us know that these collectors aren't very common.

How much is a #15 - June 1982 Bowman autographed Jose Canseco baseball card worth?

Short answer: whatever someone will pay. Hand-autographed cards (not certified on the back of the card) are a tricky business - there are many forgeries out there, and it's hard to tell the difference. Then factor in that Jose Canseco is a polarizing figure - with most people taking a negative view of him - which decreases the demand for his cards, and therefore the values. For a Canseco collector, this could be worth a few dollars. For everyone else, I suspect it's barely worth the cost of the card stock. Try your luck on eBay and see how it goes.