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How To Get A Lot Of Tumblr Followers

Is 1000 followers on tumblr a lot?

1,000 followers is considered to be what people consider to be a lot. Usually when people reach this number, they will get a lot more asks and many more notes as there are more people keeping up with their blog. However this isn't always true, a blog which gets this amount mainly by "follow for follow" has less of what you'd call 'quality' followers- people who actually follow the blog because they are genuinely like you and are interested in your blog and aren't following you just so they can have another follow back. So it really isn't about the number of followers, but actually the quality of the ones you have.

How many tumblr followers is a lot?

I have 1200 but I swear I made my tumblr for me, not to get followers. I just got followers without even trying I swear I never do promos or any of that stuff. Is that a lot or little for tumblr? :S

How do you get lots of followers on tumblr?

So I made a tumblr like two years ago and I only have 600 followers, whereas some of my friends made one and within a few weeks had 6,000 followers!! How do you get that many followers? I know the amount of followers I have shouldnt be important, but I just wish that my tumblr was more noticed. It's like I post stuff and no one even sees it.
Any help is welcome. But please dont recommend 'follower trains' or anything like that because ive tried that and it never works.

How do i get a lot of followers on tumblr?

ive had my tumblr for like about a month and a half now and i only have 60 followers. i want to feel wanted and be someone that other people want to reblog fromm

How can I get more followers on Tumblr?

The bottom line is having quality content and mixing original posts with carefully curated reposts of others. If you produce only original content you will be very disappointed with the effect on your following and influence.Only follow people with related interests and who post things you will repost. Otherwise, when you follow people or like their posts you are only adding meaningless noise to their dashboard. Some of those people may follow you back, but if the relationship isn't meaningful it will water down your experience and theirs and it won't be beneficial to your site or your following.I have written a few posts on this, if you are interested in reading more:11 practices that might be holding your blog back for new tumblrs will follow you if...

How to get more followers on Tumblr? Kpop blog?

Well, when you reblog ONLY your followers see the post.
But, if you start a new post and add lost of tags, people from all over tumblr will see it if they type in the tags you labelled the image/video ect with.
I did this with mainly Japanese food and scenery images, and got more followers than posts, and each one of those posts wasn't reblogged.
Here's a good trick I learnt to do.
When you are following someone, and they post stuff you are just dying to reblog, just save the image on to your computer; and upload it your self... So that it looks as if you're the original poster.

Why do I have no followers on tumblr?

Follow bunch of people afterwards they will probably follow you back and sometimes they have posts where you could possibly get a promo! And when you get a promo, you'll have a lot of followers, and you might get a lot of likes! Also maybe follow people you know and update your blog regularly and stuff like that or you can hire freelancer as there are many freelancers on different sites such as SEOClerks where they offer to provide tumblr followers for a small cost.

How can a newcomer to Tumblr get a lot of followers?

There are freelancers on SEOClerks who offer real tumblr followers and many people with tons of followers actually buy them from freelancers, so this is how newcomer can get a lot of followers.

How can I gain Tumblr followers fast?

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Is 1000 followers a lot?

it's a good amount. i know blogs with 5-10 thousand followers who've been on tumblr for years. 1000 followers in a year is a great, IF you don't follow back or do promos. following back and promos can get you a lot of followers, and in that case 1000 isn't a lot