How Much Lucas Motor Stabilizer Do I Add

How Well Does Lucas Oil Stabilizer Work?

Once again, NO! refer to my other answers regarding oil additives.

Edit: Feel free to ignore (after your 3 questions on the same scam), it's your money, waste it anyway you no attention to the facts regarding engine oil additives. But why bother to ask? Go ahead and purchase the "miracle-in-a-can" and be happy! This (and all the others) magical liquid(s) will increase horsepower and torque, make you more attractive to young women, and your engine will last forever, people that are too stupid to take advantage of this blessed substance are just missing out! Pay no attention to the laughter and pointing, You Have Got It All Figured Out!

Lucas oil stabilizer does it work?

The stuff is meant for older high mileage engines. Adding Lucas oil stabilizer to a modern engine that doesn't have oil pressure or compression issues is asking for trouble. All the stuff does is make the oil thicker which helps if your rings and rod bearings are worn out. Adding a viscosity thickening agent like Lucas, STP or CD2 to a well running motor will reduce available power and increases fuel consumption.

Have you ever played with that display thing with the plastic gears inside the transparent housing? Notice how much stiffer the handle is to turn on the gears running the Lucas mixture? Works the same way inside your engine.

Using too much Lucas Oil Stabilizer?

You shouldn't have to add ANY stuff like that if your engine is in good condition. That stuff is just an oil thickener designed to make the oil have more viscosity so old worn-out engines don't rattle so much. If you put that much in your oil will be very thick and gooey and cause a lot more friction in the engine.


Lucas oil stabilizer?

i own a repair shop,,and honestly its not going to help it any,i keep it in stock here at the shop,,but i have used it,,and i have seen engines that were tore down that had it in them,and they weren't any difference in them at all,,it wont hurt anything to add it,,but its not going to really help it at all,,,,the best thing you can ever do for any engine is to change to a synthetic oil,,i have been using Mobil one now,,in a lot of higher mileage engines,,and i have noticed better performance in them,,better fuel economy,,and cooler running conditions on a lot of them,,that's not a lot of miles on that engine,,there good for a few 100 thousand if taken good care of,, i service some of our mail carriers vehicles,,and there Cherokee,s ,,with the 4.0,,and they have all went to the ,,synthetic oil now,,and they have over 300,000,,on some of them,,and there still going good,,,everyone will tell you a different thing,,i can offer you 36 yrs of knowledge,,combined in one little answer,,good luck with it,,i hope this help,s.

Rebuilt Engine, Lucas oil Stabilizer ?

I just rebuilt my engine and im goin through the break in process, bout 900 miles through, changed the oil at 600 and it was burned, i havent been over 70 mph on it yet, just takin it easy, was wonderin if i put Lucas Oil Stabilizer, how much it'll help. anyone has experience in this ? Lucas Oil Stabilizer in a freshly rebuilt engine.

2000 honda civic SI,

I will explain the very basic old age voltage stabilizer working principle first then go into the modern age stabilizers.A basic voltage stabilizer looks like below and works by the auto-transformer principle.It can have two modes by controlling the relays at the output. The buck or voltage reduction mode and the boost or voltage increment mode. When the grid voltage is too low then the boost mode is used and when the grid voltage is higher than the appliance rating then the buck mode is used.During the buck operation the low turns ratio secondary is connected with the primary in such a way that it subtracts the secondary voltage from the primary.During the boost operation the secondary voltage is added to the primary voltage and a voltage boost is achieved.The problem with the above circuit is that it regulates the voltage in steps and smooth regulation cannot be achieved.To address this problem the following circuit is used.A position controlled servo-motor is employed to achieve smooth control in the output voltage by sliding the auto-transformer terminal as necessary.The modern day power electronics is able to remove the servomotor and use an IGBT based circuit to achieve smoother voltage in much compact and efficient manner.For further details: Voltage Stabilizer Working And Its ImportanceImage source: Voltage Stabilizer Working And Its Importance

How does Lucas oil stabilizer stop engine knock?

it will stop the bearings from knocking as long as they have not spun and it squeaking if its knocking and squeaking the bearings have spun and its too late but yes it will stop it from knocking ive been using it forever i am a mechanic since childhood and i will tell ya right now its either knocking or its not there is no masking like people say if you add the lucas and it quits knocking its not knocking there is no knocking and you don't hear it either is or it isn't and that's that as far as the lucas goes i would change the oil and depending on your capacity dump two quarts of the stabilizer in or if its really bad you can use the lucas at 100 percent but that's only on a motor just knocking like crazy and spun bearings like i said i don't know how bad your problem is i haven't heard the engine im just going on what you said on here i would for sure change the oil and add 2 quarts of lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer if its knocking it wont be long before them bearings spin my guess is you already have shavings in your oil the glittery brass stuff there will be people out there say lucas oil will ruin your engine if it was gonna ruin my engine it would of done it by now after 10 plus years of using it don't listen to bob is the oil guy that dude is actually whipping the oil into foam with them gears that don't happen in an engine any oil will froth period if you whip it like they did and to answer your first question no it will not hurt it use 2 quarts stabilizer and a good 10w30 oil like castrol syntec or gtx or valvoline anything besides pennzoil and a wix filter good luck and how it stops it from knocking is it coats the bearing and the crankshaft and makes it slick where they don't touch they just slip across each other it isn't just the thicker oil or else when the oil thinned out when it got hot it would start knocking again there's something they put in it we will never know about and they wont tell hope this helps but no its not just thicker oil it has stuff in it designed to take care of the problem i appologize about my long post but some people on here give inncorrect info im stating facts that weve accually done tests on it add it to it it wont hurt a thing i promise ya that it will either stop it from knocking or quiet it very dramatically

How do i use lucas oil leak stop?

I have been adding 1-2 quarts of oil to my car for a couple of months now so I don't need an oil change. I don't drive that much. Tomorrow I'm going out for a drive of about 60 miles. I'll probably have to add a quart or two of oil as it's been sitting for a month. So, if I add the two quarts and the bottle of stop leak, how far should I drive it? since my car sits so much I'm thinking that's how this problem started. Is that possible? The seals drying out?

Nothing will happen , but using the recommended amount for the amountof fuel your stabilizing. Then add a little more just for good measure, fuel contains ethanol and might last a month depending on were you live and is hell on gravity fed gas engines. Fuel doesn’t contain stabilizers on its own, and when storing your gravity fed engines remove all the fuel when putting them away for the season.