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How To Lose Weight When I Already Eat Well

Will I still lose weight if I eat at a caloric deficit but still eat unhealthy?

Stop thinking as foods as “healthy” or “unhealthy”. That’s a marketing tactic. Instead, every food is simply a bundle of calories with varying amounts of nutrition. What you want is to hit your target caloric goals (at least 1000 kcals, or just calories if you’re American, a day) with adjustments made based on your activity levels. A calorie and activity level calculator can help you do this.In addition, you want to make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition. That means eating mostly vegetables, some protein, and possibly some dairy (though this one is optional if you get your calcium and vitamin D through other sources). The exact amount varies depending on who you are and your goal, but national recommendations for each are a good place to start.That isn’t to say that you should eat a salad and then drink a two liter of orange soda, but soda in moderation isn’t going to hurt you (assuming you don’t have any health concerns). If you lead an active lifestyle, for example, you may need more calories to avoid exorcised induced anorexia.So, learn about the foods that you eat so that you know how much is moderation, see a doctor or licensed nutritionist with specific concerns (don’t trust advice from the internet. There are too many quacks out there), set realistic goals, and exercise. Do NOT try to lose weight by cutting calories alone, especially if you don’t know how to do it. That’s a good way to end up malnourished or to simply give up after a few weeks.

I think i've already eaten 2,000 calories...?

yeah i over ate...again =/
its only mid way through the day and ive already eaten all the calories i shouldve.
what do i do??
are there any other ways besided making my self throw up or excercise???

I want/need to lose weight, but I can't stop eating?

I'm fat. I know I am because I'm about 40-50 pounds overweight. I want to lose weight so bad and I try to eat well and exercise, but it's so difficult. The exercising part isn't too hard since I've found things I really like to do. But it's the eating that makes me so frustrated with myself.
For example, tonight at 10:30 I decided to eat a huge thing of nachos for no effing reason. I knew it wouldn't be a good idea, but the evil side of myself kept saying "don't worry, this will be the last time and you'll start eating good tomorrow". The moment I put the last chip in my mouth I absolutely regretted eating the nachos...
What can I do to stop this reoccurring cycle of bad eating habits?? This has been happening for the past 5 years and summer is approaching and I'm tired of seeing my downright ugly cottage cheese legs. Please, do you have any tips and suggestions? I really appreciate anything! And please don't just say "uh, just stop eating fatty". Trust me, I say that to myself everyday but it's obviously and sadly not working...

How did you avoid binge eating after you lost weight?

Hello,This is a commonly asked question and the answer is: willpower. I understand that when losing weight, many people eat less than they usually do and that causes them to crave more food after they have finished with their diet.It is useful to reflect on your progress and ask yourself, are you willing to throw it all away for a moment’s pleasure? If the answer is no, occupy yourself with something else. Anything will do, anything you enjoy.Connect with like-minded people who have similar dieting issues, the support is invaluable.Thank you.