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How To Get A Newvorn Boy In Sims 3

Sims 3 newborn baby glitch?!?

OMG I'm not even kidding that's EXACTLY what happened to my baby.

Here's my baby:¤t=5602c3d4.pbw&t=1258315979



All you have to do is press Ctrl + C and type in "TestingCheatsEnabled True" without the quotation marks.
Then you Press Shift and Left click your child.
Then press Trigger Age Transition.
Your baby will look like a monster, just like mine:¤t=8cdd986a.pbw&t=1258317215

...but go up to a dresser and change the clothes and she'll be normal again!¤t=ebefb63b.pbw&t=1258317747


Sims 3 Newborn Baby Glitch?

There is a list of bad and defective Custom Content in the Sims 3 Forums:

I'll take a section from the forum (by crinrict):
- Monster Sims/ Deformed Toddlers/ cut ankles and stick Babies: Usually it's adult cloth that is categorized for babies, toddlers and children or female stuff that is also categorized for male.

Sims 3 Newborn baby glitch!?!?

It's certain clothing custom cc that has been over categorized. That particular one looks like a Tshirt because the flesh coloured arm.. That exact picture is in this help page here

In the sims 3, which parent's last name does the newborn get?

Good question - I think usually the kids get the mother's name, (regardless of who lives on the lot/initiated the 'try for baby', etc.), then if the parents marry, they get the father's instead :)
You can always change a Sim's name (first and last) from City Hall by sending an Adult Sim there between 12AM and 5PM. Choose the option 'Change Name...' and then whose name you wish to change from the box of the household which appears. You can rename Sims of any age group.
Pips :)

Change newborn baby appearance in sims 3?

Ew, I know what you mean! That always happens to me, too. There's no way to change the clothing, unfortunately, but if you can wait it out for a few sims days, you're baby will grow up into a toddler. When it's a toddler, you can finally change the clothing and fix it.

Sometimes my baby will be invisible from the exchange clothing, so if that happens, just use the 'testingcheatsenabled true' cheat to make your baby grow up. (When it's invisible, it's impossible to take care of the baby.)

Is the Sims ok for an 11 year -old?

if you guarantee that your kid will not download anything and play only using the original game , or if you will watch what he is doing then the Sims is a great game .you need to know that in Sims there is Mods (modifications) are what change the game and it's features.there is 'child friendly' game, but once he downloads different mods from the internet, that game turns into a 'Mature game'. Here are some REAL examples. There are mods that your sims to be completely nude(showing private parts).There are mods where you can add 'objects' that look like drugs. There are mods for clothing and cool hairstyles that don't originally come with the game(more provocative or maybe just a t-shirt that says something obscene..Last, the most common (and shocking) are pose mods. These mods let you pose your sim in positions that didn't come standard in the game. Kids use programs like Blender and Milksphape to come up with their own poses, some which are very mature. So bottom line is that the sims 3 as it comes is very kid friendly, but please... please be advised that I guarantee you your kid won't play it that way. And if you think 'oh it's just older people like you doing that stuff', spend just ten seconds on instagram. hashtag #sims3 #simsposes #poseplayer or something like that and you will see what I mean. young kids who post pictures of what they do to in the game and mom and dad have no clueParent reviews for The Sims 3 | Common Sense Media

Under what circumstances would a newborn take the mother’s maiden name versus the father’s last name?

When the parents are broken up or separated.When the mom has more than one romance going on and does’nt really know or care who the baby’s father is.When it’s a child by rape or by a drunken one-night-stand or otherwise not completely consensual lucid sex.When you’re a single mom by choice via adoption or sperm donorsWhen the mom is from a really influential and important family or is really notorious and famous by her maiden name herself.When the mom and dad just identify more by the mom’s pre-marriage surname (or ethnicity) than the dad’s own pre-marriage surname (or ethnicity). Personally, right now I identify more by having been obsessed with susan from sims 3, than anything.When the dad’s surname is just more unweildy. I would prefer my daughter to be named Cheese Dovanice Kymicsu Nicolosi than Cheese Dovanice Kymicsu Wolfengardensteinewellingtonsaintjanuarymichelsontrishfencesmithkalliopiéngàrdesanchezshmirtzniggatzitransylvanebbygetinthebagukambenakamurachangleewaynardthedasgallifreywainwrightappletinichanellevertrandaquamarineposeyblossomyoshimitsuyingtongparkleepryiankimistitsupatelwernsteinberensteynikatatatarchelinipovitchincineroarkimatsudarkpastinthenightevilashtonwilfordsmiths.When the father does’nt really get along with his family, or when the father’s own surname itself came from a stepfather or adopted parents or whatever.When the parents are really into a fandom and the mom shares the surname with important families and characters in the series the fandom is about.

My baby on sims 3, won't age up?

For the baby there are many things you can do:

1. Do the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, shift click on the baby, and delete item. Then have another one.

2. Sometimes, getting a sim pregnant again will make the aging process work again.

3. Go to options, do you have enable aging on? If so, turn it off and try again. If you don't have it on, turn it on and try again. It's best to experiment with this.

As for the father, I'm sorry but once you've accidentally deleted something it won't come back (I know, it's a bummer) but you can go to edit town, find him in your households, and if you have made him singularly with no one else, just add him to your active household by clicking place copy and then clicking the active household. If you have him in with other people, get him into any house, make that house the active household, and delete everybody else using the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, shift clicking on them and then clicking delete item. Then go to edit town, click on the new active household, click merge with, and have him go into your old active household. Then just simply change your active household and have the female fall in love with him again. I've done this a thousand times. =)

How to kill a child on sims 3?

There are two ways to kill a child in the sims 3. The easiest one is by drowing. Just create a pool, get the child to jump in, then place chairs or sofas around it. He\she will drown when the needs are low enough.

Hope I helped! -pf