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How Much Is The Ceramic Flat Iron In The Philippines

Ack...the ceramic paint is chipping off the plates of my straightener!! :'[?

replace it ASAP. it's most likely that the straightener is not full ceramic metal, but rather the cheap kind that makes your hair look horrible

"Most ceramic flat irons on the market use plates that are made of aluminum or titanium, then coated with several baked on layers of ceramic. Even high end, professional ceramic flat irons use this technique (they may have more ceramic layers). That's because pure ceramic is much softer than metal-reinforced ceramic - easier to crack during manufacturing (or with rough use). However, with prolonged use, ceramic coating can peel or chip, exposing the metal below and causing the plates to heat unevenly or damage hair.

What is the best hair flat iron brand?

the CHI is one of the best flat irons on the market. its 100% ceramic (not just ceramic coated), which will help prevent your hair from getting dryed out. its also only an inch wide, so you can get hard to reach areas like around your face and the nape of your neck without burning yourself. it also has beveled edges (rounded edges) so you don't get straight lines or markes near your root (it happens to some people). it gets to about 450 degrees, which is really hot, so its great for someone with curly, coarse hair. what it DOESN'T have, is a temperature control. the professional eddition comes with one, but its about $160 or so. the regular one runs anywhere from $80 - $120.

i would also recommend the Paul Mitchell smoothing iron. it's the same thing (as far as everything i already mentioned), except it has a temperature controll, which the CHI doesn't. i've used both, and honestly, i couldn't tell a difference. but the temperature control comes in handy when trying to smooth out finer or straighter hair, which doesn't need as much heat. using too much heat can ruin your hair.

coarse hair can take alot of heat and chemicals because the innermost part of their hair is stronger (its called the medulla). finer hair sometimes even LACKS a medulla, so alot of heat can completely destroy fine hair.

also, if you plan on going a few days between washing/straightening your hair (which i definetly recommend), you can use a low heat setting to touch it up. you don't need a 450 degree iron on hair that's already been straightened, for the most part. touch ups don't require as much heat.

the Paul Mitchell iron runs for about $100-$120 at a salon. but, if you're in good with your stylist, you could be able to get it for $80.

they're both the same, they both do the same thing, but i prefer the Paul Mitchell slightly over the CHI due to the temperature control, but thats the only difference.

Hope this helps you make your decision!

Where can I purchase a hair flat iron in the Philippines?

Use an ionic flat iron. It will not curl back easly.
Solia makes a Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron.
According to the Solia flat iron website, "tourmaline,
a precious stone, is used to generate up to 6 times more
negative ions than traditional ceramic irons".

* Solia Hairstyling - how to style & straighten hair

Silicon vs ceramic hair straighteners?

i use ceramic because it leaves my hair shiny and soft.
silicon damages my hair but it depends on your type. :]
use a serum and heat protectant.

What is the basic difference between a dry iron and a steam iron? Which one should I buy?

Dry Iron is an iron box with a thermostat with wattage of say up to 1500 beyond which it will be too hot to ignite the fabric itself.DRY IRON (IMAGE SOURCE - GOOGLE )Steam Iron is similar to dry iron, with better features like- to generate steam & makes ironing faster & wrinkles are removed faster.STEAM IRON (IMAGE SOURCE - GOOGLE)Considering the toughest fabric (which can bear maximum heat) is an old denim jeans, a steam iron with wattage up to 2750 watts is sufficient & possibly the best choice for all your domestic needs.Even chords are important sometimes so choose the longer option say 2.5 meter is good enough for household usage.Nowadays even steam irons come with added dual option of using it as dry iron.There are few fabrics that you can’t use a steam iron with, such as silk. This is because it will damage the silk fabric.Almost all fabrics can be ironed easier and faster with the use of a steam iron or steam iron press instead of a dry iron because the steam gets the wrinkles out faster.Spray water to ease out tough wrinkles – Some dampness helps in getting the wrinkles out. The best time to iron shirts are soon after you pull them out of a washing machineA steamer takes the wrinkles out of a cloth without making contact with the fabric.Advantages of Steam IronFor fabrics such as wool, they will get the wrinkles out faster and easier.Disadvantages of Steam Iron1. In rare cases you can see marks on fabric from the holes in a steam iron, so be careful with recommendations.2. Creases cannot be pressed into fabrics. Your dress shirt won’t look crisp if you use a steamer. You’ll need an normal dry iron for that look.3. There are certain fabrics a steam generator iron should never be used on. Read the care label of your clothes before using a steam iron press to de-wrinkle your clothes.All these may be rarest of circumstances and situations – its quite safe to say that a steam iron will produce better results in shorter time. The power of steam is evident and should be taken advantage of.Suggestion : Buy a Steam Iron which by design can also be used as dry iron

Werid brown stuff on my flat iron?

yeah its the product thats happened to me. just clean it wen its off. try scraping it or just washin it with water. the chi is amazin and its worth the money. at first i would buy hot tools and i found they would break easily i wasted at least 300 dollars b.c i went through like 4. then i invested in a chi and its been working ever since. so save up and get it u would be dissapointed

Titanium or ceramic hair straightener?

Using titanium or ceramic hair irons will result to straight hair. Some brands say that using a ceramic iron is better because heat is equally distributed to the hair strands, while some brands claim that titanium iron is better because of equal distribution of heat on hair, it's lightweight, and it retains moisture while ironing the hair.

Whether your hair iron is titanium, ceramic or ionic, they all will give you hair that is straightened. But remember, these irons apply heat directly on the hair which is very damaging to the hair (for that matter, heat from hair blower, or even from the sun can cause damage to hair). What is important is TO ALWAYS APPLY A THERMAL PROTECTOR ON YOUR HAIR before applying heat from hair iron (whatever type or brand), or even hair blow dryer.

Hope the above info helps :)

Where can i buy a sedu ceramic hair iron in dubai?


How do i know if my straightener is ceramic or metal?

Remington is a cheap and very poor brand of flat irons. If it says it is ceramic, then most likely it is ceramic coated. Meaning its actually metal plates, but they spray the metalic plates with a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating usually wears off pretty quickly anyway and it is a huge difference between actual ceramic plates.
What you want to do is buy a GOOD flat iron at a salon. You will be surprised how HUGE the difference is between a good flat iron and a cheap one. Results look better, the hair is smoother, and hair is much less damaged.
If cost is an issue. Then save a little money each week. Or ask for a good flat iron for your birthday. Trust me. This is your hair we're talking about. One of the first things people will notice about you. It isn't an area you want to get cheap in. Buy cheaper jeans, buy a cheaper purse. You may not be able to show off that you have the most expensive brand jeans, but if the jeans ever rip or get ruined, you can always throw them away. If your hair gets fried and're stuck with bad hair.
So yes, get a good flat iron from a salon. There are other options you can look for. Tourmaline. Titanium. Tourmaline/Ceramic blends.

What is the cost of getting braces in Nigeria?

Regular orthodontics treatment with fixed appliances (braces) costs N160k at OAU Teaching Hospital. The prices should be similar at other government teaching hospitals like UCH. If you have other special needs those increase the total cost. Your consultations will also cost a few bucks. Then there are other little things like scaling and polishing, radiographs, etc. In total, prepare for like N300k spread over 18–24 months.In Lagos, there are some really good private clinics. Ortho treatment there can easily cost you north of N1.2m. They offer you lots of options and your treatment will also be faster.