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How To Transfer All Whatsapp Data Including Contacts Groups Chat History Etc. From Iphone3 To

I no longer receive notifications for text messages on my iPhone 4. How can I best troubleshoot this?

Thanks for the A2A.If you haven’t done so already, try restarting your iPhone.Also, tap Settings, then tap Notifications and scroll down until you find Messages. Tap it and check your notification settings. Also check to make sure Do Not Disturb is not turned on. (It is really easy to accidentally turn it on in Control Center). You can tell if Do Not Disturb is on if there is a moon at the top of the iPhone screen next to the location, bluetooth, and battery indicators.If none of that works, you could try doing a Factory Restore.That’s about all you can do short of taking it to an Apple Store or buying a new phone. (Hey, it’s an iPhone 4 — maybe its time.)

What can you do when your iPhone won't send pictures?

You can try these two ways to fix iPhone won’t send pictures in text. iPhone indeed supports sending pictures via MMS or iMessages. If your iPhone won't send pictures in text, my guess is you don't have MMS enabled on your phone.1. Fix iPhone Won't Send Picture via MMS2. Fix iPhone Won't Send Picture via iMessage1. iMessage works when you have it enabled and the recipient is also using iMessage. This requires the recipient is also using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a Mac. So, confirm this first.2. Check the Wi-Fi/Cellar network. Try to open a webpage in browser to check if the network works fine. Or you can reset network via Settings > General > Reset Network Settings.3. Restore your iPhone. If you can't send pics via messages still, you are advised to reset your iPhone to factory settings. Since factory reset will erase all data on your iPhone, please backup your device with iTunes or iCloud first.Then, connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable and open iTunes > Click "Restore iPhone ..." button in the summary panel when your iPhone shows up > Click "Restore" again to confirm your action. Then, iTunes will restore your iPhone to factory settings. When your iPhone restart, you can restore iPhone from iTunes backup or iCloud backup.4. If even the factory resetting cannot solve the problem, the issue may caused by the iMessage server itself. Since this is out of your control, you just need to wait the server to turn back to normal.Note: Before resetting your iPhone to factory setting, you should back up your existing data first, so you can restore the contents with the iPhone backup in your iTunes later.

How do I activate the WhatsApp video call feature?

Hello. WhatsApp users here is a good news for you.In world WhatsApp 1,000,000,000 + downloads are there.why so many people installing this application because of its free messaging application available on android and other smartphones.From this application, we can share calls, photos, videos, documents, and messages.Reasons why WhatsApp so much popular:1.Free of cost2.Multimedia3.Group chat4.Free calls5.Whatsapp web6.Always logged in ad contentsAnd many more features like send your location, exchanging contacts, you can set default and customized wallpapers and notification sounds, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, email chat history, recently implemented end -to end encryption and Finallyvideo call.Whatsapp officially launched WhatsApp video call feature by that you can call tanywhere in the global.How to install WhatsApp video call simplyif you got the WhatsApp update in play store simply go there and update your WhatsAppNow go to your WhatsApp just click on any of your conversation then click your call icon now it will show you two options1.Voice call2.Video call.just click on the video call that’s it.enjoy your video call with your friends.but your friend also need to update WhatsAppIf you do not get the WhatsApp update just do follow steps:http://1.Https:// Click on this link2.Download WhatsApp apk file3.Install that apk file.4.Enable unknown resources.5. Open your Whatsapp click on any of your conversation tap on call icon now you will get 2 optionsa.Voice callb.Video callnow enjoy your video calling.[1]Footnotes[1] UpdatedPanda | Tomorrow is Today

How can you recover older iMessages?

To recover older iMessages, there are three ways to complete the job: using iTunes, using iCloud, and using some professional iMessages recovery app. If you have backed up your iMessages to iCloud or iTunes you should be able to restore your iPhone old iMessages from the backup.Method 1. Recover Older iMessages with iTunesIf you are sure that the iTunes backup you made before contains the old iMessages, then this could be an efficient way to retrieve older iMessages. But this way will erase everything on your device before recovering, and then put all data from the backup to your device. So, you’d better make a backup of the current files on your device firstly.Open iTunes on your computer and connect your device to the computer with its USB cable.Select your device when it appears in iTunes. Then choose 'Restore backup' option.Choose the backup stores your old iMessages, and then click Restore and wait for the restore time to finish.Method 2. Recover Older iMessages with iCloudSimilar to iTunes way, restoring from iCloud will also erase your device, and then put all things from the iCloud backup to your device. If you are not quite sure that the iCloud backup contains your wanted iMessages, this way is not recommended.Go to Settings app on your device > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. This will delete all media and data and reset all settings.After the erase finished, now you can start setting up your iPhone. (Language , country and keyboard)Follow the onscreen setup steps until you reach the Apps & Data screen, then tap Restore from iCloud Backup option.Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID. Choose Backup and start to restore iMessages and everything to your device.Method 3. Recover Older iMessages with iMessages Recovery AppIf above two ways fail to help you retrieve your wanted iMessages, then the last way to get them back is to use some safe and professional iMessages recovery app, which can help you find out the older iMessages hidden on your iPhone or iPad, and get them back to your device.Hope my answer gives you a good reference and help you recover your older iMessages successfully. Good Luck.

Should I get an iPhone or a Samsung?

I guess having used every range of Samsung phone and now I'm using a Iphone 6S, I'm eligible to answer this. Not a technical review.Advantages :Samsung :Lots of features.You can download anything -Service center easily available.Can download songsSharing is easyVariable price rangeBixby is great.Accessories easily available.Iphone :User interface is awesome.Safety, privacy. Everything top notch.Camera for some reason is better.I love Siri.Handy phones. Except the + varieties.Lag less, hang less.Air Drop is surprisingly fast.Battery charges quick.Disadvantages:Samsung:Lifetime of smooth usage is less.Heating issues in most models.To get a good camera who need to spend a lot.Iphone:Sharing is an headache.I can’t download songs or videos although I can transfer using itunes from my laptop.Battery drains out easy playing games.Original accessories are expensive.No vaults.If you lose your charger you are pretty much doomed. ( P.s - somebody stole my charger yesterday from my room and my phone is dead since)I love my Iphone 6s better than last s7 edge I was using.Conclusion : Iphone is better . Though it comes with less apps or less features in the long run it's better. I'm sure no samsung phone can work wel for three years. Once habitual to it you will realise the worth. I personally am never gonna switch back to android.Edit 1 :An Iphone has a good working life of 3–4 years but with more software updates, it gets slower (only iOS 11) , iOS 12 made it more responsive and smooth.On the other hand, a Samsung phone goes 100% smooth for a year and with 20% issues for 2 years and then it’s a pain in the ass.2. Iphone’s camera has been an issue lately for me. Doesn’t opens everytime.Edit 2: Earphones of an iphone are far better than those that come with basic models of Samsung.But on the higher range phones Samsung now gives AKG earphones, they are pretty pretty good.

How do I send my iPhone voice memos to Facebook?

M not that sure but as much I know It's only possible if you use third party app in ur iOS device As apps of iOS does not give user the authorities to share any of the audio notes For exampleAny audio file in you music which u imported from ur pc can't be share to any of the social network app like whatsapp, telegram etc....But if u use some third party apps like idownloader you can share your audio files by pressing on the audio file for couple of seconds and after apopup select open in and then select whatsapp, Facebook or any other app and then u can share the fileSo as per I think you can share your voice memo to Facebook by some third party appI think you should try it