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How Much Is Needed To Make S

How much fabric is needed to to make a jacket?

One thing to consider is that velveteen can have a "nap", which means you have to be careful about the direction when you place the pattern. The light will strike it differently if you cut longways on the fabric or across. For this reason, you will need more fabric than if you were just cutting a plain cotton. The width of the fabric also matters, you need more yardage of a 44-45" wide fabric than you do if the fabric is 60" wide.

You might want to look at patterns so you have an idea of what you really need. If you don't want to go to a store just yet, go to the pattern company websites. Most of them let you look at the back of the envelope which will tell you how much fabric you need. They will also tell you about the lining fabric and other things you need to make the jacket. If the pattern doesn't include an alternative for matching stripes, nap, and other one-way designs, be sure to add at least a half-yard or look for a pattern that takes it into account.

If the pattern price seems high, stores often run sales around holidays or offer coupons that you can use to buy the patterns at a discount.

How much HP do you need?

If your car weighs 4600 lbs, you need to dump the bumping system or put your fat *** on a diet.

The 4th gen F body weighs between 3400-3600 lbs depending on options. Since a car can't race it's self, it needs a driver.. So figure 225 lbs for driver.. Your at 3625-3825 lbs race weight.

For 3625 lbs you need 600 HP at the crank to do 11.10's
For 3825 lbs you need 635 HP at crank to do 11.10's
For 4200 lbs you need 695 HP at crank to do 11.10's

This is also with a dead hook, no tire spin.. So theres a good $5,000 in aftermarket suspension, tires and rear end just to get it to hook.. I say rear end, cause if your dead hooking with 600+ HP and running 11's you will break the 7.625" 10 bolt rear very quick

Q: How much leather [is] needed to make a jacket?As others mentioned, style, size and type of hide all matter.If the jacket is long, it’ll obviously take more. A traditional working western jacket for men might take 35 sq feet provided the hide is cow. Here is a photo of a jacket we used to make, style 11150 (worn by a woman):If you cut this from pig, it could take 40 sqft because the hides are smaller. If cut from lamb (real lamb, not “lamb”), it could easily be 50. Deerskin could be close to the same depending on how the hide was harvested but elk would be a little better, maybe 45 sqft.Another example; this woman’s jacket, style 21245, size M (now a small) would take about 20 sqft if cut in cow. If pig, it might take 22 or so (this is what we used). If you used lamb or goat, it could be about 25.I should also say that these patterns are broken up specifically for the type of hide they were intended to be made of. Lamb jackets require more piecing to use the skins more efficiently. Cow hides are larger so one wouldn’t need to piece front (or back) segments into upper and lower unless the design had certain style lines in it. The particular jacket above (21245) has solid front sections but the side panels are pieced upper and lower; the fringe covers the seaming. The back is cut the same except it also has a finished (not over laid) stylized one point yoke.I made these patterns about 25 years ago; the company went under in the late 90’s and I ended up with these. Still have them hanging on a rack; can’t bear to throw them away, keep hoping someone will want them or they’ll come back in style.

How much Cu2S is needed to make 263g Cu? How much SO2 is produced?

Stoichiometry question....

Cu2S(s) + O2(g) --> 2Cu(s) + SO2(g)
?g .......... .................263g .........?g

Actually two questions. Use the unit-factor method.

263g Cu x (1 mol Cu / 63.55g Cu) x (1 mol Cu2S / 1 mol Cu) x (95.61g Cu2S / 1 mol Cu2S) = 396g Cu2S ............ to three significant digits

263g Cu x (1 mol Cu / 63.55g Cu) x (1 mol SO2 / 2 mol Cu) x (64.06g SO2 / 1 mol SO2) = 133g SO2 ............ to three significant digits

I design and make my own shirts frequently so I know exactly how much fabric I use. How much fabric is dependent on the fabric width. Most fabrics are woven in two widths, 45″ and 60″.At 5′10″ and 200 lbs., I wear XL retail size shirts. My pattern layout for 60″ wide fabric needs 1.7 yards, so I buy an even 2 yards to allow for shrinkage; yes, you need to wash and dry your fabric before cutting to shrink the fabric. There is nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time and money, making a perfectly fitting shirt, and finding it has shrunk two inches in the sleeve length after the first washing. The pattern layout for 45″ fabric is 2.375 yd., so I purchase at least 2.5 yd., again a little extra for shrinkage. These lengths apply to short sleeve shirts too; you won't save that much fabric, since the layout of the patterns uses two body length, regardless of the sleeve length.When shopping use this info:60″ - 2 yards45″ - 2.5 yards

If you have a scarf and you want to make another just like it, weigh the scarf and buy that weight of yarn, plus a little (maybe 5% more) for mistakes.  Yarn is marked with its weight as well as its length.Weight is generally a better way to think about amounts of yarn, because the thickness of yarn is related to the height of a row, and you will need correspondingly more rows of a thin yarn than a thick yarn to make a scarf of the same length.  Now, it's just a rule of thumb, so if you're buying a dyed yarn, buy extra to make sure you have enough all in the same dye lot; you can always use the leftover yarn for another project.So if you don't have exactly the same scarf to weigh, weigh a scarf with a similar yarn; a yarn that requires the same needle (or hook, or shuttle) size and is sold in the same length for the same weight.

How much do I need to make to own a Tesla Model S?

expect to be earning around 150k per year with no debt to be able to comfortably and intelligently afford one.
they say that a car should never ecer be worth more than half of a years salary. with the tesla model S going up for around 70,000 (the basic one with little options and government rebates) around 150k a year means that you will be spending close to but not more than half your salary on the car. sure you can always finance it. but you will still be paying quite a lot more with interest.

you must realize that the tesla model s is not an entry level car. it competes with the BMW 5 series while providing new technology. early adoption is never cheap and with the added cost of the luxury in the tesla, its not a car for everyone.
I love the model S but honestly i want tesla to make cheaper cars for more people. (when tesla makes an electric to compete with a honda civic i'll buy it right away)

edit. you may want to check out this website

How many yards of fabric is needed for a small child's dress? and how much should i sell the dress for?

$10-15/yard is pretty common for decent cotton fabrics now at retail. But if you're making stuff as a business, you don't pay retail. You get your business license and buy at least at a discount, if not wholesale.

Average small child's dress in the most basic form is likely to take 1/2-1 1/2 yards of fabric, depending on width and size.

At $15, you're unlikely to be able to make much of a profit if you've got more than about $3 in fabric in it.

If you don't know how much fabric it takes to make a child's dress, you're also unlikely to know how to sew professionally enough to make things most people would consider buying, and you don't understand the rules on children's products that you have to follow; you're also unlikely to understand the licensing terms of most home sewing patterns (here's McCall's -- they own Vogue, Butterick and KwikSew, too: others are similar). Then there's time, wear and tear on your machinery, electricity, buttons, zippers, accounting, record keeping, etc.)

I know I come across pretty harsh here -- but I'd like to see you not lose money on this, and I'd like to refer you to a site where you can find many of the answers to your questions -- and the ones you haven't asked yet. It's Start with: and then go on to Don't miss posts like this: or And yes, you need to read Kathleen's book: