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How To Prevent Headaches

What can help prevent or cure my headaches?

some tips..

Go lay down somewhere dark and quiet and drink about 1-1/2 cups of cold juice..

if you just get an occasional tension headache, don't be afraid to take a painkiller (unless your doctor tells you otherwise), as these medicines usually provide fast, reliable relief. OTC painkillers are not inherently bad; they can just become bad if you take too many of them, either all at once or over time...

Caffeine can also cure headaches. If you are suffering from migraine headaches, caffeine is recommended as a potential cure for headaches. Try sipping a can of cola from a straw. There is a theory that the caffeine interacting with the aluminum in the can will relieve headaches..

Each headache is, in some ways, unique, and a treatment that works for one may not work for the next. In addition something that triggers one headache may not trigger others...

if you are seeking natural relief without painkillers, medication, drugs, caffeine, or chemicals, consult your chiropractor. Frequently headaches can be caused by a subluxation of the upper cervical vertebrae in your neck. This is especially true if your headaches are recurring or lasting longer than a day..

if you get a bad headache, eat a little food and watch the telly. Do something to try and forget about it for awhile. It won't be as noticeable when you remember it again...

Smiling can work wonders if it's just a minor headache. Smiling releases endorphins within the brain as it works on a positive feedback loop - the more you smile, the more "feel-good" chemicals the brain releases, and the more of these chemicals it releases, the more you smile! Endorphins will help to relieve the pain...

Note: caffeine isn't a real pain reliever; when you become addicted to caffeine, not drinking it will give you a headache, while drinking it will relieve your headache. Anyone who drinks one or two cups of coffee per day should try not drinking caffeine.

CABBAGE SOUP DIET how to prevent headaches?

I've tried the cabbage soup diet several times, its proven to be a very effective way to get my eating habits back on a healthy track, my only complaint is that it sometimes causes headaches. The few times I experienced headaches begging the first day of the diet, I wound up stopping the diet that is there anything i can do to prevent headaches?

How can I prevent headaches during football?

I think you should really seek the advice from your doctor.

Thumbs up to those who agree.

How can you prevent headaches at 15 weeks pregnant?

I have been a migraine sufferer for about 10+ years now. This is what has helped me. Hopefully it will help you as well.Drink plenty of water!This is a extemely important step, especially when pregnant. You are sharing your body and everything that you put into. Drinking water alone already has major benefits. When I was pregnant, I drank a gallon of water everyday. If you are out in the sun and sweating (which isn't recommended for pregnant women) you may need to drink more. Keeping yourself hydrated may be enough to prevent headaches.Limit your salt and MSG intakeNow again, this is based on me and my husband’s experiences. MSG and salt are triggers for us. Use other means of seasoning for your food. Acids work very well in the place of salt. Eg. Lemons, limes, vinegars. If you must have salt, you will need to drink more water to help flush it out of your system. If you have too much salt, your body will start to retain water and you will swell. Which is just miserable when you are pregnant.Eat before you are hungryThis is important for me because sometimes all my body is trying to tell me is that I'm hungry. Hunger headaches are real. Eating typically will relieve these types of headaches. If you know you normally get hungry around 12:30 for example, then eat at noon.Get plenty of sleepI know this is easier said than done when you are pregnant. Though at 15 weeks it was much easier for me to rest than when I got further along. Just rest whenever you can.Limit screen timeI don't remember the reasoning behind this one. Since I'm a gamer, I didn't listen when my neurologist told me I could only have an hour of screen time back when I was a teenager. But I assume it has something to do with the lights and something it does to your brain that causes headaches.. must be something similar to people who have seizures triggered by flashing lights and some screens in general.Anyway… Headaches are not always preventable. There is a lot going on with your body when you are pregnant. So, in many cases there won't be anything that you can do. It is safe for you to take a low dose of Tylenol, but I personally refused to take any meds when I was pregnant. So, if you can make a warm compress or get a heating pad to put on your neck whenever you have a headache, it may help.Hope this helps :)

How can you prevent waking up with a severe headache?

I am writing this based on 30 years of my own experience of reducing migraine headaches sans medicines. So, this is a proven method, which can be used by all migraine-affected people, with zero side effects. It reduces the frequency of migraine attacks substantially, for sure. Here is my simple but very very effective remedy to prevent/reduce migraine headaches:always cover your eyes with a good-quality pair of sunglasses & also cover your head with a comfortable cap/hat, whenever you go out in the sun/in any kind of glare. Wear the sun-glasses & the cap/hat all the time when you are outdoors, or when you feel that the glare is too much to bear;Eat something at your daily-intake times, without exceptions. What you eat & how much you eat is secondary. What is vital is to feed your stomach at regular intervals, or at/around the time you normally consume food everyday. This eradicates the ill-effects of bile & prevents headaches;Do not keep awake late at night. Ideally, a 11 pm to 6 am sleep is desirable. Also, try to stick to your daily routine, to the extent feasible & avoid erratic daily routines as far as you can;Keep stress as low/less as feasible. Try your best & then, accept the results coolly. Worrying over what is beyond your control is a invitation to migraine headaches;Have more fruits, salads, nuts & other natural foods. Avoid processed/non-veg./fried foods, or consume as less of it as may be possible;For peace of mind, do meditation (focus on breathing) daily, morning & night. Vipassana meditation is very good;Keep this attitude as regards the results, after putting in your best efforts: 0% expectations & 100% acceptance. This will reduce stress & thus, reduce the frequency & intensity of headaches. Do your best & then, accept the outcome with grace & equanimity. This attitude will reduce headaches.

How to prevent headaches from going upside down so much in gymnastics?

I'm kind of a beginner at this whole tumbling thing. I can do an OKAY standing backbend on a mattress or cushion but I'm kinda scared to try it on the ground. I've been taking tumbling classes (level 1 of course) and I get the worst headaches. I'll get a headache from even doing just one back bend. After practice I always feel like I'm going to throw up

How can I prevent headaches that occur from wearing my hair up?

Tighter ponytails are not a good idea because the delicate hairs are put under too much pressure. This leads to weakened hairs and eventually to breakage. Not to mention the tangles that ensue in the ponytail itself during the day. This means you have to detangle, which can lead to more hair loss.It is probably the placement of the ponytail that is causing the problem. If your ponytailed higher up your head than usual, your follicles are not used to being drawn up that way, and will protest at the change.For the sake of your hair, try not to ponytail so tightly. Avoiding it all together would be even better.Also, wearing your hair comfortably can be achieved by sectioning it properly for various styles.