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How To Open Any Site Using Terminal In Ubuntu 12.10

How do I install the Tor package from the terminal on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS?

Are you asking about running Tor client?This should answer your question: Debian/Ubuntu Instructions

Ubuntu Server fresh install: login screen out of range on monitor?

I have just installed Ubuntu Server on a DL360 G4. All went well until the first login screen (not GUI). The display is out of range vertically for the monitor. The text is virtually unreadable and the actual command prompt is off the bottom of the screen. I have to type a command blind, hit enter twice to see the response. How to reset the display to basic VGA?

How do I uninstall Ubuntu 12.04?

Boot into Ubuntu 14.04.Now you need to identify the partition containing the older verison of ubuntuto delete that partition install gparted : type this command in terminal : sudo apt-get install gpartedDon't forget to save the files you have inside this partition (the one with old Ubuntu version).After modifying the partitions type the following command on the terminal to update the O.S. selection menu list:sudo update-grub

I am trying to create an alias in Ubuntu 12.10, but it isn't working. What are some suggestions?

First, a remark about your ssh alias. You can create ssh hostnames aliases in ~/.ssh/config, for example:Host mysuperwebsite msws mw
User me
Protocol 2
This allows you to connect to with the user me with any of the following commands:ssh mysuperwebsite
ssh msws
ssh mwFor your example, you could write:Host saad
User saad
Protocol 2
--You have an error when using your first alias because the open command doesn’t open a browser window, you can find it by using the man open command. You have to use a browser-specific command (see this answer for more things about opening a web browser via the command-line):Chrome: google-chrome Chromium: chromium-browser Firefox: firefox Opera: opera For your problem, you should check if the following file exists (and are non-empty). If so, delete them and it should work.~/.bash_profile~/.bash_loginFrom Bash’s man page:When bash is invoked as an interactive login shell, or as a non-interactive shell with the --login option, it first reads and executes commands from the file /etc/profile, if that file exists. After reading that file, it looks for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and ~/.profile, in that order, and reads and executes commands  from the first one that exists and is readable.So if Bash can find either ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_login, it will execute it, and won’t execute ~/.profile.

Why isn't netbeans opening in my computer? I use Ubuntu 12.04 L.T.S.

Make sure the platform is linux(x86/x64) on the top-right of page download any version you want from the ones listed below. you will end up with a netbeans-7.**.sh  file.for me,   filename=Page on Netbeans-7it will vary depending on the version you terminal, go to the directory where its downloaded eg: I downloaded into my Downloads folder so,I entered the commandcd ~/Downloads now execute the .sh file, by enteringsudo bash

Just installed Ubuntu 14.04... now how to install utorrent and other softwares?

The utorrent binary that you have downloaded is not the client version (IE, the one you download torrents with); It's the server version (IE, the one you make and distrubute torrents with).

They don't make a native utorrent client for linux. You can get it working (hopefully) by using compatibility software like wine.

Ubuntu already has a torrent client installed on called transmission (or transmission-qt).

Ubuntu is a derivative of debian, and therefore uses its pacakage management software dpkg and apt-get. I suggest that you learn how to use both.

How to find .minecraft folder in ubuntu linux?

go to your home folder and in view menu tick "show hidden files and folders" and there it is