How To Get Big Poofy Volumised Hair

How to get rid of poofy, frizzy hair? For men. ?

My mom has Big volume curls, very nice but frizzy sometimes. Then my dad has normal old people hair. I am not black, I'm Dominican but my hair acts a little black. It is straight and soft but when it grows it grows out a little poofy. It is really thick as well. I want hair like how we all want hair, hair that is able to grow out long, smooth and straight. It kind of grows afro like. The biggest problem with it is that most of my hair is nice but I have a lot that stand straight up like I'm standing to electricity or something. It is what makes my hair seem poofy and frizzy. They will never go down. Only when I have bed head. My hair is coarse and rough but my bed head is soft. Idk why. I shampoo sometimes a week and conditioner every week with redken smooth and then put in chi silk infusion. Then I use American crew pomade to try to get rid of the frizz and tame the poof. Im using all these products with no knowledge of hair but bought them because I researched and thought they would work. Please tell me what to do and what to buy. I will buy a whole system of things or whatever to make my hair more caucasian looked like my parents. My hair right now acts a little African, just a little with the poof and frizz so maybe some hair products black people use would work but idk what anyone uses or any hair knowledge.

How to make men's thick hair less poofy?

How to Get Rid of Poofy Hair
1. Shampoo hair with a moisture-rich shampoo. Follow with a matching conditioner. Generally, hair becomes poofy because of a lack of moisture in the hair's shaft. This can be from overprocessing, over washing, or living in a dry climate. Try to wash hair every other day or every three days. This will allow the natural oils from your scalp to nourish the hair shaft without being washed away.
2. Use either a hot oil treatment or a leave-in conditioning treatment once a week. This will help nourish your hair and combat the dryness that is leading to the poof.
3. Wrap hair in a towel after washing to absorb excess water. Do not rub hair with a towel, as this aggravates the hair shaft and leads to frizziness in the hair. Allow the towel to soak up water for several minutes.
4. Apply your anti-frizz product while the hair is still damp (some products differ in when you should put them on your hair, so make sure you read the individual label). For most salon-quality products, you only need about a dime-sized amount for short hair, and a quarter-size amount for longer hair. Rub product between hands before applying to hair. Work from the back of the hair to the front, and from the ends to the roots, otherwise excess product near the roots can result in a greasy look.
5. Style the hair after the product has been worked into the hair shaft. If you intend to straighten the hair, use either a ceramic curling iron or straightening iron. These seem to work the best without damaging your hair. If you are using a round brush with a hair dryer, make sure you use a natural boar's hair brush, which will help with distributing the hair's natural oils throughout the shaft and keep it from becoming poofy.
6. Smooth a silicon-based finishing creme or oil on the hair after styling to weatherproof the hair and keep it under control throughout the day. This will help hair look smoother and not allow excess moisture into the hair shaft, which would cause poofiness.

How to make ur hair poofy without teasing it?

if i do messy/poofy hair i just straighten it and then put some mousse and WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH.

Difference between, 'poofy' and 'volume' hair?

well, volume is like thick, sexy hair. poofy is frizzy, kind of untamed hair.

How do you make only the roots of your hair bump up?

I dont know if this makes sense or not,
I mean when you wear your hair down and straight,
how do you make just the top of your hair have a lot of volume?
Like kinda poofy, but the rest is nice and straight.
I always just push my hair up with my fingers to make it be bigger on the top.
Any options besides teaasing?

What's the difference between frizzy hair and poofy hair?

frizzy hair is like flat nd straight hair with lots of little pieces that stick up or out. usually happens when its raining or its humid only
poofy hair is usually big,curly, or wavy. it usually sticks out mostly at the bottom if its longer, or shoulder length

did i help? hope so!

Watz the difference between frizzy hair and poofy hair ?

frizzy hair is when u have a lot of fly-a-ways and poofy means ur hair looks really big