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How To Become Actress What Should I Do

How to become an actress? (:?

I have always wanted to become famous, but never know how. :( I am the one that wants to be in magazines and on tv and in a movie, I want to be an actress....but i really know i have a 1 in a million chance, but if anyone of you could give me a tip or info. I am 13 yrs old. (just to let ya know)

How Can I Become an Actress in China?

hello, I've been dreaming to become a actress, but I'm not intrested in becoming one in the US (where i am currently at) but i want to become one in China. I am 100% Chinese and can speak, write, read chinese fluently. the problem is i live in the US -_-"
I was actually born in China but my family immigrated to the US when i was 8, so yea...someone please help me and tell me what I should do thanks x.x

How can i become a famous Actress?

Im 14 and want to become a famous actress like in movies and stuff, do u know anywhere to go or call that could help me become that, or do u think its a long shot and i should try to look for a different job that id like?!
Please help your answers mean allot! :)

I want to become an actress but how do I start?

Cheesy and lame maybe, but I think I've made up my mind in wanting that.

Thing is I have no clue on how to start or what to do and how to lose my extreme shyness (sp?) yeah I'm shy but want to become an actress so how do I work that out?

I'm also 16 now, I'm starting my job next month to raise money if needed. I moved back to brasil so the chances are extremely low, but that's what the money is for, to move back to us and stuff.

Its gonna be tough work but all worth it for me.

I read in a few actors and actresses I like and others very famous on how they began their career, most of them went to acting school? So I'm guessing I will have too?

If so how much? What's it like?

I love acting around when no ones around, but not in front of others! So how to work this out and how do I start after moving back to us? Oh and is there a sertan age you have to start? I mean how do younger actors and actresses started?

I want to become one because I want to get money to help my mom and dad with the bills and stuff.

I'm 13 years old and I want to become an actress?

I have looked on a whole bunch of websites and they either don't call or there isn't anything that I wanted to do. Like i put down that I wanted to be an actress and they gave me modeling. I don't know how much an agent costs, and I'm sure we can't afford one. I am White/Arabic. 5'5, brown curly hair, brown eyes, (I have green contacts), I weigh 175, and i actually do look pretty :P

I can do a british, and western accent very well. I'm funny & have a great personality :)

Also, does anyone know if there are any movies, like Narnia, Prince of Persia, POTC, or any action adventure movies like that, that have any auditions?

Thanks :)

Can ugly people become actresses/actors?

:) firstly no body is ugly in this world except those whose personalities are nasty. However, most of the time the actors and actresses get made over such as wear make up, get contacts, etc it all depends on the character that they are portraying. :) And you do have a chance for all you know those people who seem so beautiful might not be able to act as well as you so think about that. :)