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How Much Would It Cost To Stay In Canada For 1 Week

How much is the cost of visit visa to Canada?

If you are visiting Canada for the first time and worried about visa cost. Here is the cost of visitor visa for Canada is as follows: -1. Visitor visa (including super visa) per person is Canadian $100.2. Visitor visa family (5 or more) is Canadian $500.3. Extend your stay as a visitor per person Canadian $100.4. Restore your status as a visitor Canadian $200.Note: - For family visitor visa you need to apply for all the family members at the same time. Your children must qualify as dependent. From 24 oct 2017 age limit for dependent changed from U19 to U22.Eligibility norms for Canada Visitor visa: -· You have to make it credible that you will leave Canada at the end of your allowed visit time here.· Show appropriate amount of funds to support your stay and expense during your travel to Canada.· You cannot be a health, criminal or terrorist risk.Visa officers have a lot of latitude in how they assess this. The reason for your visit has to be credible in terms of your resources and your situation in your home country.Getting a Canadian Visa is quite easy and when applying for a temporary resident (TRV) visa it’s even simpler to acquire. The validity varies from Visa to Visa. All one need to do is to collect the required set of documents mentioned below:1. Passport2. Cover Letter3. Proof of Financial history4. Itinerary Documents.5. Purpose of travel6. Immigration Status document.7. 2 Photographs.The process to apply for a visitor visa is really simple.There are 2 modes of application of the Canadian Visa application. Know the detailed process here.1. Go to nearest Visa Application center – You can apply online or on papers. Fill out form very carefully.2. Take help from visa Consultant – visit Canada tourist visa consultant and they will apply on your behalf. This is the easiest way to get Canada tourist visa.Apply for the tourist visa and job is done after this you have to wait for the processing days and get the further confirmation about the status of visa application through your registered mail. If you need assistance with working holiday visa you can send your enquiry to to get quick response from the expert team of Nile Migration visa consultancy.

Cost of a 2 6 of vodka in AB, Canada?

I will be traveling to Alberta for a few weeks with some friends and want to know the price of a 26oz. and 40oz bottles of vodka, Smirnoff premium, anything really.

How much would it cost to stay in Bora Bora (Tahiti) for 1 week?

Just letting you know - there aren't any places to swim with dolphins on Bora Bora. The only place I know of that does that is on Moorea (at the Intercontinental hotel).

As previously mentioned, it will easily run you $1-2k per night at the Four Seasons for an OWB, depending on which type of room you'd like (those that are further away from the beach are more expensive, since they have more privacy and better views). Tours, on average, are around $100 per person. I highly recommend a shark and ray feeding tour - it's a little intimidating but a lot of fun. Food is extremely pricey there, since most of it has to be imported. One night we spent $200 on dinner, and we didn't even have any alcohol with that.

Also, the beaches there aren't like the beaches in, say, the Caribbean. Because BB is a volcanic island the sand isn't very soft, and the beaches are also rather narrow so you can't really lay out that much. Our hotel was near the nicest beach on the island (Matira Beach) and it wasn't that impressive.

Based on your preferences, I say you should budget at least $10k, perhaps as much as $17k.

Does your reduced airfare also include the flight from Papeete to Bora Bora? There aren't any international flights direct to Bora Bora, and the flight from PPT to BOB is easily around $400 per person.

How much does it cost to stay in "Motel 6" for a couple of weeks? No longer than a month?

My family and I are getting kicked out of our home on the 26th of April and we live in Ohio near by Cleveland. The house that we are interested moving into is not ready until the end of May so we have to stay in a hotel room until then. To stay cheap we are considering staying in Motel 6. How much does it cost to rent out a hotel room? There's 5 of us in my family.

How much money is needed to stay in Canada for 1 month of an average?

you didn't mention the city and person in question so its hard to answer but if talk about Toronto then i can give you estimated idea about expenseIn Toronto, Canada one bedroom flat in city centre (monthly rent), Meal for 2 (mid-range restaurant, three courses) and including Transportation (monthly pass)$1,600-1700 +$200-150 +$140Remember this amount can be different as depends in yiur budget and you need to save a lot cause Toronto isn't a cheap place to live.However, Medium apartment can cost 1400 and smaller can cost 1100$. In Calgary (particularly) Medium apartment can cost 1000-1200$ and in Montreal it can go around 800-900$.

How much will it cost to visit Canada in Indian rupee?

On an average, a person staying at mid-range hotels, eating food from outside, buying drinking water, transportation, entertainment and also considering tips etc, can expect to spend an average of around CAD 200 per day.If it’s a one week trip, then the expenditure would be around CAD 1400.Now if we include the cost of flight tickets to and fro, one would have to shell out Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,10,000.CAD 1400 at today’s Canadian Dollar exchange rate in India works out to nearly Rs 80,000.So including to and fro flight tickets and a 1-week stay in Canada, it’d be safe for you to estimate the total trip cost around Rs 1,80,000 - Rs 1,90,000.To buy Canadian dollars from a forex store across any town or city in India, simply visit - Compare Rates & Buy Forex Online in India and book the foreign currency online itself.Get the best exchange rate on Canadian dollars and save money on your foreign currency exchange.Hope this helps.

How much does a one month trip to Europe from Canada cost?

Depending on where in Canada you will fly from, which countries you wan to visit and how many people you are travelling with the final cost could change a lot. If you find a good deal for the plane ticket, say from Montreal/Toronto to Paris or Milan it will be around 800 cad round trip per person. If you want to go to Ireland or to the uk the flight should be a bit cheaper. Another thing to consider is the exchange rate, the cad is very low now, so it’s gonna be expensive to buy €, £ or even chf. Then consider that Eastern and Southern Europe are a lot cheaper than central and northern Europe and the islands (uk, Ireland, Iceland, etc).I guess if you flied from Toronto to Paris and travel around France, Italy and Spain for a month and flied out from Madrid or Rome you would pay about 3500–4000€ at this time of the year if you travel alone. It would be a bit cheaper if you went to the balkans or Greece.I just recommended, if you are traveling from November to March, avoid central an Northern Europe, and if you want to go to Southern Europe definitely don’t go in July-August, wich is the full season with higher prices and a lot of tourists all around.Hope my answer will help you, happy travels and good luck!