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How To Let Go Of Resentment

How to let go of resentment and grudges?

If i had to guess, i'd say you've been bullied by one or more people.

The ugliest thing about being bullied, is that you'd think the other person is more powerful than you: a bigger body, or much more money.

But every evil will get to meet a bigger evil, & the smaller evil will get crushed, & that's when he'll decide to repent & become small again, or decide to try more to become the biggest bully.

Trust me, even if there's people bigger than us, no one is bigger than life, our own bodies can defeat us from the inside, if fate decides so. No one is really big.

But my advice for you, is to try to become stronger to gain more confidence. Only when you become stronger, you'd slowly gain the ability to forgive.

Do you harbor resentment?

I know it's not healthy to do so for the person who is harboring negative energy...
Knowing that, I personally still do so, because, well, some people suck.

1)How does one personally "let go"?

2)Is it the same as forgiveness?

As a side note and question> As a Christian I was taught of forgiveness. I personally don't think everyone deserves forgiveness.
3)Is that wrong in and of itself?
Or is it wrong because I choose to 'hold on' so to speak?

Help letting go of resentment/anger?

Hi, I'm 14 years old. Don't judge me based on that, please, but I feel it is necessary to tell you that. As a 14 year old boy, I harbor a deep-rooted resentment/hatred of my father. I would really rather not go into why, but it is a very good reason. I have recently spoken to him, and told him what I feel about him, what I think he is, what he's done to my brothers and I, and that I may never stop hating him. I then spoke to my older brother, who's 21, and he said that now that I've said my bit and I've gotten it off my chest, I just need to let go. Being bitter and angry like I am isn't healthy, and I should just let go. But I'm finding it difficult, and I don't really think I know HOW to release this anger I have. Don't tell me to forgive him because he's my father, I would hardly consider him a father. Don't just tell me that I'll regret hating him when I grow up, I've heard it before, I just need help on letting go. I know I'm young, and I know it's unhealthy to harbor such bitter feelings, but I don't think I can ever forgive him. Is there any other way that I can release this anger?

How do I let go of resentment after being cheated on?

Pray on it and ask for the ability to forgive since God so easily forgives us why must we not be able to forgive ourselves. Pray and then let it go. YOu may find that you can never forget, but forgive if for no other reason do it for yourself. Good luck and I know it is easier said then done, but it takes time to rebuild the trust that has been broken. Just give it time

How do I go about letting go of feelings of resentment towards somebody I've been with and been hurt by for almost 10 years?

I think that you are holding on to the resentment as a means to have some control. Having control over certain aspects of life is a need we all have. You were not able to control that person, but you are able to control your resentment. Control over things brings comfort. So, it brings comfort to you on a certain level.If you let it go, you are going into uncertain territory. You don’t know how it would feel to let it go. That is an uncomfortable feeling for you.For you to ponder: What will you lose if you don’t change? How will that feel? What will you gain when you do change? How will that feel?It is time to let go and fill your need for control and comfort in a empowered position, right?

How do I let go of the hate, resentment & contempt I feel towards my husband?

There are two things to consider :One - Hate and resentment hurt you in the long run. They don’t do a thing to the other person , but they can eat you up slowly and be a problem for you.I find that working towards comprehension of the other aids me in that. Trying to understand the more deeper motivations of the person helps me let go of the anger. Good people cn do crappy things. Good people can even become caught up in repeated behaviors that are crappy. But none of these behaviors come out of nowhere, none of them spring from a basic evil core they were born with. Their psychology develops over time and through the experiences they’ve had.The worst ones often spring from traumas and suffering they themselves went through at some point.If you can find those, you can let go of some of the anger.But that doesn’t mean you need to get back together with them. Make a difference for yourself between forgiving and forgetting.Two- Sometimes anger has a constructive and beneficial use. Use that as extra energy to do things for yourself. See it as fuel for blasting off and making positive changes in your own life now. If you are able to really take things in hand and make your dreams come true, you burn that energy… you can even get to a point where you kind of feel thankful that whatever happened , happened, because it propelled you into a life that corresponds better to who you are and what makes you happy. Anger can be your friend, if channelled correctly.

Why is it so hard to let go of resentment, anger, when someone crosses us, why can't we be meek, and humble?

*Thubten Chodron has an excellent book out called: "Working With Anger" which discusses the idea of mind, how to recognize anger and its causes, the disadvantages of anger, training in patience: cultivating patience, compassion and loving-kindness, coping with criticism, what to do when our buttons are pushed, letting go of grudges and resentment, and wisdom that relaxes the mind.