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How Often Do You Let Someone Tell You What

How often do you let your bitterness show?

probably more often than what i should. i'm not very good at all at hiding my moods.

How do you let someone know that they need to shower more often and use deodorant?

You must speak to the person privately and tell them that they smell very bad and need to practice better body hygiene. Really. It’s that simple. Never say it in front of other people. If the person looks confused, tell them they need to wash their body, hair and clothing with proper soap and more often. If it is a fellow worker, tell them that one is expected to come to work freshly washed every day.

What should you say when you can tell someone isn't telling you the truth?

Play along with them!When someone is lying, they would usually be inconsistent with the things they say. (Professional liars are able to manipulate their own minds to tell consistent lies, but that’s very unlikely for you to meet such a person in real life)Go with the flow! Pretend that you are not aware that he is lying. If you want to add some challenges to yourself, try remembering each lies that he had told you!Then, ask him something else that distracts him and come back to the main topic. If they are inconsistent with their words, repeat what they have said earlier and wait for them to make excuses, while making a stare.If they admit they they’re lying, cool.If their ego is high, you’ll probably end up in a fight. Who knows?The only thing that matters is to have fun!So, have fun!

How do I tactfully tell someone that they smell bad?

I stank a lot during early high school, it resulted in me ostracised from everyone. I had horrible habits, my parents didn’t teach me about hygiene and I wasn’t financially independent.Eventually I started showering daily and it lessened.However I moved to a different school and my last few years weren’t too bad. My self esteem developed and I had a decent variety of friends.However I apparently still did have issues on some days, where I forgot to shower or wear old clothes. And some of the days my close friends would make subtle and snide remarks.And honestly, that hurt really bad - like a slice of a knife. I was clenching my teeth and trying not to shake during class. I guess my self esteem wasn’t as strong as I thought it was. I also was HIGHLY conscious of my smell.They were trying to do good I guess, to let me know in a discreet fashion but they couldn’t have been more clueless. Discreet doesn’t mean to make remarks about it in a classroom full of my classmates! Not to mention my crush!After graduation, a friend finally directly told me in private - sincerely, carefully and delicately. The tone was of caring and concern. I appreciated it gladly.Even better he recommended advice and good hygienic habits. I asked him if it was fine if we could meet up together so he could do a ‘smell check’ - basically just hanging out and confirming I didn’t smell. He agreed and seemed relieved that I was taking it seriously.I was also laid a bomb shell upon me. He told me all this time, everyone noticed my smell and it wasn’t just him. I was shocked and confused. I asked him why didn’t anyone tell me directly and he replied that ‘because you wore the same clothes we just thought you were poor and accepted it’.He reassured me that he and everyone else still cared for me as a friend and that I was loved by everyone.So that was perfect and I’m glad to say I had passed his smell test haha! Even to this day I feel deeply indebted to him and we’ve both stayed in touch and grown closer since graduation.So the moral of the story -Tell the person directly and privatelyMake sure the tone isn’t of criticism but of concernOffer advice and an outline of your own techniquesReassure them that they’re still lovedOffer a confirmation ‘smell test’ of sorts

How do you know when you're being pushy without someone telling you?

Judge that person's actions, and think about it from their perspective.How many times does your friend have to say no before you respect that they mean it? If it's frequently more than a few playful times, or if your friend has to be very serious and say it sternly more than once, you're being pushy.If your friend doesn’t have the confidence to say no directly, judge their demeanour for how much they're enjoying whatever it is that you pushed them into. If they're keeping to themselves, spending a lot more time on their phone or otherwise distracting themself, if not being very talkative or trying to put some distance between you and them (example: you pushed them into going to a club, and they spend more time mingling than with you), or if they make excuses/you generally have a hard time convincing them, you're more likely than not being pushy.If it gets to an extreme point and they completely block you on social media and the phone, not respecting that is being too pushy.Sometimes being pushy is ok, because there are times where your friend's truly do know what's better for you, and there are times where you don't feel driven to do something that turns out to be a really amazing experience once you've been given the necessary push. However, everyone has limits, and there is a certain point where enough is enough, and boundaries need to be respected.Put your feelings aside completely for a moment, and consider your friend's feelings, both within the moment and overall. Judge how often you push them into things, and how often this seems to be for the better. By asking this at all, it strikes me that you genuinely want to know so that you can be a good friend and back off if that proves necessary. If that's true, I suggest talking to them about it and if you believe they'll be honest with you if you make it clear that you want them to be, maybe try directly asking them if you're too pushy. It sounds childish, but you could even have a codeword or something that your friend could say if you're ever crossing a certain boundary.

If you are a parent how often do you hug your child and tell it you love it? If you are a dad you really need?

I'm not a parent.But I'm sure if my DAD or MOM ever did that to me I'd be the happiest man in the world.Bye.

How do you let someone know that something is bothering you?

I can only do this with my close friends though.Since I can't remember everything in person I write them out a very polite letter, in text, and once we talk it out I clear up any left over feelings or negativity in person.If your not quite well acquainted I would suggest being like, “excuse me, do you mind if….” tell them directly what your problem is, IF its talkable.Now idk the scope of the thing that is bothering you or else I would tell you what I would do to solve it. I would feel hypocritical for telling you to do something I wouldn't do :3

Why do people say "Don't let anyone tell you otherwise" when you can't stop anyone from telling you otherwise?

You seem to be taking the remark too literally. By someone telling you not to let anyone tell you otherwise, it is actually a compliment to you. In other words, say you're down on yourself because you didn't get a good grade on a test. This makes you feel inferior and negative about yourself. So along comes your best pal and says, "You're a lot smarter than you think. You just weren't prepared for the test. Don't downgrade yourself, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.". Naturally, you can't stop other people from saying things, unless you bop them over the head. So what the expression means is just not to take that remark seriously.