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How Should I Tell My Daughter About Her Mother Going To Jail And Prepare For Her Time Away Should

Should I tell my daughter she was a product of rape?

14 years ago my older cousin pushed me into having sex with him when I didn't want to. I actually kept the baby, at first I was going to get an abortion but I walked out of the abortion office and was too afraid to go through with it. My daughter actually turned out very beautiful, smart, and normal and I have a really very close relationship with her, but our family has nothing to do with this cousin anymore and he's actually currently in jail for other bad things he's done, and he's never been a part of her life. I haven't told my daughter about the way she was conceived yet...and but now she's starting to question me about it because she doesn't know her father. I'm really not sure how to tell her or if I even should, if you have any good ideas on this I would appreciate it. What should I do and how could I explain it if I do?

Am I going to far with punishing my daughter?

She's fifteen but she crossed a serious line. I'm a cop and I am just... she embarrassed me. She was told not to go to a party and she did. She took her mother's car and while under the influence was pulled over by my colleague and best friend whose daughter was also with her and intoxicated so you can imagine how he reacted.

I let her stick it out and spend the night with society's finest(I'm being sarcastic) I hoped she would learn her lesson but when she got home she acted bratty and childish. So I snapped and said if she acted like a child I'd treat her like one. I spanked her and had her stand in the corner. That didn't work so I took everything but the bare essentials from her room.

I also make her do chores now which I should have done from the start it's my fault for not teaching her responsibility and I make her stay in her room by herself most of the time now when she's not busy. I know it sounds strict and bad but she has to learn there are consequences and I told her if she didn't straighten up she'd go live with her grand parents at the farm over the summer

She also has a habit of exaggerating what I say. I can't stop being angry with her though she doesn't acknowledge she did wrong she acts like she's the victim and I can't believe how spoiled she is. It's been six months and she feels like she is in prison which is the idea she got away with some serious crimes and I can't let her just slide I even made her quit cheer leading to get a job, Am I going to far?

I am going to jail soon, I'm 18 yrs old, what should I do before and while I'm in jail?

This advice comes from my dad who was a Corrections Officer for 25 years. I have never been locked up and have never been in trouble with the law.Don’t accept any “gifts” when you arrive. Sometimes you won’t have everything you need such as shower shoes, soap, a toothbrush, snacks; whatever. Some inmates will try to leave you “gifts” to hold something over you. They’ll say that since they did something for you, it’s time for you to do ANYTHING for them.Continue your education. Give yourself a chance to learn something that can be used to help you when you get out. Go to college, learn a trade, get your GED. That will be a good chance to keep you from reoffending. It could also reduce your time in jail if they see you are doing your best to become a model citizen.Be ready to fight. My dad said that prison is a whole different ballgame. You have to fight to protect your food, because someone might not like your skin color, and more.Nobody is your friend behind bars. You will be in there with con artists, rapists, armed robbers, murderers, addicts, drug dealers, and worse. They will exploit you to get themselves ahead.Keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anybody anything about what you did, don’t ask what they did, and don’t snitch. Rats don’t last long in prison and they get discovered really quickly.EDIT: STOP COMMENTING ON MY ANSWER AS IF I’M THE ONE GETTING LOCKED UP. I AM NOT GOING TO JAIL. I DID NOT ASK THIS QUESTION. IT’S VERY ANNOYING THAT PEOPLE ARE GIVING ME UNSOLICITED ADVICE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE. I DID NOT THINK THAT SO MANY PEOPLE THOUGHT I WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED THIS QUESTION. FFS.

Can a father stay in prison for child support if he pays on time because the mother wants him there?

The mother of my fiance's son told me that if my fiance did not sign his parental rights away so her husband can adopt the little boy that she was taking my fiance to court, and that she would make sure that he basically did not see the light of day unless he did so. She went on to say that I should be prepared to see him through bars or glass. Can she possibly do that, or is she just blowing hot air? I know its up to the judge, but still it has me worried. He has refused to sign his rights away.

Unlawful conduct toward a child in SC will result in jail time?

There is no easy answer on this...because no one knows the GROUNDS for her charges...and MUCH LESS if the grounds are valid.
IF your grandson does in fact have a MENTAL ILLNESS... then it is a biological problem, which is neither caused by the parent, nor is the parent able to treat it by "discipline" or other therapy types. Persons who are bipolar can only be treated with medication. Unfortunately, the trend for many psychologists is that all problems with kids, can be solved without medication. That's like saying that cancer can be cured by a parent being stricter/more lenient with the child...and when that fails, it "must" be the fault of the parent.
I personally lived through this. My child's disruptive behavior was blamed on poor home situation...until she was placed elsewhere, and the trained caretakers saw the same behavior. Nothing they did, changed her problems. A CORRECT DIAGNOSIS was the only thing that helped.
You need to talk to her lawyer. If the child continues to be a danger to you or himself...then they may have missed the boat entirely.

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Would you let a 14 year old girl visit her mom in jail for eight months for check fraud or is that too young?

Face-to-face contact is almost always better because the two can read each other's facial expressions and body language in addition to hearing each other's words and tone of voice. Check fraud is not a crime that inherently poses a risk of harm to children and presumably the daughter is not the victim of the crime of which the mother was convicted. So there is no reason to prohibit personal contact. The goal is to promote the parent-child relationship, despite the mother's relatively short-term incarceration. The penalty for violating the law in this instance is a period of incarceration, not the dissolution of family relationships—and the daughter has not been convicted and shouldn't have to suffer any greater loss of contact with her mother than necessary.I am in no way condoning the crime of which this mother was convicted, or any crime for that matter. But we do hav a system under which the punishment is expected to fit the crime. A seven-month sentence suggests that the crime didn't warrant a stiffer penalty. Moreover, since the crime was not one for which long-term removal from society was deemed appropriate, it makes a lot of sense to keep family and other positive relationships intact so that the mother can successfully reenter society and resume the parenting of her daughter, ideally without committing further crimes. This is in the daughter's best interests.

At what age should a parent stop beating their child?

I'm sorry but WHAT!? Did you just ask what I think you did? Seriously? A parent should never stop beating their child, because a parent should never start. Beating your kid is not cool on so many levels. Unless of course, you want to be an abusive parent, cause your kid serious pain both mentally and physically, and lose custody of your child after beating them and having child protective services called. This might be extreme, maybe I'm overreacting, but I have a friend who was beaten as a little kid and her parents still verbally abuse her and it broke her completely, she sank into depression and started talking about suicide. She told me that if her parents did that to her as a little kid and told her they didn't want her because she was a girl, then they obviously didn't care about her. she said that since they still said terrible things to her everyday, then maybe it would be better if she didn't exist at all since nobody in this world seemed to care for her the way parents are supposed. Thankfully, she went to therapy and took some medication for her depression and anxiety, and has a better relationship with her parents after social worker intervention. Sorry, I got a bit off track, but my point is that you should never stop beating your child, because you shouldn't start in the first place.