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How Old Do You Think My Kitten Is

Do You Think That Is My Kitten Sexy? ?

He is adorable!

How do I introduce a new 2 months old kitten to my kitten?

Yes, absolutely!!! Do it! I agree with both answers that, given both kittens’ age, you'll very likely have a smooth transition if you do it right.TLDR: cats are very territorial and so the best thing is to expose them to one room at first. Let them claim their space, and then slowly let them out and explore the rest of the house. Also, start off with short sessions together. A little hissing is fine, as is play fighting. For a detailed analysis of how to introduce kitten to new kitten, read Think Like A Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett. It's really helpful all around. She has other books too, but this one’s a great start.Andrew Stein and I have 2 cats, Squishy and Waffles. Here they are. They are our loves!Squishy (the darker cat) was adopted first. He was around 4 months old when we got him. 2 months later, we got Waffles (the lighter cat). Squishy had run of the whole house, but we kept Waffles in our second bedroom for a couple of days.Then, slowly, we introduced them. Here they are meeting for the first time:There was a bit of hissing, but that's normal when they're working out dominance. And Andrew Stein has some great videos of them play-fighting, which looks ferocious but is completely silent. Because Squishy had only been with us for a couple of months, he was not territorial yet and accepted Waffles. They love each other very much!I would approve of getting a second kitty, because they are great companions for each other. Cats learn how to “cat” from their brothers and sisters - they practice hunting, taking turns being the prey and the predator. We couldn't offer nearly as much stimulation to Squishy as Waffles does (although interactive play sessions are still very important).In short, I think confine the new kitty to a room for a few days and do short visits. Let the cats guide the pace of introducing. Good luck - I hope this helps!! :-)

How old do you need to be to adopt a kitten?

I think you have to be over 18.

How old do kittens have to be before you can hold them?

It depends on how much the cat trusts you.
If the mama cat trusts you then you will be able to touch them within a couple days but i would not advise holding them.
I'd wait about a week before holding them, and mind you, thats only if she trusts you.
Be careful and make sure you give the mama cat space because if she is always surrouded by people then she will try to move her kittens because she will not feel safe.

You can give a kitten away at about ten weeks.

Why did my cat kill her 3 day old kittens?

There could be several reasons, but the most likely is she felt threatened by something. If an animal feels threatened with brand new babies they almost always do one of two things, the first is to abandon them, the second is to kill them. It is a natural reponse meant to protect young from needless suffering, or in order to protect her own life so she can go on to have more babies in the future. If she was a first time mum a couple of other issues could also be in play, very simply confusion from inexperience, and possibly post partum baby blues. Experts are not always sure but suspect hormones can affect animals the same way they affect humans, and sometimes tragedy is the result. Even a vet unless they were there at the time could not be 100% sure, probably not even then. Lastly animal parents have been known to regularly abandon, even kill offspring with birth defects. Just because you could not see something wrong, does not mean they were healthy. It is natures way to try to ensure survival of the fittest, and natures way of trying to make sure food resources are not wasted on offspring that are not healthy enough to survive, and go on to procreate in the future. Cruel. But neccessary I suppose.Lastly she may not have been able to produce milk, or enough milk. If that was the case, a mother will sometimes kill her young if she cannot provide for them, rather than having them suffer. Another instinct of nature meant as a protection.

How Old should a kitten be, before giving them catnip?

I don't think it matters, they make catnip toys for all age cats. If the kitten's too young to realize that it's like pheromones, then it won't react the same way as older cats.

This is what a site says:

Kittens will not show the behavior until they are at least 6-8 weeks old. In fact, catnip produces an avoidance response in young kittens. The catnip response usually develops by the time a kitten is 3 months old.