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How Much Longer Will This Hurt

How long will my lip piercing hurt?

It depends on the person. For some people, even getting it pierced doesn't hurt. For other, more sensitive people, it might hurt for longer than a week. Just keep it clean with a sea salt solution, and antibacterial soap. As for eating, try cold, soft foods, like ice cream. They will be easy to eat, and the cold will actually make your piercing feel better. You could also try zinc or vitamin C, becasue they will reduce healing time.

How long will it hurt after you pop your cherry?

For some, the first few times might make you feel sore, as the vagina has been an unused muscle or even hurt if you aren't properly lubricated and/or your body isn't ready.

You could also have an infection.

How long will breakup hurt?

Truly depends on how long you want it to hurt you. There are people at both the ends of this love spectrum. For some, being in a relationship, pampered and other lovey-dovey things somehow validate their existence. They do not know what to do with their lives when they are newly single. This happens when your life revolves around this relationship. For these people, they need support (in form of other relations - parental, sibling, friends, or a new lover) to lift them from current mess to a new road. Who knows how long will it take? Can be months or years, but they will continue to be in the mess for that long. And then the second kind of people. Relationships are a part of their lives. Not the entire thing. Every relation is a part of their life. Just like other good things come to an end (like schooling, colleging, etc. ), this part/phase of life can also come to an end, without affecting other parts (or may be slightly). You learn your lesson and move on to better things in life. You will most probably never forget this relationship (after it stops hurting), but a mere memory should not cause you to cry/feel hurt (unless you were in a traumatic/abusive relationship, which is a totally different ball game, I am assuming we are not talking about such situations)Hence, only you can decide where you belong.

How long does a cartilage piercing hurt?

It really just depends on how your body reacts to the piercing. Also, if you got it done with a needle it will probably hurt a shorter amount of time than if you got it with a gun.

Most of my cartilage piercings have stopped hurting within 3-4 weeks and only get sore if I sleep on them or bump them. But it's different for everyone.

How long will my industrial piercing hurt?


The piercing hurts when actually getting it done for about a minute. After the process, its pretty soar for a while. The pain goes down in about a week.. unless you get an infection. With infection it hurts until the infection is completely gone. (Have had three infections) and everytime you hit it, someone else hits it, or it gets caught (mine got caught ina volley ball net.. talk about pain) it'll hurt. Usually they take 6 months - a year to heal, meaning you shouldnt change it to risk infection. Many say you can change it after 6 weeks, although dont change until its COMPLETELY healed. It doesn't hurt after about a week unless you hit it/get infection.

How long do your wisdom teeth hurt after surgery?

The length of postoperative pain depends on several variables. Generally speaking, the pain maxes out at 4–5 days and disappear about a week to ten days after surgery. The time is shorter for teeth that are easily removed and longer for more complicated surgeries. The discomfort is mostly from the lower teeth and any pain from the uppers I’d overshadowed. In some cases, removal of just upper third molars is painless.Another variable is the age of the individual. Younger patients heal faster than older patients. This combined with the surgical difficulty adds variation to the length of healing.One additional problem that can affect the healing time and that is the patient’s willingness to follow postoperative instructions. The patient that doesn’t control bleeding, doesn’t exercise the jaw, doesn’t eat, does clean the teeth has a delayed healing. The decision to not follow instructions come back to bite them. Some patients have to be reappointed for suture removal and postoperative checks because they cannot open their mouths. They are still in pain after a week.

How long will it be until my cartilage piercing stops hurting? I got it done about 3 months ago (pierced with a gun) and it doesn’t hurt too bad but if I lay on it or hit it it will hurt. Also how long until I can change it to a hoop?

hi, thanks for the request.okay, so first off, i already notice a thing wrong with this. piercings should never be done with a gun. especially cartilage piercings. this slows the healing process immensely. the thing with gun piercings is that they look healed faster, but they're really not. the next time you should get it done with a needle. scarier, but better.secondly, cartilage piercings generally can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to heal. maybe even longer. i was able to change my helix piercings to hoops after 2 months, but i got them done with a needle. you could change your piercings to hoops now, but let your piercer do it. just bring the jewelry to them and ask them to change it, they might even do it for free (mine did).but. yes, there's a but. cartilage piercings will ALWAYS hurt. cartilage piercings heal from the outside in, so they might look healed, but inside, they're not. this could be the pain/discomfort you're feeling. it most likely is. especially because it was done with a gun. that being said, like i mentioned, they'll always hurt. even when they're completely healed, inside and out. i had my helix piercings for two years and even after 2 years they still hurt from time to time. they will get inflamed for no reason, they'll hurt for no reason. in all of the 2 years, i couldn't sleep on my piercings. it always hurt. but some of my friends had no problems sleeping on them whatsoever after a few months. so just so you know, the pain may subdue slowly, or never fully go away. well, "pain". let's call it discomfort.too long, didn't read: you can change them now, but let your piercer do it for you. as for the pain: the piercings will probably always be a bit uncomfortable to lay on.

How long will my navel piercing hurt after getting it pierced? Also, a question on free hand piercing.?

when i got mine pierced my piercer didn't use a clamp either and mine came out perfect. he was also a part of the association of professional piercers. its fine if he didnt use a clamp, it just means that he's such a good piercer he doesn't need to. :) there's no difference really from freehand or the clamp, the clamp just helps them get it precise, but if the piercer is good enough they don't need to use the clamp because they can do it straight without it. it just means you had a really good piercer.

and it could be sore for a couple more days. every person is different, as long as there is no puss or blood or crusties or anything you're fine. you might be sore on and off throughout the entire healing period, but it should never get to the point where it really is interfering with your life it hurts so bad. if it is that bad and doesn't go away after another week, i would go talk to your piercer and see what he or she says.
but the soreness should probably go away soon. just make sure that you're cleaning it multiple times daily.

good luck! :)