How To Get Over Mood Swings Caused By Quitting Smoking

How long does one stay depressed after quitting smoking?

Hello Everyone !I would like to share my experience on quitting smoking. I’ve been a chain smoker for nearly 7 years, I used to smoke nearly 2 to 3 packs a day. I tried quitting smoking for many times and I failed. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms may vary depending on many factors like how long you smoke, your addiction levels and even the brand. Once you quit the smoking, the body starts to repair automatically. Many people feel different types of inconvenience during the withdrawal symptoms. I felt anxiety, stress, headache, drowsiness, heavy breathing problem and depression is the common factor, since your brain starts recovering from the addiction levels you feel very low and depressed. When you stop giving the nicotine to your brain, it takes some time to adjust to the brain. Even insomnia, acidity, cough and flu symptoms may be seen in some smokers who quit smoking. If you’ve an habit of smoking after the food, you may also experience acidity and stomach problems. It takes nearly minimum of 3–4 months or it may depends on your addiction levels to adjust. You may feel depressed and urge to smoke. You’ll feel happy and everything comes to normal and I’m sure you’ll love your way of living after an year. Everything betters with the time, take lot of water and plenty of vitamin c juices to heal your lungs quickly. Whenever, you feel to smoke again, just remember that you’re spoiling your lungs again which are getting better. Stop smoking and live happily and healthy.

Can smoking pot cause depression? Mood swings?

I have been smoking pot daily for years. My keen memory and concentration has remained in tact over these years. Not once have I had an experience that Marijuana had caused my depression and mood swings.

It seems to be that if a person already suffers from the two, then obviously it can increase after feeling this period of euphoria for a couple hours, then come down to feel just as bad (if not worse) as you did before smoking.

It's not a cure-all/end-all for depression and mood swings; in fact, it could harm any progress in treating them. But are they related directly to smoking pot? My answer will have to be a firm, and experience driven; "No".

Marijuana causing mood swings?

oh this is worrying, weed is like any other drug, and should never be cut out suddenly he will more than likely need to go to the gp for summit to help him its basically like he is going cold turkey, this even happens with everyday painkillers, I know as it happened to me with co-codamol! he will be irritable, angry, possible suffer sweats, and want everyone out his face, as thats the symptoms you get, he really needs to cut down gradually its also a big worry that he is right in his gf`s face maybe he had anger issues she didnt know about before she met him! maybe it was the weed that calmed him down whatever it is the last thing ur friend needs is a violent partner, and Ive been there done that and never again as they never change, if he has lifted his hand once he will do it over and over again

How can quitting smoking help depression?

Nicotine is a drug as well as caffeine. Like any other drug they alter your brain chemistry. With stimulants, like nicotine, whatever increases that are experienced there is always a crash that follows. “What goes up must come down.”The more powerful the “high”, the harder the crash, which is a form of depression. So when smoking, your system is constantly going up and down. When we feel down, we smoke more to counteract it. This is why smoking and addiction in general is so difficult to overcome.When we ”quit” and stop taking the drug, we will go through mood swings and feelings of depression the may be difficult and lead us to want to return to the drug. If we are serious and committed to quitting then we push through until we can get to the other side.As our brain chemistry begins to normalize, we feel better and ultimately will feel a lot better overall than when we smoked. I have quit a few times (currently at a few months smoke-free) and always feel so much better in the long run. Plus, I don't have the guilt and shame that adds to the depression.

I can't quit smoking cigarettes!?

I tried the patch but after about 20-40 mintues I'm severly sick for about an hour- the chills, fever, get light headed, it itches severely where the patch is, I'm anuseaus and I want to roll up in bed and am just sick plus it causes me to gag out of nowhere and several times has had me throw up spontanously, I've done the nicotine gum but it is disgusting honestly it tastes like smoke then your supposed to chew until it "tingles" aka burning! then I gag constantly and feel lightheaded and nauseauos, still want a cigrette and it doesn't last long!
So I hate taking them and cannot do it everyday what else can I do?
Should I try taking the patch or gum again?
What have you done that's worked?
I smoke a pack of Malboro Lights a day plus serious chain smoker and can't stop but really want to!
I feel like those just feed me nicotine how are they supposed to help me stop?

Tamiflu causing nightmares, mood swings and panic attacks. Should I stop taking it?

Haven't been able to sleep last night due to constant nightmares whenever I fell asleep. I feel pretty moody now that I am awake and feel anxious/nervous for some reason. I am on day 3 out of 5 for Tamiflu because...well I have the flu. Should I stop taking it?